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  1. yeah noticed. nice work!

  2. Yes I plan to, but its on hold for now, due to the combination of my TSL being corrupted and me getting tired of making it. I think I will get back to it after the guitar mod im making now, exept if it takes so long that i will start recording our demo with my band. Then I´ll continue the mod after that :xp:


    But yes, i dont want to bury it forever, i intend to see it through.

  3. Yeah... I dont even think i will be able to play through the game right now with a lot of stuff going on around in my life, but ill check them out as soon as i can.

  4. Ok thanks Ill check it out.

  5. Im not really very good at skinning myself but i can give it a try.

  6. Ok ill join ye guys there.

  7. Hey i modeled a sword for the mandalore in the mod the hunters are making. I put a picture of it to the sosial group page.


    And btw, i checked the helmet you wanted me to uvmap a long time ago, and i cant see anything wrong with it....

  8. Ok thanks! I find being the official link giver kinda odd, since i never had any word in the whole thing. I just checked the site and it said that i am the one people should ask for the link:p

  9. Ok. This sword could either be used as the personal weapon of a mandalorian who serves the BG or maybe ill just put it for sale somewhere. Well see:p Its a very funky model, even though its also very simple. I like it alot.

  10. BTW does it use some basic texture of the game? Since it definetely looks like that, and there is no texture included.

  11. The sword you sent me is very nice, though its not very blackguardish. Im sure ill find a good use for it somewhere in the mod, no doubt about that! Thanks alot.

  12. Hahah definetely cool ****:xp:

  13. You want the link for the new forum? Its here:


  14. Heh i see its your time now... Have fun in the military:xp: My time will come in maybe a year from now, and damn im looking forward to it! And Im not a gun crazy sociopath:p Im gonna apply for the guerilla forces here, it will be so damn cool. Tough but cool:D

  15. Thanks man, checking it out now!

  16. Heh man, im an idiot. I just realized that you were having clipping issues that cannot be fixed without animating the model, and i dont know anything about animating models :xp: I can do the uvmappings you asked me for though now that the test week at school is finally over.

  17. The fic is really nice!!!

  18. Yep ill check it out later. Now i dont have much time, im gonna have an exam in swedish... damn i hate that language.

  19. ok ill see if i can do the uvmapping. Ill send a pm or something when its ready.

  20. I can definetely try, but what do you mean by kama? Ist that a little japanese melee weapon? :xp:


    And btw i cant do very much during the next maybe 2 weeks since i have the last test week of the year at the school and its gonna take a lot of my time.

  21. Well so far i havent done any story mods myself, just items and such. I have been a part of a story mod team, but i dont think the mod will ever come out, since the guys left in the team are just little kids who think too much of themselves and cannot get anything done:xp: And now im working on my blackguard mod. But yeah, i would really like to be a part of a big, story mod, something like the brotherhood of shadow (though i guess we wont be able to get to such a high level of modding, at least not yet). I dont really care much if the mod is about mandalorians, sith or... frigging rodians, i will always do my part.

  22. Well, i can model and skin basically, but i also tend to learn new things all the time. A week ago i didnt know how to make an upgradeable lightsaber, and you can see that i learned it on my blackguard mod thread.


    And yep, i live in Finland and you in Singapore(right?). That means theres day there when we have night.

  23. Arrows

    are raining from the sky

    as brothers fight

    side by side.


    we were outnumbered

    but our destiny

    was to win!


    Fight with the rage of a bear!


    Our homeland!


    Every enemy!

    And seal!

    Our victory!!!!! \,,/ Good to see other true believers!

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