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    Shift worker, StarWars fan and gamer
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    salford, manchester
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    games, reading, friends
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    Metrolink, Manchester
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    Mass Effect trilogy (again :3)
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  1. i willl do :D

    Mission Vao here I come. :xp:

  2. :) its a mint story i got the next one today :)

    ask me for them when ur done with tht one

  3. I've read the first two chapters of Betrayal

    I'm hooked! :D

  4. Lmfao good times :')

  5. lol last time we spoke on this it was about castle field XD

  6. i a using photo shop but i only really started using it again lately, i did use it when i was doing media in college but that didn't really cover much as it was just copying and pasting mostly. so i am new to photo shop and still learning about it.

  7. That depends on what image editing program you use. Photoshop does blades pretty well, at least for still images.

  8. you said something about a better blade how would i get one of them?

  9. Bleh. I MIGHT come to Castlefield. MIGHT. But I won't drink anything that's going to get me drunk. That's if I DO drink.

  10. KotOR 2 moment in get smart today ^^ cinema was fun and i cn't w8 till friday =] lol i wanna drink nxt sat this time tho lol

  11. Thanks. I would appreciate any feedback you give for any chapter. I don't expect you to go through it all... I know it's a long story. But if you read the first few chapters and want to leave a comment... then thanks.

  12. true i never thought of it that way, but i think i will keep posting it and see how it goes, i will read yours soon (y)

  13. There is nothing wrong with posting rough drafts... except if you don't want others to see your mistakes. I just did the same thing yesterday and I think the chapter is perfected now. The only catch is that those that read the rough draft may not want to go through it again... just take note of that.

  14. thanks for the tips i will edit my story and change buts around like i said the story isn't final yet its just a drft ==]

  15. well i put the second half of my story in so u could read that, well its not half just part lol well maybe you should make her a true darksider make her feed of her passion let it control her make her strong =]

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