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  1. Not sure all I know is that I was suppose to be voicing Flare and those are his combat lines some are specific to actions but will make sence in combat

  2. I am afraid I don't understand the question.

  3. anytime and if you need anything else written let me know

  4. My apologies I thought it said he was he was a Jedi: "Listen up troopers your next target is Alto Stratus he is an extremely capable warrior. He has taken out Jedi before. Your job is to find a way in and... [static]"

  5. "Listen up troopers your next target is Alto Stratus he is an extremely capable Jedi that has unfortunately allied himself with the separatists. Your job is to find a way in and... [static]"

  6. Well if you would like I could write some if you give me guide lines like when the dialogue is happening and what it regards

  7. Only dialogue we have so far or the only dialogue we will have?

  8. Ok good do we have a script for any story related dialogue between the ARCs? Or between the ARCs and the advisor? And sorry I'm kinda harassing you about this but story tends to matter with me as well as dialogue and I am one for being organized. But I hope this will make it better in the end.

  9. Do we have anything else more specific? Story, dialogue? We need to get everything into one place and figure out story. Make a discussion the story is an important part I will do anything I can to help.

  10. could you kindly point me at what we have so far for story on the mod?

  11. That one is perfect thank you. You will soon see what it was for.

  12. I would appreciate it thank you

  13. I just sent him a message thanks

  14. Do you have the words Arc Trooper Mod with a blank background? like the ones in this pic: http://www.lucasforums.com/album.php?albumid=516&pictureid=5265

  15. do you know who would?

  16. Hey Gamma do you have the words from the last pic posted on the mod group with a clear background the words Arc Trooper Mod?

  17. Do you know if any of the guys here do because I would rather not start a discussion to ask this one question in the modding group if I can avoid it.

  18. do you have a picture of the mod title like the one that's on all the pics with a blank background

  19. Thanks feel free to comment or Like us. I am actually talking to Scav now he found me on Facebook so we have been chatting. Nice to talk to you again.

  20. Hey we haven't spoken in a while whats up? I miss you. My podcast grew alot... so much we got a new website: http://www.LagAwayGaming.com . It is now a website with daily articles, a podcast, videos every once in a while, and soon to be a radio play type thing. You should check it out. So whats new with you, talked to Scav lately?

  21. Thanks man your the best

  22. Cool thanks alot and if you can we always apreciate comments whether on iTunes or on the website

  23. I'm good I've been working alot on my podcast lately you should check it out some time

  24. Hay buddy whats going on I see you have taken over CCP too bad Li had to give it up for a while

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