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  1. Thanks Sith happy to have been able to help and hope to go on doing so :)

  2. Good to see you around. Thanks for all the work you did gathering info about cut content, especially Sleheyron. The Q/A sessions you had with David Gaider are invaluable.

  3. I am trying to load KoTOR on my main research system, which is an older XP SP3 set up. I have 2 full retail copies of the game one in the DVD case and one is the boxed set of DVDs in a case with the spiral manual both have the same error. When i get to the spot at the end of install where it asks if you want a icon on the desktop for a shortcut and I say yes, it then asks for the Disk 4 which is ALREADY IN the DVD drive had to be to get there. it refuses to acknowledge it and wont complete the install and wipes out all of the files. Is there a fix? is this a SP3 Problem? it is pretty frustrating. the Disks are new and unworn and not damaged at all. i dont want to use the Steam version i want to use the original I am hoping to test the new Update restoration but need to re install the game thanks for any advice.\ UPDATE: I was able to get a playable install by removing the install directory before the installer wiped it, it still refused to accept Disk 4 WAS ALREADY IN the disk drive, ...but since install did not complete the patch wont apply . I am going to see if the Restoration Patch will still complete and work the game looks like it will start here's hoping but that error bug is frustrating and puzzling. I wonder if anyone else who still uses XP knows about it.
  4. I will be updating this thread to allow us all to share and enjoy some of the classic levels and maps that have been created for JKA, with permission of Jae O. as this is an old thread but the content is still I feel very important to keep available for people who love these fine SW titles. Some of these maps are amazing and well deserve to be preserved and shared. I will work to check and update and restore old and outdated links and apologize for my neglect and delay in keeping these current. I will also be able to provide limited assistance for technical support and will try to help when issues may prevent you from easily loading them. See you soon and May the Force Continue to Be With Us All. If you have an immediate need for a level or map, or want information on one I may not have listed here, i maintain a large archive of maps for all of the JK games and will do my best to assist you via PM.
  5. OK i am back again sorry for the delay, life and work took me from the SW work for a while. With the permission of Jae O..i will be updating this thread and restoring or adding new links for the major levels, mods and classic enhancements for this wonderful title here soon. I can also assist with technical problems getting them to run, within reason..and look forward to helping share some of the classic levels that have been created, some equal to and in some cases even surpassing the original content. See you soon and May the Force contineu to with us all.
  6. Hello gentlemen and Yes i had exactly the same error running the original game disks which i use for my research on an XP SP3 machine with a Nvida 9600GT card. the backgrounds are wonderful with 3D Acell turned ON in the game, (before that Manny was spread across the screen in long lines) now he is just like the screen shot above. I will try the fix this poster mentions and I appreciate the fix. What is Residual ? i would welcome other fixes and info. I will not be using the Remastered GOG version as i want to study the original. thanks for any info. i found the old threads but didnt want to revive old threads without cause. thanks. my current set up gave me this: using the DxDiag tool as suggested above all is now well in full screen, wonderful ..i will use this for now.
  7. I was going to warm up a bit before my sub kicks in, and wondered if i can play my main character lvl 52 or am I limited to only the lower levels ? i noted that there is a funds cap on your momey, i have 300,000 and it put extra into an escrow i think, and i cant rest in bars ...i have a boat load of Cartel Coins so i can suppliment with the boosts I guess. just wondered if anyone has a fast answer on what is limited... i thought about starting one of my subs going again, or even starting a new one but suspect we are limited to is it 3 characters and I didnt want to risk losing my main character with all the work i put into it to get to 52 .thanks for any advice.
  8. Hi guys, glad some of us are still "alive" i still reemmber how Lynk made a huge jump in his air car from the top of a crashed crawler all the way into the Baloon gondola and LIVED. it was impressive. UPDATE: made it in, i guess i was on Corellia, doing the missoins there. uh, how do i get the info to reset my Skill Points? they are all returned. a LOT of em . I am a Jedi Guardian class. thanks for advice on that, remember Lynk and Mim you both had a site with good info on what to set.
  9. Well it looks like Lynk and Mim are still here at least. I am going to sneak back in the back door. Hopefully ....got a new better system and maybe it will help. Also did some intense work in another MMO and actually made some progress learning skills, we will see. glad you are ..some of you ..still here.
  10. Hi sorry to have been away for a while i will catch up and check on things

  11. Been a while since we talked, Cris. I was wondering if you had ever gotten around to packing up those mods you had archived? Hope to see you on soon.

  12. I asked you once if you had some scans for LucasArts game some time ago. Did you ever dig those up or scan any?

  13. Scroll down his site here is the texture: NEW K2 : svösh’s collar Fix - 15 Master robe textures http://www.angelfire.com/crazy2/xclone_0101/images/sv_master_robe_skins.rar
  14. OK< I will put mods that people have asked for here, starting with these: I found these with the very kind and generous help of community members and it is a pleasure to be able to help others enjoy them. Evil Temple Mod Messkell 2004 http://www.gamefront.com/files/23598877/Evil+Temple+Mod+Messkell.zip Shores of Death Mod Messkell 2004 http://www.gamefront.com/files/23598879/Shores+of+Death+1.0+Messkell.zip Slaughter the Council Messkell 2004 http://www.gamefront.com/files/23598901/Slaughter+the+Council+Messkell.zip all files will be shared with original READ ME intact and all restrictions and credits included to be respected at all times. I have a LOT of files to go thru so i will add more as i find them. Hope this helps some.
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