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    ask whatever you want to know.
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    games, trips, cars, and internet. ya know. the usual.
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    nothing yet. but something soon
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    Halo 3. until ODST!!
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    Republic Commando
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  1. i'd have to say either the PPSH... or maybe the Tompson.
  2. hows about... (RC) Delta vs (Gears of War 2) Delta. thats gonna be confusing. I bet on... Delta.
  3. dang, I wish I was on spring break... i'd go chill at the mall and pick up some chicks. and on the subject of the XBL vs PC, i was going to get it for my 360, but maybe I should just go with PC after all, seeing that thats what you guys are shooting for...
  4. uh... dude, not much voting going on. it was mainly a plan to attract some attention and see who's still posting around here... and to get some ideas on how to keep this place alive. (not seeing much optimism from your vote, btw...) anyways, i'll start asking around to see if my buds got their 'boxes, and maybe i'll get to jump on Live too. I'm sure I could get a team together to start getting some popularity out there. and seeing that we all want to get online with it again anyway, how about a LFCommandos clan or something?
  5. naw, you can't. don't blame them. I blame the ppl.
  6. Yeah, those ungreatful little butwipes. had to go and ruin it for all of us. like the idiot that took a pic of Phelps smoking pot. its like "hey, lets take a picture and absolutely RUIN this guys rep..." for us it was like "Hey, lets spam this forum till it gets locked and then the whole thing goes down!"
  7. pretty good 'Fish, I've been so busy lately that I'd almost forgot about the forums, haha. but yeah, this place is kinda depressing. there's like, no posting at all. well, besides the few here I guess. have you guys came up with any ideas for that web-comic that you were talking about? cause I think I could help. I may be a little rusty with my photo-shopping, but i'm willing to do whatever. and good point TSR. I mean, I guess no one wants this thing to go down... it just is anyway. pretty sad.
  8. i've seen a lot of debate about if the RC forums should be saved or should let die. so lets take a vote. Let the RC forums Die, or try to get them back on their feet. I've only seen like, 8 whole people that still post here. although a year ago there were tons! so maybe RC is just going out. there hasn't been any new games, and the books are really the only thing still coming out that have RC's in it. So vote. either post Live or Die(and a reason why). if there's more people that say live, than more of us should maybe start trying to make some discussion boards, and post on them every now and then. I mean come on, there's even a thread about halo, sly cooper, and AVP in this place. there doesn't seem to be limits. BUT, if more people say die(and if there's quite a lot...) than maybe we should go with popular demand. just let this thing go. unless someone gets some grandslam of an idea and gets hundreds of new posts/posters. if you don't agree with this idea, than sorry, but I think it'd get this dispute taken care of. the votes stop being counted 3/8/09 @ 12:00 pm(er, midnight) GMT. Peace.
  9. Hey guys. I have been gone ever since the 2nd CCP thread died, so I just came to check the site and, to tell to truth, its kinda depressing to see what hasn't been going on. But it's good to see that somebody's trying. Btw, now that I know that things are looking bad for the board, i'll try to log in every now-and-then and try to help out. And also if I can do anything just post on my wall or send me a PM. I should be able to respond faster that way.
  10. Because. And besides that, I have the right to choose my friends. And I don't want to choose you.

  11. Can u add me as a friend???

  12. YOU RULE. I was going to ask for one, but you read my mind. Hmm... maybe the force is strong with this one... And (I know i'm a little late for this, but-) Welcome 'Ranger. Nice commando btw, it's nice to see that more people are getting into this. Interesting idea with the white background and all. I made a few pictures, but I can't get to them on this computer right now. I'l have them up by tonight. And Liwar, thanks again for the new halo model. I'll be sure to use it by the end of the week. 'Same with the sword-mark VI.
  13. Lol. You haven't heard of it yet? heres a link- http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1809991325/info It looks pretty sick.
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