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  1. I was dead twice within minutes of being revived, not completely sure but I think I may have died a third time on the way to the hospital. I talked to the guy that gave me CPR, and brought me back the first time, about a week later he said I was dead for a good 5 minutes. I am willing to have a conversation with anyone who wants to know more, but it should be via PM. But anyways back on topic. I should rephrase what I said about what I believe, atheist doesn't quite cover it. I do believe in a higher power, but my idea of God or gods is a little different. I believe all the world's religions are based off of visits from different species of alien visitors to this planet in the past. I don't know about any of you but if I had an encounter with an alien species that could make it to this planet I would think they were a god.
  2. I don't post too much over here anymore but I had to post on this topic since I have had a personal experience with it. I died of a heart attack on 12 Sept. 2011, and based solely on my own experience I can say there is no God or at least no God that wanted anything to do with me. All I can remember about my death was the complete and utter blackness that I saw. Before death I was agnostic, but after I became a full blown atheist. Not sure if this helps or makes you more fearful of death with all you said in you o.p., sorry Canderis
  3. Isn't Kim Jong Un supposed to be the more stable of the sons too?
  4. Shem

    Yeah, sure!

  5. kyrie

    Hey Shem can I put your Ultimate Sound mod up for download on Deadlystream?

  6. Here is a link to kotor tool it's over @ mediafire for right now. This link will bring you to the main folder. I have put all the maps and kotor tool into a zip file also, it's labeled kotortool_maps.zip, it should be the first file on the list.
  7. I applaud you good sir, I couldn't agree more.
  8. mimartin: Medicare should be off the table too seeing as it is taken out of our pay in payroll taxes same as social security, other than that I agree with what you are saying.
  9. The best way to change your appearance is using KSE as long as you don't change your gender to both or none you should be all set doing it this way.
  10. I have an idea about how to do it, give financial incentives to the companies that open businesses here in the US. For every dollar spent on payroll they get a dollar off their tax liabilty on profits, also lower the business tax rate to 18% instead of the 25% it is currently to give the true small businesses an incentive to claim the money as profits instead of as personal income. Also every dollar spent on new equipment made here comes off their tax liability instead of being treated as profits because those dollars are not profit they are a re-investment in their business and their workers. Thas is my opinions feel free to point out any flaws in my thinking.
  11. I had no problem with being told I was wrong on that, I admit I was wrong.
  12. No I am not, and I am man enough to admit when I get my facts wrong too.
  13. There is a video out there on the internets when Mitt was at Bain talking about how they moved production to China to make more money for his shareholders
  14. That sounds about right. Usually in the registry items are listed under the main folders name in this case LucasArts.
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