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    Crept out of the primordial muck...
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    Tennessee (USA)
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    anything that involves media or has flashy blinky lights...oooooo
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    Producer/Editor/Animator/Graphic Designer for Jewelry Television™
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    Firefox & Safari (MAC
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  1. Hey ChAiNz! Long time no see xD

  2. hi :) .. I heard you have a darth maul skin for kotor 2? I want that mod so bad for so long... pls

  3. Still, It's good to see you again. :)


    Love the avatar by the way. xD

  4. hehehe.. yeah, I've been busy getting old and boring lately :p

  5. Well, hello Chainz! Long time no see xD

  6. Who won mod of the year 2012?

  7. Hey chainz I am trying to make usm compatible with tslrcm 1.8.1 could I get your permission to release it when and if I finish it?

  8. Roll on November 10th!

  9. hehe.. no worries. Trust me, if I could I would.. I send and receive so many PMs its mind blowing ;)


    but we've had the rule in effect for years now, and if anything.. at least modders can feel secure in knowing we'll (LFN community) never re-post without permission :)


    One of the main reasons I changed my mod permissions to be very broad since a few years back I was incognito several months and no one could get a hold of me :lol: Now just about everyone has "some" sort of control over my mods ;)

  10. Nice, shows you what i know.

  11. It's not my mod, so no.. I (nor anyone else) can post the mod to Filefront. That's the whole reason behind my PM only archive ;)

  12. Hey someone else wants the vader mod and i was wondering if you could put it on filefront and then post the link in a new thread.....since i know you aren't busy :p

  13. Nice! Bring me back anything good? I like cigars, or booze or just about anything honestly.. hehehe. Surprised you weren't holed up in some frigid ice cave in the middle of nowhere.. was beginning to wonder if the Yeti got ya :D


    Sounds great though, hope you had a great time!

  14. I was actually away on a Cuban beach, sipping rum...I was the one playing away while you worked :xp:



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