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    Crept out of the primordial muck...
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    anything that involves media or has flashy blinky lights...oooooo
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    Producer/Editor/Animator/Graphic Designer for Jewelry Television™
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  1. Mine originated back in my not-so-honest hacking/keygen creation days (glory be to hex editors ) and was a moniker 'given' to me by the irc channel(s) I frequented involving said communities (was originally 'Green Goblin'). Corny and cheesy as it is, "everything" was cooler with a 'Z' added to it back then... ugh. Later when I became 'legit' (honest paying customer.. hehe), I capitalized the "CAN" in the name to represent you "CAN do what you set your mind to". After joining NWN/LF groups, I tacked on the .2da since it was the most frequent style of modding I specialized in. Still a cheesy handle, but I've had it so long now I've grown old and accustomed to it, hehehe. Most every site I've joined, past and present, I have the same username or variant, and am known as such.
  2. Hey ChAiNz! Long time no see xD

  3. hi :) .. I heard you have a darth maul skin for kotor 2? I want that mod so bad for so long... pls

  4. Just got through posting mine. Been a NEXUS fan for quite awhile, and it makes managing them super simple. Not to mention the gaming communities(s) are flocking there now that they've opened up the "mods for ANY game" upload wizard.
  5. Seems you left the cage unlocked... muwahahaha!
  6. Still, It's good to see you again. :)


    Love the avatar by the way. xD

  7. hehehe.. yeah, I've been busy getting old and boring lately :p

  8. Well, hello Chainz! Long time no see xD

  9. Who won mod of the year 2012?

  10. Hey chainz I am trying to make usm compatible with tslrcm 1.8.1 could I get your permission to release it when and if I finish it?

  11. Roll on November 10th!

  12. wow. that one flew right over your head huh? fail to see the " " part? you know.. as in "haha" "joking" "etc" Maybe people aren't so much "mean" as you are to misinterpreting things? Carry on.
  13. Agreed! Copied and Stickied to this forum http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=211134
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