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  1. {Snip} Removed off-topic bits. -RH Also, you didn't answer my question. There is a Movie Mandalorian Mod out right now for KOTOR? Where did you get it.
  2. oh man, you might be right, I think I got something mixed up. Again, really I'm just starting. EDIT: I tried my best, but I'm sorry I wasn't able to make the had skin. If I get the chance I'll try again.
  3. I don't have a copy of 2 for pc. however all I really need to do is rename the texture file. which should do it.
  4. Ok, yeah, I get it now. Yeah, It'll me to add some wrinks, make it green and do something about the nose and eyes. Should take about a day or two(again still starting out)
  5. Do they have long heads or is that just they hat the one in your avatar is wearing? Either way I'll try my best, I'm still starting out, but it might not be too taxing.
  6. Do you mean as a choice in the Palace of Onderon? And who do you want it to Overwrite?
  7. Can you please PM me a link to the head mod too?

  8. Actually, ignore my question

  9. I'll post this question in the thread too.

    For one, I'm very impressed (as most of my reskins end in failure, I'm impressed by allot.

    Where did you get the texture that looks more like cloth? did you recolor?

  10. what is the item code for wraid plate? Like what you would type after giveitem.
  11. I just think you shouldn't ahve to become a Jedi. Also, wouldn't the Jedi not want Revan to use the force because that would lead him back to his old memories. They're pretty much just saying: "Here's your lightsaber, go kill Malak and ignore everything he says about you being a Sith Lord"
  12. I'm not sure if you can make posts like this in this area of the forums, and if not then I'm sorry, but are there any mods that let you not become a Jedi in KoToR1? And if there are then do they also change the game so that it makes sense? Like change how people react to you? Mod note: Moved the thread to the Mod request forum, since that pretty much what it is. ~M
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