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  1. Ah, I see you released this Logan. Awesome! I've changed the status to public, so now people should be able to find this on YouTube. You bet, and thanks!
  2. Finished testing last night! I'm writing you a review right now.

  3. Yes, please reply there. :)

  4. In the USA, symbolism is a big deal. Americans on average have most of their basic material needs assured (relative to the third world at least), so we tend to get excited about things that are often purely emotional. It's why we have a lot of religious and spiritual individuals in spite of our consumerist culture, for example. We know water is going to come out of the tap, so we make sure the flag is safe instead. It's also why we sue each other for the most trivial reasons. Yeah, symbolism is everything here in the US. Bin Laden may not have any strategic value in the war on terror, but we'll still feel really good from the closure provided by the SEAL that put a bullet in his head.
  5. Reaction to this event: THANK ****ING GOD THAT **** IS DEAD!!! My salute to the covert operatives that pulled this off. I'd shake their hand and by them each a drink, but that would compromise their secrecy. Not to be political, but a friend and I agree that this is going to be firepower for the 2012 Obama Campaign. He thinks it'll be part of the momentum Obama needs to turn his presidency around.
  6. I'll try to be on later, although right now I can't.

  7. Tried to message you on facebook, you didn't pick up. Will check in regularly. :D

  8. Not much, hanging in there. You?

  9. Ultra awesome! :D


    Complementary good news on my end: My computer is running really smooth. Recording quality too. I just hope it doesn't take forever and a century to render on my copy of Vegas. XP


    Check your PM.

  10. *bump* Portal 2 releases on 4/19/11, but there's a special deal on Steam where if enough people play games from the Potato Sack (a collection of Indie Games at reduced price) it'll speed up the release to 4/17/11.
  11. A crazy burns a holy book. Halfway across the world, a hundred or so crazies burn property and attack people. Numerically speaking, the latter offense is worse. Both are silly: How can you convict a book? A book is not a person, so unless he's convicting Mohammed or Allah the idea is completely silly. And if he did convict Mohammed and Allah, a deceased prophet and an interpretation of the divine, it's pointless because he doesn't even have "jurisdiction." And meanwhile, you have people getting angry over something that happened halfway across the world and taking it out on people who had nothing to do with it. Furthermore, they should remember that their own deity is the only true source of justice, so "Allah will take care of it!" This is not religion, this is just insanity. Religion actually requires that you have to think about your belief before you act on it.
  12. Dude, hey! Get my PM?

  13. School, trying to find a new place to live, work, and getting "stuff" done for you of course. :D

  14. @ OP: My roommate actually shares your opinion. I'd personally like to see more from the KOTOR-TSL era, but that's just me.
  15. America's a big place constantly being bombarded by information tech and entertainment news. If Americans are stupid, it may be that we are assumed to be so all the time, and that includes of each other. In fact, I'd say America has a major self-fulfilling image problem. Relatively, our situation could be far worse in regards to available resources and opportunities. Our politicians don't lead us either.
  16. Sure thing. Sorry this has been a disappointment.

  17. Nope, he keeps saying that he's working on it.


    From what I can tell, everyone is super busy with real life it isn't funny.


    Do you want me to just do it myself? Because I can't guarantee I'll get it done any fast. I know my real life is jam-packed.

  18. At the moment, no. Give it a few more years. No, you're very right. I just dislike the label of capitalism to our economy. Capitalism means competition, and our regulations oppose competition in all the wrong places and rarely of the right ones.
  19. Capitalism? Please, Adam Smith rolls in his grave every time the Military-Industrial Complex is referred to as capitalism. For an anti-US "socialist" dictator, Hugo Chavez is twice delusional.
  20. Wait, wasn't it that they were being drugged by foreign fighters?
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