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    born in Germany, raised in the Netherlands, now back in Germany.
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    Waalwijk, the Netherlands
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    music, digital design
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    musician, freelance booker & designer, Technical Service Assistant
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    Jedi Academy & KotoR series
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  1. wow 3/4 year no post.... only lurking lately but here are two new ones. I'm not too happy on both of them concerning blur on the 2nd one and implying my swtor character into the first one but wth, enjoy if u can:thmbup1: the 2nd is taken from the Hope trailer from swtor, just inserted som troopers and a SL u already know from above....Sith Happens
  2. snooki must've lost quite some weight then...
  3. A new one! Been busy working lately... face is Gary Oldman as Dracula...
  4. a little much red on Malgus imo and maybe little more contrast on Starkiller in the first one but other wise good. Keep it up!
  5. do you have skype or e-mail I'll send 'em to you

  6. Hahaha... I was exxpecting a painting that you made with a paintball gun. Very good drawing man!
  7. Hi got somebody link to armored robes? Cause filefront link missed . Thanks.

  8. I didn't draw this! This is made in zbrush and photoshop. The outcome is just a product of photo editing.
  9. long time no post! Finally got to do some new work, been really busy lately... njoy
  10. Nice work here. You shure got some skill. Did you know that you can download extra brushes for PS for free? Go to brusheezy.com or just search brushes for photoshop. Maybe that makes "painting" in PS easier for you...
  11. this is gonna b sooo cool! Lightsaberprogression, lots of new stuff, I love it!
  12. Here's my latest one, TOR imperial trooper who recently became a sith apprentice...
  13. The latest work. This was more about building a secret Enclave or Temple or whatever than creating a new character. So I just put in some standard Twilek...
  14. uploaded before but due to database crah lost. So here it is again. Kel-Dor Sith on Hoth. This was a test for the usage of snow effects and I'm pretty happy the way it turned out.
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