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  1. Thanks Sith happy to have been able to help and hope to go on doing so :)

  2. Good to see you around. Thanks for all the work you did gathering info about cut content, especially Sleheyron. The Q/A sessions you had with David Gaider are invaluable.

  3. Hi sorry to have been away for a while i will catch up and check on things

  4. Been a while since we talked, Cris. I was wondering if you had ever gotten around to packing up those mods you had archived? Hope to see you on soon.

  5. I asked you once if you had some scans for LucasArts game some time ago. Did you ever dig those up or scan any?

  6. NP i thought you were busy just wanted to say thanks :) thanks for the post.

  7. sorry I saw you whisper, but was in the middle of a HMFP and had a undergeared person so I was actually having to pay attention.

  8. hi Sith, yes, i will pass that info on to you and look for his e mail, i should have it. TSL restoration is going well.

  9. hi

    Waylon can be reached at the http://www.xwaupgrade.com/ forum, look in the Lucas Arts Games Section and look for the thread called: X Wing Redux in English?


    if you still cant reach him i have his home e mail he lives in Asia, and i can get int ouch with him for you. He travels a lot so he may have just missed the message but not a lot of people visit that Tie Fighter Total Conversion site, i get there a couple of times a year myself. sorry for delay in getting back to you. I have a lot of irons in the fire :) hope all is well



  10. I see you're into XVT and I'm wondering if you might have Waylon's email. There's a PM I sent to him over at tftc and if you could let him know there was a message waiting for him, I'd appreciate it.


    In other news, how's the list of cut content for TSL going?

  11. Hi Sith

    Yes i have a long list of lost content that i posted for TSL maybe two years ago but it is buried..i will restore it and add some new research as I have just about every post or file from all the various efforts to do restorations in the past. The TSLRCM team is the best yet and they have achieve miracles..i played thru the 1.6 version and it rocked, i am about to start with the 1.7 and Darth says they are working on 1.8...great to see all of this effort. I will get something done asap


  12. It could possibly help out a few folks. The folks in charge of TSLRCM might be able to find new material to restore. If it's material that doesn't fit in with their concept of canon, other folks might be able to create their own mods as "added content" mods (as opposed to "restored canon.") (Added content mods might have to add information not backed up by canon sources, hence my alternate term.)


    I'll keep my eyes open for your thread should you decide to do one. Good luck!

  13. Hi there...that is a good idea for my next project. I was working on a thread on it but never got it into final shape..

  14. CrisG, how come you've never compiled a list of all of the TSL cut content?

  15. Hi, i can ask around, i dont have those myself but i may be able to find them. Let me try.

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