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    salford, manchester
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    Metrolink, Manchester
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    Mass Effect trilogy (again :3)
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  1. i willl do :D

    Mission Vao here I come. :xp:

  2. :) its a mint story i got the next one today :)

    ask me for them when ur done with tht one

  3. I've read the first two chapters of Betrayal

    I'm hooked! :D

  4. Lmfao good times :')

  5. lol last time we spoke on this it was about castle field XD

  6. i a using photo shop but i only really started using it again lately, i did use it when i was doing media in college but that didn't really cover much as it was just copying and pasting mostly. so i am new to photo shop and still learning about it.

  7. That depends on what image editing program you use. Photoshop does blades pretty well, at least for still images.

  8. you said something about a better blade how would i get one of them?

  9. i think Mand'alor needs too look more, battle worthy, more fierce, tough i don't think this guy looks scary at all. and a mandos needs to look scary. but i guess when i think of Mand'alor i instantly think or boba, he was a scary man but like the others said the lack of visor and the gladiator helmit doesn't really suit Mand'alor, maybe if they gave him no helmit like, canderous he suited it well. I liked what i could see of the amour but a nice helmit with a visor would be nice, maybe like KoTOR I & II
  10. yeh i don't put darth before it lol just thats the darksider male name i came up with a few yeara ago and whats the save game editor?
  11. I made Darth Jitsu awhile ago still like n use it now
  12. haha yeh would be but the exile can be male or female. But still they did the temple very well
  13. Yeh I know they wouldn't be able to do that on a online game it would be awaome tho
  14. Maybe the combat the game isn't finalized don't forget they still in development. I like the KoTOR light saber combat although it won't be in I will miss it XD. But it the best trailer I have ever seen.
  15. Omg I saw this when it first came out and It still amazes me each time I watch it. Am getting this game when it comes out it looks amazing am gonna be a bounty hunter
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