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    ask whatever you want to know.
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  1. Because. And besides that, I have the right to choose my friends. And I don't want to choose you.

  2. Can u add me as a friend???

  3. Yup. Hugh Laurie.



  4. Whats up home-slice? :lol:

  5. Dude, sweet avatar. Thats House, right?

  6. I always find symbols a little tricky. One way is to adjust the layer settings to "overlay" or "hard light" sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.


    Another method i use is the 2 layer version. The bottom layer is the symbol at say 40% opacity. The top is closer to 80% but wherever the armor switches plates, i use a size 3 eraser just down the line of the plating. giving the illusion it's all there but more or less pieced together over the armor.


    And sometimes I combine both methods. I haven't found one way that works perfectly for everything. hope this helps

  7. Hey dude, do you have any tips on adding symbols/images to a commandos armor? I try different things, but they still come out kinda sucky...

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