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  1. Dak, you can use the helmet ^^


    I had tried once to do the shadow guard, but failed, even if I think now I should be able to fix that x)


    Whatever lets see what you can do =) I would have helped if I had the time, but I leave to spain in two days, and I'm just back from south France, =/


    Good luck with the shadow guard!

  2. Jacen, if you still want to make a v2 for the mod, pass by the team's section.

  3. I passed on the topic, and posted (3 days ago °°)

  4. http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2671641&postcount=62


    Look, Bryan he put the Baremetal to the head, so it's possible ^^


    And sorry but i think the back pack of the heavy trooper is just horrible xD

  5. Oh, sorry; i'm ,not always really here, or some time i'm just online to read my mails quickly °°

    It not often that i talk to someone on msn.

  6. I'm on exam period, and not a good one, so i don't come a lot on tyhe pc, just sometimes to make some rekins or just read what's happen here

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