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  1. The funny thing is that it was +34 degrees celcius here yesterday
  2. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) RIP, I approve of your crusade of the right to die.
  3. Yes, it does 2 different things: it either changes back or stretches the in game screen horizontally and moves it away from the center of the screen so that all the buttons and such are off, i have to click about 2 cm below them.
  4. I find it hilarious that idiots who predict the world to end get so much publicity. Especially the ones who base their clais on "evidence" they derived from the Bible. You know, the book that was written by countless pretty much anonymous authors hundreds of years after the events they depict, and then put together by a bunch of people somewhere in the 500s or the 600s (can´t remember when it actually happened...) who only included the parts that agreed with their religion´s established views.
  5. Yes, that´s exactly the one that didn´t work... But it doesn´t matter, I started playing and found out (to my surprise) that it doesn´t matter that the game doesn´t fill the entire screen, I don´t even notice it anymore.
  6. I am using v 1.03, and i used it also when i had vista. I got the resolution to get bigger, but it messed up pretty much everything else, I´ll then probably just play it in an irritating little window. Or get a normal screen from somewhere...
  7. I think the actual problem is that the screen of this laptop is most likely widescreen. I can´t get the widescreen fix to work though, It just creates a horde of strange files that seem to do nothing
  8. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  9. Thanks... Didn´t bother looking at that thread cause when I had problems with Vista I managed to get around them, but doing the same things I did back then didn´t work this time. And I thought it was just for Vista... I shouldn´t just assume stuff like this. EDIT: Reinstalled according to the instructions on that page and nothing changed, I still only have a small window in the middle of the screen. And by the way, my resolution options are three 800x600s and three 1240x750s (or something like that...), no other options...
  10. I installed KOTOR on Windows 7 and it doesn´t play fullscreen. Or rather it does, but most of the screen is black with a little window in which the game plays in the middle. Running it in windowsxp compatibility mode made the movies play. The last time i had the game installed it played in fullscreen mode but the menus were little. If someone knows how to fix this I would appreciate telling me.
  11. And for that they will be needing the help of Cerberus... This may mark the beginning of a very sinister alliance of three groups of terrorists.
  12. Well this is pointless. I don´t understand what is abusive about "animal" and "wildlife"... And the rest of it is stupid as well It would never work, no one would actually start using the new words. Animals will be animals no matter what.
  13. I think all of that was already mentioned by the devs, exept for the armors which they apparently don´t like. And i want separate charm and intimidation skills back...
  14. Found something interesting again: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  15. The ideals of the Jedi are kind of a compilation of all the things Lucas found good in different religions. Old news.
  16. You do know that i live in "the best country in the world" (according to this article: http://www.newsweek.com/feature/2010/the-world-s-best-countries.html#) so i don´t have to be jealous of your freedoms. Why did you think that would provoke me? Let´s just drop this, I won´t come back because i became rather allergic to math when i prepared for the exams...
  17. This gives me all the tools i need for trolling, but i can´t be bothered so I´ll simply put it this way: I don´t speak English as my first language, so I could have memorized words, grammar etc. And by the way, I didn´t do any English homework in the entire high school, which is a feat I´m rather proud of.
  18. Found out about Ihsahn´s solo project two days ago and i have been listening ti it ever since. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  19. Exactly, just had my exams a couple of weeks ago, and i had studied math like a maniac for the last month, and just barely passed, while, without studying English at all I scored an E (which is the second best grade here) at it.
  20. Is The Great Biotic Wind the big bad guy in this? I sooo want that!!!
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