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  1. Not at all! I'm just really lazy lol. I only stopped by this morning to embarrass myself.


    Although, I was thinking of using a new one. Would you mind fixing the background on it like you did for for my current one?

  2. That would work for Hanharr. I have no idea about the voice-over files. Hopefully the modder will drop back by. *tempts with Spinderfly's reskin* Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) (the white was caused from my improper code use. Should be gone now.)
  3. I would love that! Thanks so much ^_^

  4. I got some screenshots of Spinderfly's reskin test up in my livejournal. I'm not sure if we are aloud to give links like that here so if you guys want to see them PM me. I really like the reskin and can't wait for the mod to be ready.
  5. I'll send you a PM. So this will be just Mira's conversion into a Wookiee that I'm trying out or the full mod?
  6. If you still need someone to test it, I could do it.
  7. What a great idea! I'm glad someone is going to take on this project.
  8. Wow Stoffe she looks beautiful! I really like the clothing recolor.
  9. Mine should show up in my sig. The Lady Revan
  10. I'm glad you decided to take Mira's spot in the party (althrough I love Mira), cause I love this idea and was hoping I could get it and still be a lightsider. Are you guys going to use RedRob's female Wookiee's reskins or are those only for K1?
  11. You're welcome ^_^ As for a mod for the first game I haven't been able to find yet. Hopfully a modder will stop by here. *fingers crossed*
  12. Those would be much harder. For Fry a reskinning/recoloring would work. But for Leela and Bender it would take someone having to completely rework a model. (Since Leela would need to be a cyclops.) Getting a PC with a purple pony tail wouldn't be too hard. I just don't know if they could do the cyclops thing. Bender might be a little easier as long as you don't expect him to look just like he would in the show. If someone could recolor HK silver and work out a way to give him a antenna on his head. A experienced modder might be able to make a mask or disguise item maybe. Sorry I can't be more helpful, I can't mod to save my life. For others here's a look at the characters he's hoping to have made: PS the mod our Mand'alor is talking about is for TSL. Are you wanting Fry for the first game or the 2nd? I can PM you the Atton to Fry link, but it is for the 2nd game.
  13. I have a random request. Would someone be willing to reskin Carth to have Blue eyes instead of Brown? Kinda like this, but, you know with proper textures and not photobucket color rotated lol. http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu14/RadiantRevan/KotOR/50-2.jpg Thanks for any help! ~*~Revan
  14. Hey Spinderfly! Glad you found the forums. I knew you would get more help over here. I hope the mod comes together. I would love to have a female Wookiee in my TSL party. ~*~Revan
  15. It's out already? *happy dance* //runs off to download//
  16. It would be awesome if someone could do this.
  17. (But, comma abuse, is so much ,fun ^_~) -Fingers crossed that they've decided to keep filefront alive. I guess we continue to wait and see. ~*~Revan
  18. Hi! Thanks for the friends request ^_^

  19. Option 1 would be my 'real life' answer too. I just rarely take these kind of polls seriously since it tends to turn into a 'let's mock each other' flame war.
  20. Duh, the answer is always Yoda ^_~ I totally woulda picked Jedi-ism (?) if it had been a option. Or would that be more like Followers of the Force? Although, this 42 sounds promising.... ....so, what was the Question?
  21. Sorry Shem, I'm quilty of the youtube message thing too. I stumbled on your videos and have been a lurker, lol. Since I 'knew' you from filefront and youtube (as a lurker) I thought you would be the one to ask. Now I feel really bad, dude. Think of it as a moment of fangirly panic and know you really don't have to get back to me personally. Sorry again, ~*~Revan
  22. I was just looking at your Revan Redemption Robes and was wondering if they are compatible with Kristy Kistic's capeless, feminine Revan model mod.



    I love the colors of your RRR mod and I'm hoping they will 'fit' my Revan :syoda:


    Thanks for your help,


    ~*~ Lady_Revan

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