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  1. ... Well at least, the starting scene on ROTS with obi and anaki on the ships would be pretty cool in 3D... But letting that appart... no!... just no.
  2. Well, something is the way Mala did the War, an other thing is how Revan did it. Revan wasn't triying to crash the republic and it's army, but to take control over it, he would probably have strike Coruscant, and forced the republic to capitulate, keeping a part of it's soldiers, their military resources etc... Unlike Malak who destroyed entire planets for his pleasure. And also when it's say that he wanted to preserve the republic I think it's more the planets, on it, and not the political system. But we should also think that he does fall to the dark side, not because he couldn't resist, but to conquer the republic and prepare it against the true siths. Like Kreia told the exile "maybe he became the dark lord to prevent a greater evil". It don't means he wasn't evil, it means the true Siths were worse, and that he might defeat them taking control over the republic. and then the Repubic would be better than it would be after being conquerer by the true siths.
  3. Yah, unless manaan is conquered by some of the factions, I would see Manaan more as an excuse for a neutral zone as you said for trade, and all of that. It would be the most logical place to do something like this, I doubt there would be a lot of peaceful encounters on korriban or such planets xD
  4. Do you mean in TOR? If that's it, it would actually fits pretty well into the game, and it would be a neutral planet where jedi/siths could met without killing each others xD
  5. http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/screenshots/File/66312/4 These swords have an animated glow that come from it, I'm pretty sure it can be modded to look as lightning,as well as there are stun batons etc, wich have kind of lightning effect, so if it can be mix with a lightsaber it should be possible to do something correct.
  6. Well I guess it's kind of it's true size, I alway thought looking at the Ebon Hawk: "How can it be 11 people living in that little thing? (for K2)" Imagine Hanrrar or zaalbar inside the outside Ebon Hawk xD But besides I think it's dantooine, if you look at the sky box, it's dantooine's sky box.
  7. Isn't the "Rescue *yourname*" quest part of the prologue? *before* peragus? Because the mod is just "skip peragus" , so you could just play the prologue with T3-M4, and problem solved.
  8. Yeah... and they use picture that are really misplaced... for example on the images, where they talk about revan fighting the mandalorians, just before talking about his fight against mandalore, we can see him killing sith troopers... is like... WTF? Oo
  9. It is a shadow, believe me xD If You don't see it move is because... you have to stay at the same place to look at it... don't you think? Try to put your party members with you, there should be two additional shadows x)
  10. You also have some of my skins that you can rename here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=204659
  11. Dak, you can use the helmet ^^


    I had tried once to do the shadow guard, but failed, even if I think now I should be able to fix that x)


    Whatever lets see what you can do =) I would have helped if I had the time, but I leave to spain in two days, and I'm just back from south France, =/


    Good luck with the shadow guard!

  12. Well, there is my mod, (see my sign) which use rhe bastilla model, for ime issues I haven' done he female version for hose rwo armors, bu I should come, maybe he 1, ha I wil be a my home I could do i.
  13. No, he can't, that's illegal.
  14. Well, Mace windu is better than obi wan with a lightsaber... more experience... hmmm the experience don't come from the age, but from the "experiences", and Revan was a jedi during a time of war, he became general, beat the mandalorians, killing some of the greatest duelist of the time (Mandalore the Ultimate, Yusanis, Malak later), after this he was on the jedi civil war, which means many battles between force users, so a good training into lightsaber duels. He mastered the light and dark side of the force, learned ancient sith powers, like kreia said "it was like stare at the heart of the force", so i'm not claiming Revan would win, but he have all his chances, but well it's impossible to say clearly who would win, for example obi wan has beaten Darth Maul, but Dath Maul was better during the fight, etc... so the battles never end exactly the same, so Revan could win once, and obi wan the other fight, etc... but if we have to choose one who would have more chances to win I would say revan. For me it would be like comparing one of the greatest samurais, against a kendoka of our time, who might be very good, but can't really be compared against a true samurai, at times of war etc...
  15. You only have them in K2: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Monos_K1_Gun_Models;66570 http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Law_Enforcement_Blasters;67168 But normally, the mods can be modified for personal use, I think it's authorized, if that's the case, you can just port them to K1, and that's it ^^
  16. Since it's possible to model a whole new module, couldn't someone just edit the dantooine module, to made it half destructed etc?
  17. Lol!! you have just inverted the image!
  18. Well, the ghille suit, looks almost as a ,,,vegetal wookie...
  19. Yes, that could look fine, and the sort of pics, where you change of module would for sure look better in hoth than tatooine x) And Is it impossible to edit an existing module? Because I have never heard of it, but I have never hear it wasn't possible, for example as I know, the character models, can't be edited a lot, but weapons, masks, etc can, so have anybody tried?
  20. And can a existing module model can be edited? Because i'm not sure the sandcrawler will look fine in Hoth
  21. I was just playing, and I did the zuulan quest... When started his speeder's alamr, he's the one who pick up a fight, while i just say "I set off your speeder alarm, im XXX" , so then he try to kill you, you beat him, and then he ask you to spare him. I ask "why should I spare you?", then he say he will give you 200 credits, I said "You're a slaver, I can't just let you go like this" so he say something like "you think i let you do? i will fight !! (or die) like a warrior" (i'm not sure about it xD), so he attack you again. And then i get DS point. That, just don't make any sense at all...
  22. Well that's what we know about what he told him to do. But if Revan leaves to try to stop the siths, it's obvious that if he ask Canderous to unite the clans, is to help the Republic, and I doubt Canderous didn't get it. And as I said, it's a strange kind of honor, but as canderous showed us, he is kind of cruel, etc, but he's the kind to never break a promise, for example, if he's on your team, when you kill the dragon Krayt on Tattoine, if you kill komad, and get his pearl, Canderous would say he's disappointed, of something like this, because you had a deal, and you broke it.
  23. Jacen, if you still want to make a v2 for the mod, pass by the team's section.

  24. And Well, we must remember that one of the reasons why they didn't have some of their other players it's deserved, for example Suares... If he wasn't in the bench, then it would be Ghana in this semi final, and not Uruguay. (by the way I'm still pissed about it... )
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