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  1. ((Time to arrive at Voss. The one day time-skip is over.))


    Republic Vessel Shan

    Entering Voss Orbit


    Zarev slowly opened his eyes and smiled at the sleeping form of Per'dra next to him. He couldn't help but smile despite the fact that if the Jedi council knew what he and Per'dra had done they would most likely be kicked out of the order but he didn't care. He had found someone that he loved and all that mattered to him was making sure she was safe.


    "Did you sleep well?" He asked softly enough that she would be able to hear him if she was awake, but not loud enough to disturb her if she was still sleeping.


    Shan Bridge


    Vlalkor couldn't help but be a bit suspicious as he looked at the amount of Comn traffic coming and going from Voss. He paused for a moment as he tried to identify the various signals.


    Imperial...and Republic? This can't be good. He thought as the Shan dropped out of Hyperspace. His eyes widened in shock as he saw the charred aft section of a Sith Harrower class dreadnaught drift past the bridge view-port.


    "Aw...Kark." He muttered as he took in the situation. There were three Sith Harrower class dreadnaughts and two Republic heavy battle cruisers surrounding Voss, they were firing at any vessel approaching the planet. Approaching Voss were two Republic battle cruisers and a small group of Republic Destroyers that were taking heavy fire. Further out were two heavily damaged Sith war ships and a larger Sith Dreadnaught who's bridge had been destroyed that looked as if they had seen much better days.


    They must have knocked out those dreadnaughts earlier and waited for the Republic battle group.


    A console beeped indicating incoming decrypted transmissions.


    "- Is Lord Gel of the Sith Empire to the Dark Council! My troops and acolytes turned on me! I can sense something here, something far stronger then I have ever encountered before! Requesting any and all nearby forces to be redirected to Voss! Something is controlling the vast majority of the population and is setting them against us!"


    "- Jedi Master Lelkan to the Jedi High Council. There is some sort of Dark-Side entity here on Voss. Something far stronger then we have ever encountered before. It's attempting to take control of our forces here! I have managed to keep it from corrupting my Padawan but I don't know how much longer we can hold out! The native Voss seem to have gone mad, they are marching on both our Embassy and the Sith Embassy. Not sure how much longer we can hold out!"


    "Attention to any Vessel's approaching Voss, this is Voss Orbital Control. We are under attack by an unknown entity which appears to have taken control of the vessels surrounding the planet. Requesting assistance from any vessels in the area!"


    "This is Captain Veka of the Republic vessel Hope's Star. We're being fired on by Republic and Imperial Warships! Requesting assistance from any loyal Republic Vessel!"


    "-Arth Kellis to any Imperial vessels. We have been attacked by a joint force of Republic and Imperial vessel. Our Battle force has taken severe losses. Requesting assistance and instructions."


    Vlalkor hit the intercom button. "Looks like we're expected." He said as his voice echoed through the ship. "Whatever this thing is it looks as if it's been getting ready for us, the whole planet seems to be in a state of chaos."


    He looked down at the consoles as they began beeping again. "Incoming transmission from the ships surrounding Voss. Putting it through."


    "This is Satele Shan, formally of the Jedi High Council. Republic Vessel Shan: If you do not submit you will be destroyed. You have interfered in affairs that you cannot comprehend. We know what you have done to interfere with the Master's plan. I offer you a choice. Surrender yourself to us or die."


    It has control of the Grand Master of the Jedi Council. This isn't good.


    "This is Darth Marr, formally the leader head of the Dark Council. This being's mind remembers the traitor that I now sense on your ship. She will make a fine vessel for the master. I suggest that you power down your vessel and prepare to become one with the Master."


    Seriously? The head of the Dark Council?! How far does this thing's reach extend?!


    He heard the sound of footsteps coming up and saw the former sith Avriela approach and sit down in the co-plot's seat.


    "So...this thing has control of two of the most influential people in the Republic and the Sith?"


    "Looks that way. Got any suggestions?"


    "Yeah. Stay alive until we can get to Voss."

  2. ((Time skip will be upcoming soon. Possibly after Light and Corsail post and MrsFicwriter posts.))


    "Of course. What's on your mind?"


    Zarev was about to respond but he was quickly losing the courage he had managed to briefly summon. He was about to change the topic of the conversation he was about to bring up but he could hear Light's thoughts in his head.


    "Don't miss a chance to be together."


    Zarev took a deep breath. Light was right. It could be their last chance to be together.


    "Per'dra...We could possibly be going to our deaths within the next day." He said softly as he gently took her hands as they approached the crew quarters.


    "I don't want to risk dying before telling you how much you mean to me and how much I love you." He said softly as he bowed his head towards her. "I...I'm not that good at this sort of things." He said as his face turned red. "I just want to let you know how much you mean to me."

  3. "All right."


    Zarev looked at Per'dra as she turned and headed for the crew quarters and caught her eye for a moment as she turned to look at him before continuing on to her quarters.


    He turned to look at Light and smiled sheepishly. "Excuse me, I need to talk to her." He muttered as he turned and ran after her.


    "Per'dra! Per'dra, may I have a word with you?" He asked carefully.







    Satele Shan rose to her feet. Her eyes had a blank, vacant look in them. Without looking she grabbed her double-bladed lightsaber and headed for the Temple's docking bay which would take her to her small personal shuttle.


    The others await you. Join them aboard the Courageous and rid me of these pests forever.


    Despite a few inquiring looks as she passed through the temple, she arrived aboard the Republic capital ship and spoke softly.


    "Set course for Voss. The Master has summoned us."



    Dromund Kaas




    "Set Course for Voss. Best possible speed. We have been summoned."


    Darth Marr of the Dark council looked ahead through the forward viewer as the Sith Harrower class dreadnaught Starblaze engaged it's hyperdrive. "Alert all stations that we expect to encounter limited resistance once we arrive. Failure to destroy the resistance will not be tolerated."


    "Yes, my lord."

  4. ((Finally got my home computer hooked up to the internet! :D))


    ((EDIT: Never mind. about to lose my connection again :())


    "Could the mentophage be operating upon the same basic principle -and improving it with every mind that it 'eats'?"


    Zarev shook his head. "I don't think so. Whatever this thing is it seems to infect others by contact. Someone must have ran into it at some point and it took control and began spreading it's influence across the galaxy. If it can dominate minds like that it must have already been extremely powerful."


    He looked over at Per'dra for a moment. "Is it possible that this thing is somehow feeding off the force itself and growing stronger and stronger the more it feeds? It could have discovered some sort of way to drain the force itself and feed off it. Whatever the case, we need to rest. We have a day until we arrive at Voss and I suggest we rest and get ready for the battle to come."

  5. Official Notice:


    Alright, due to the fact that we were very close to finishing this Rp, I'm asking the original players of The Darkness Within if they want to finish the RP. Please respond in this thread if you are interested in finishing and PM me with any questions you may have.


    - Chev

  6. ((Been awhile xD))




    That is what the Jedi Order has always been seen as. Guardians of the Republic, Keepers of the peace, Those that both the citizens and the solders of the Republic can turn to when the servants of the dark side rise and threaten everything that the Republic stands for.




    That is what the citizens of the Sith Empire see when they look on the Sith. Those who keep order in the Sith Empire, those who fight to keep the Empire secure from it's enemies. For hundreds of years, the Sith have fought both to protect their Empire and to improve their standing amongst their rivals.


    The Galactic conflict has been fought for many years now. Jedi have trusted the Light Side of the force to guide them to what needs to be done and Sith have embraced the Dark Side of the force to unleash their full strength. It has been this way for many years.


    Something has changed amongst those that can touch the force. Jedi and Sith have both felt odd ripples through the force that cannot be traced. Jedi and Sith can both feel that something is horribly. Warriors of the Sith and Jedi Knights and Masters alike have reported feeling as though something is watching them through the force.


    Watching and Waiting for the right moment to strike.


    Character Sheet

















    No Godmodding

    No Super powerful characters

    No more than four characters

    Language is to be kept at a Pg-13 level. You can insult the characters but not the people controlling them.

    No killing other characters without permission.

    Feel Free to use your characters from The Old Republic! You don't have to but if you want to, you can.

    Have fun!

  7. NAME: Alana

    AFFILIATION: Grey Jedi

    APPEARANCE: Dark blue colored Twi'lek with violet eyes and a scar going down the left side of her face.

    AGE: 26

    WEAPONS: One violet Lightsaber

    SPECIALIZATIONS: Is a near master with a lightsaber while somewhat lacking in using the force itself as a weapon.

    SPECIAL STRENGTHS: Able to sense things that normally can't be sensed in the force. Droids, mechanical traps and other things of the like.

    WEAKNESSES: Lack of training in the use of the force itself as a weapon. She is much better with a lightsaber then with the force itself.

    ROMANCE?: Yes



    With your permission I would like to create a character that follows the light side, not a jedi but a character who believes that the sith are evil and is determined to destroy them at any cost.


    NAME: Tylon Halcron

    AFFILIATION: Former Jedi

    APPEARANCE: 7'3 human with ice cold blue eyes and black hair. Has scars going down most of his body from encounters with sith that he has killed.

    AGE: 33

    WEAPONS: Double bladed silver lightsaber

    SPECIALIZATIONS: Nearly completed training as a battle master before the order was nearly wiped out.

    SPECIAL STRENGTHS: Above average physical strength along with above average strength in the force and a drive to see the sith wiped out

    WEAKNESSES: Over confidence in his own abilities

    ROMANCE?: No


  8. ((One day time skip incoming after everyone posts.))


    "He would do the same again, in order to vanquish the mentophage for good. What I don't know is if he would try and turn it, whatever its essence, to the Light."


    Zarev listened as he walked into the room and shook his head. "I don't know. I don't know if this thing will even give me a chance to try and turn it. But if it does I will try."


    "Even if he does try and reason with the entity, Zarev won't let it harm us."


    Zarev looked at both Corsail and Per'dra. "I will do my best to make sure that everyone comes back from this mission alive. But One way or another, this entity will be stopped. When I nearly died on Balmorra I was able to communicate with my deceased master. He told me that this entity is waging a war both here and through the force itself. I plan on reading up on encounters that Jedi have had with Dark-side entities. There has to be something in there that can help us."

  9. "We'd better go and see if anything else needs to be done during transit so no one will get suspicious. It could be that they already sense something's going on between us, but I won't be exiled before we vanquish the mentophage."


    Zarev nodded and smiled gently at her. The kiss they had shared had been the first and best of his life. "I agree. I'll go check with Avriela. She's been unusually quiet for some reason." he commented as he left.


    As Per'dra turned and left he turned and took a last look at her before turning and heading over towards the far end of the ship where Avriela had taken up residence. He looked around the Shan as he walked around and marveled that the ship had stayed together as well as it had considering all that it had gone through.


    He saw her sitting on the floor with in a meditation pose. Before Zarev could ask her anything, a small smile appeared on her face.


    "So. How long has this little romance been going on between you and Per'dra?" She asked with a slight smirk.


    "Wha-?" was all Zarev could say as his jaw dropped in shock. Zarev stared at her. "You...You can't tell anyone! And how did you find out?!"


    Avriela pointed at a broken pipe that hadn't been repaired yet. It was jutting through the wall "That pipe leads to another pipe that goes through the dormitories. I heard pretty much everything."


    Zarev shook his head. "I...Well...I repeat: You can't tell anyone. Ever."


    Avriela's eye's remained closed. "Don't worry Zarev. I don't plan on telling anyone. What you and Per'dra choose to do is your business and I have no intention of interfering nor exposing your relationship. You're secret is safe with me."


    Zarev shook his head and muttered under his breath as he left the smirking former sith to her meditation as he walked out of the room.

  10. "I haven't been sleeping well, and it's because I've been brooding. Not only about this threat we face, which consumes minds as easily as it consumes food or water, but about you. I've had to consider whether or not I'm willing to face the negative consequences of positive desire - meaning exile from the Jedi Order. If our superiors found out, or even one of our comrades, that would be the end of me - of us. With that said, that's a price I'll gladly pay."


    Zarev let a small smile appear on his face. A smile that quickly grew into a larger one. A much larger one. "It's a price that I would also gladly pay." He said gently.


    "What's the point of protecting the galaxy, and all the sentient beings in it, if we're not allowed to act like fully sentient beings? Those who cannot feel the Force can still love, and I've begun to wonder if that makes love far more powerful. And hope, as well." Per'dra found the nerve to reach out and take Zarev's palm within hers. "Together, and with our brothers-in-arms at our side, we'll be able to conquer any darkness."


    Zarev gently took his other hand and clasped her hand within his own. "Together then." He said gently as he felt the warmth from her hands on his own. "I give you my word Per'dra. You will always hold a place in my heart. And I will always love you with all my heart no matter what."

  11. "Thank you. So that makes four of us: me, Master Juhani, Valean and V'nessa. We're going to need a bigger ship, then, and a bigger distraction. Are there any other vessels at this Enclave, in case you Jedi need to take a long trip to save the galaxy?"


    Valean shrugged her shoulders. "I believe that the masters have taken one of the few remaining ships and the others are most likely locked down. Is it possible we could take one of the vessels at the Dantooine spaceport?"


    Juhani thought for a moment. "What about a civilian vessel? They would most likely have room for all of us."

  12. "Let's head for the cargo hold. No one goes back there unless they urgently need supplies. I would suggest my quarters, but..." She paused. "I don't want to sound unseemly."


    "Of course." Zarev said carefully. He was trying to be careful in hiding his emotions but he had a feeling that eventually, something was going to leak through and she would be able to pick up on his feelings for her.


    The two of them began to walk towards the cargo hold as Zarev struggled to get the words out correctly.


    "You remember what happened on Balmorra...that thing took control of me...and...I...What you said on Balmorra was able to help me break it's control over me long enough for me to get away."


    He turned to look at her. "You said you were beginning to fall in love with me...and I've been thinking about what you said to me that day."


    He paused and tried to speak again. "I...I have feelings for you Per'dra. I think I always have." He said quietly as he tried to speak what his heart was telling him to say.

  13. Zarev walked from room to room of the Shan as he examined the ship as it entered Hyperspace. It was going to be a day's travel to Voss and he knew that there was a good chance that they might not come back from this mission.


    Per'dra...he thought sadly. Jedi were not allowed to love. Jedi shouldn't be allowed to love. Jedi should be allowed to love. He was confused. Very confused. He knew that he loved Per'dra. But he didn't know what to do with his feelings.


    It may surprise you Zarev...I loved once. A woman I saved during a mission to Corellia.


    "Master Beval?" He asked in a soft voice.


    Love doesn't lead to the dark-side. Fear, anger, jealousy, they can lead to the dark-side but love itself does not. Follow your heart Zarev.


    Zarev smiled and took a deep breath as he walked towards the other Jedi. "Excuse me Per'dra, may I have a word with you? In private?" He asked carefully.

  14. "Okay, then. Now that that's settled, who's the most likely to come over to our side? If not, then how are we going to steal a starship right from under their noses?"


    Valean was about to argue in favor of the masters but she stopped short. The woman from Czerka had a point. A valid point. The Master's were assuming that they would be victorious even though they knew almost nothing about this threat.


    "I will join as well." She said simply as she turned to Juhani. "You had to have arrived on a ship, correct?" She asked. Juhani nodded. "Yes. But it only has room for one."


    Juhani's eyes watered for a moment as she wiped her eyes. The Temple looked so...different than what she remembered. On the outside and the inside.


    "I will accompany you as well." She said quietly. "I have a feeling that you won't be stopped by my words so I will make sure you survive." She said.

  15. Ebon Hawk


    Too many voices


    Alriana turned to look at him and as she sensed his discomfort. "Hold still." She said gently as she placed a hand on each side of his head and focused on trying to block or at least calm the voices as best she could.

    "With the Force, anything is possible. You can sense the future, the past, emotions..."


    Velra nodded as she was strapped into her seat but she also looked over towards the medbay as she sensed Tavaryn's distress.






    "Ackbar this is the Ebon Hawk. We've arrived and engaging the enemy."


    Garja ran from console to console in Engineering as they continued trying to set up a functional command post. Some of the work was done but there was still quite a bit to be done and the Ackbar's frequent shaking from the turbolaser blasts and proton torpedo impacts wasn't helping.


    "Admiral! We need to shut down the main reactor! We may have a breach on our hands soon with the damage we've taken."


    "Contact the Mandalorian ships." Garja instructed. "Let them know we're shutting down Main power and our reactor to prevent a breach."


    "We've got power surges all through the ship! Our main systems are beginning to overload."


    "Emergency shutdown NOW!" Garja shouted as another officer called out. "Two more Sith ships dropping out of hyperspace."


    Garja was about to open the ship wide intercom to order an evacuation as the two other sith ships surrounded the Ackbar one on each side and began to fire turbolasers into the sides of the wounded vessel.


    "More incoming ships! They're not Sith though, I can't get a sensor lock on them."


    The ship wide intercom on both the Death's Head and the Ackbar were filled with static for a moment as the system was hacked by one of the ships.


    "Copaani gaan?"


    Garja was confused for a moment as he tried to identify the word. "Translate that." He ordered. One of the other officers smiled. "It's Mandalorian for 'Need a hand?'


    Garja grinned.



    Mandalorian Warship kom'rk


    Commander Rikis of the Fourth Mandalorian Battle-fleet looked over the reports from the battle computer. "Tell the adenn, dralshy'a and kandosii to protect the Ackbar. Get rid of the ships attacking it.


    "Identify the ships already here."


    "They bear the insignia of Clan Ordo. Sir. What about the Sith Vessel attacking the Death's Head?"


    "Looks like a Sith Battleship. More heavily armed than the other vessels. Bring us about and fire turbolasers and torpedoes. Let's get their attention."

  16. Ebon Hawk


    "It's bad... Sith forces..."


    Alriana's eyes narrowed for a moment. "They picked the worst possible time to hit the fleet." She said quietly.



    "Are you okay little one?"


    Velra nodded. "I...can sense someone's pain. So many people are hurt." She said quietly.







    "Come on Belina. I thought you were the toughest one there is."


    Belina muttered something under her breath about Matton as she was laid down on one of the med-bay beds on her stomach and the Chief medical officer ran over. "We have medical teams all over the ship. So far, seventeen confirmed dead aboard the Ackbar and at least thirty two dead on the Death's Head.


    "Beli okay?"


    Belina didn't move her head. "Beli's okay." She managed to whisper. "Someone get Garja. We have sith forces moving in on us and we don't have a functional command bridge anymore. Last I heard our engines are out as well."


    The Ackbar shook violently as Turbolaser blasts began to rock the ship. "Tell Garja to prepare all non-essential personal for evacuation."


    Another officer ran into the medbay. "We have an incoming transmission. Clan Ordo says they're on their way."


    "Reinforce the shields. We need to hold out until they get here."


    The three sith ships began to circle the two wounded command ships. Two of them began firing at the Death's Head while the other one began launching torpedoes along with turbolasers at the Ackbar.

  17. Ebon Hawk


    Alriana's eyes shot open as she heard Tavaryn shout and as she felt the massive disturbance ripple through the force.


    "Someone's been hurt." She said without preamble.




    "You don't think something happened to the Ackbar while we were away, do you?"


    "I think so." Xandros said quietly. "The sith or someone else must have hit them while we were gone."







    "You're coming too. Don't quit on me or I'll never hear the end of it."


    Belina couldn't respond. There was a large amount of shrapnel in her back and she could barely focus on Tariq's voice through the pain she was feeling as her blood stained the floor red.


    She was facing one of the bridge windows and could see the Death's Head listing heavily to starboard as rescue shuttles from the Ackbar headed towards the large Star Destroyer.


    "Get...Dad." She managed to gasp through the pain as an officer ran past and saw Belina and shook his head. "Admiral! We've managed to reroute command functions to Engineering. Short-range Senors have picked up three Sith Warships entering firing range. They'll be here in three minutes."


    "Get Shields back online." Belina gasped again as she tried to fight against the pain. "Send out a distress call on all frequencies."


    "Yes Admiral!"


    The officer ran to a console and began transmitting. "This is the Resistance Vessel Ackbar to anyone out there. Our ship has been crippled by explosions and we are about to come under attack by Sith Forces! We require immediate assistance. I repeat, This is the Ackbar requesting assistance from anyone out there."

  18. Ebon Hawk


    "It feels...It feels like warmth." Velra said simply. "It feels like warmth all around me."



    Alriana could feel Tavaryn twitch in his sleep but she was nearly asleep herself. She could sense...chaos...fear...loss of life through the force.


    Her eyelids began to twitch as she continued to sense whatever this was through the force.


    "Hey Xandros, what happened? I appear to be having a case of amnesia.",


    "We're on our way back to the Ackbar as we speak. But something is wrong." he muttered. "I can feel a great disturbance in the force."







    "Have you heard from the Hawk? Are we in danger?" At that moment Kaillian piped up, "Trouble Belina."


    "We have reports of secondary explosions coming from the crew quarters Admiral!" Garja called out as the Ackbar rocked from another explosion near the engines. Belina's eyes were drawn to one of the screens which was showing power fluctuations on nearly all the bridge consoles and then she looked back to Matton and Kaillian.


    "Evacuate!" She shouted urgently as she grabbed the two of them and pushed them back through the bridge doors as the rest of the bridge crew evacuated through the doors closest to them.


    Belina heard a loud explosion echo from behind her and she knew instantly what she had to do. It was the duty of the Military to protect and serve and right now she knew exactly who needed her. She threw her body between the incoming shrapnel and debris and Matton and Kaillian.


    "Get as far from the bridge as you can." She whispered as she hit the ground with a thud.

  19. Ebon Hawk


    "There is a storm coming little one. It is loud even in my ears. How about you try for something a little quieter? Something smaller? "


    Velra closed her eyes and took a deep breath and tried to focus on something other than the coming storm. She could feel...something. Something that was hard to put into words.


    "I can feel it...all around me. It feels almost like the air around me is surrounding me, enveloping me and flowing through me. I've never felt anything like this before."






    "Alpha team is sweeping the ship. Should we do anything else?"


    "Keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior." Belina instructed. She looked out the bridge's window at the Death's Head and her eyes widened as a sudden thought shot through her head.


    What if this isn't just a mission to spy on us?! What if this is a sabotage mission?!


    "Open a channel to the Death's Head! Immediately!"


    "Channel open Admiral."


    "Admiral Velerc. We may have a saboteur aboard the Ackbar and I believe that whoever it is may have sabotaged your ship as well. You may have an intruder on board."


    Velerc's voice came back through the comnlink. "Acknowledged Admiral Belina. We're locking down the ship now. Do you require addition for-..."


    The comnlink abruptly closed as the lights aboard both the Ackbar and Death's Head shut down and three massive explosions erupted from the Death's Head. One was from the engines on the back of the vessel and another was from the very front of the ship.


    The third erupted from the Death's Head's bridge and a smaller explosion erupted from the battle bridge.


    "Dad..." Belina whispered in horror.


    "Shut down the engines NOW!" She shouted in case the Ackbar's engines were about to explode so they could minimize the potential damage.


    She opened up a ship-wide comnlink. "Attention! All hand's to battle stations! I repeat, all hands to Battle Stations! This is not a drill! All emergency personal to the shuttle-bay and report to the Death's Head. All hands are to report to intruder alert stations! All Non-essential personal are to stay in their quarters."


    The Ackbar shuddered slightly as a small explosion shook the ship. "Battle Bridge is offline!"


    The Death's Head's bridge... She thought in horror. "Evacuate the Bridge!" She shouted urgently. "Lock down all systems from engineering!"

  20. Ebon Hawk


    Thank you moi chroi. And I do promise to behave."


    "You better." She said in a teasing tone as she closed her eyes as well. They would be at the Ackbar soon and then everyone could rest for a while.




    "Well what children are taught where I am from is that they have to learn to listen. The Force is all around us. We just have to learn to listen. One way is through meditation but eventually you learn what works for you. Do you understand little one?"


    "Yes." Velra said. "I think I do." She paused for a moment as she tried for a moment to block out everything and listen. After a few moments she could feel...something. Something almost like background noise.


    "I think...I think I can feel...something."

  21. Ebon Hawk


    You are a harsh taskmaster moi chroi. " He sighed and added, "At least stay with me. You know I sleep better with you beside me. I promise to behave."


    Alriana sighed. "Alright. Move over a bit." She said as she gently climbed into the bed. "Remember, behave yourself." She said in a teasing tone.



    "First is to learn about the Force and how to sense and draw upon it."


    "How do you sense it? And how do you use it?" She asked eagerly and then paused for a moment. "And what does it feel like when you do sense it?"




    Fourth Sith Battle Fleet.


    "Captain. Incoming transmission. Text only."


    The Commander of the Fourth Sith Battle fleet looked up from his report to see a set of coordinates appear on the screen with two words. Resistance Command.


    "Contact High Command on Coruscant. Inform them that it appears one of our spies has finally managed to locate the majority of the Resistance Leaders. Transmit the coordinates to High command and inform the rest of the Battle Fleet that we may be moving out shortly."

  22. Ebon Hawk


    "Alright moi chroi." His expression then became mischievous and he added, "Care to join me? I might be lonely."


    Alriana grinned and shook her head. "When you're feeling a bit better and not as sore. Then we'll talk." She said with an equally mischievous smile. "Now behave for awhile."




    "I will teach you little one."


    Velra smiled and let out a cheer. "What's the first thing I have to learn?" She asked eagerly.






    "I'm pushing her to the max Admiral," Andros commented. He made an adjustment on the panel. "To buy some time you could have Admiral Garja initiate the stealth protocol I was showing him last week. It can hide the fleet's signatures."


    "Sounds good." Belina responded as she turned to Garja. "You heard the man. Initiate Stealth protocol and keep an eye out for anything suspicious."


    Garja turned towards the Operations officer who had already heard the request. "Stealth Protocol coming online." The Ops officer reported and then frowned.


    "What is it?" Garja asked.


    "Some sort of Power surge in the comn systems. Nothing to worry about, sir. I can fix it."


    Belina turned to look at Garja and than turned to look at the Ops officer. "Try and lock down whatever is causing it." She said as she spoke into the ship intercom.


    "Attention all hands, stand by to go to battle stations. Our position may have been compromised. All crew members are to keep an eye out for anything unusual. Report anything immediately."


    Unknown to Belina and Garja and the rest of the crew of the Ackbar, a single transmission had been launched through hyper-space. A set of coordinates with two words attached.


    Resistance Command

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