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  1. Hi jaden i love your mods i want ask are your mods stored only in jediknights***.filefront.com or not? Because Megaupload and kotofiles are death now.


    And i love your reskins from KOTOR1 and problem to get them now thanks.

  2. WoW , awsome progress guys u made a lot of awsome work.. im impressed. Keep it up.
  3. Logan, if i could say.. i respect ur workin on TSL =) and this mod is for me TOP 1 ! Thank you for ur hard work =) And cant wait till new part or RoR will released.
  4. Exist some mod with darth traya(young) hood for females? Only hood alone without traya face, im not sure but maybe i saw somewhere but not sure where and not sure if im right..
  5. i cannot create account on deadlystream cause they dont accept new members :(

  6. Hey dude... I see that you made some armors and head reskin... You might wanna consider uploading them to deadlystream.com..... Filefront/gamefront server is problematic....

  7. Damn that breathmask(baodur) convert with Hood mod should be amazing
  8. i Can't wait when u finish Sith Stalker :)

  9. Sup i talk with darth deadman he gave me contact for ya due sith stalker model.

    Just want ask if posissible to make/convert for TSL. Just theoreticaly if i got rights on that mod are u able to convert to TSL ? Thnanks :) Oh and if u want join conversation we are here :) :http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=209478

  10. I've spoken with Reaper and he sais week or two and sith stalker will be alive (yeah, but maybe more then week or two ) So i just wanna see what he create
  11. I found this mod fo JKA and just thereticaly if someone get permission its possible to convert this like appereance like avol vader armor to K2 ? http://www.moddb.com/games/star-wars-jedi-academy/addons/the-sith-stalker
  12. do you have skype or e-mail I'll send 'em to you

  13. Hi got somebody link to armored robes? Cause filefront link missed . Thanks.

  14. Could somebody create this one ?
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