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  1. I like those masks they're funny, but the screen shot of sword looked a little ridiculous because of both the size of, who could wield them Canderous?, and good luck blocking another blade with those they don't have any strength although the one looks like a weird version of a katana. But, with out bad (as in good, and fear inspiring at the same time) looking guns, it's not complete.



  2. I don't know, I think some mods would really spice up the game, but I never really beat the game on the consoles (it was too long, and at times the difficulty curve was inexcusable) but I've rampaged for hours on end in that game. Great stuff.

  3. It wasn't in the console versions (just a very short cut-scene:lol:).


    You should enjoy it though. Can't wait to see what modders come out with!


    Dude, I have it for the consoles. I was referring to if somebody moded the files in the game data.

  4. Who ever did the VO's would have to redo EVERY line he has... cause it would sound wierd for his voice to change... but yeah.


    Or he could just randomly speaking in Huttese. Which would be awesome.


    But that would be weird at the end when Kavar is killed. I guess it would just have to a Jedi Master who walks and acts like Kavar, but has a different voice.


    Do you have the save game editor? If so, then all you have to do is go to your party and add whomever you want to replace. Then you have to go to NPC and select whichever part member and then change the appearance to Master Kavar. THen change the class and what ever stats you want. It won't have new VOs, but then he would be to your liking.

  5. You're question is a Movie Mandalorian Mod for TSL, yes! But, the original author decided not to one for the Original Knights of the Old Republic, and although the basic models for the the Mandalorian armor are the same in both games, except Mandalore. I tried simply installing it in K1, but it crashes the game and the armor is invisible with lines going everywhere and a helmet floating in space.


    can you give me the KoToR 2 version?

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