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  1. Well, isn't possible to use the dark revan cutscene stance? or the two sabers stance, with only one? or the stick stance with a saber?
  2. well i have really bad skills on modelling, but i have edit a little a vivro sword and called beskad, on my mandalorian armors mod, but it's nothing great x)
  3. Oh, sorry; i'm ,not always really here, or some time i'm just online to read my mails quickly °°

    It not often that i talk to someone on msn.

  4. I'm on exam period, and not a good one, so i don't come a lot on tyhe pc, just sometimes to make some rekins or just read what's happen here

  5. Even if kreia was Arren Kao, qhe wouln't be Echani, whe know that Arren kae wasn't a echani.
  6. She looks probably a little like the handmaiden, but with no white hair, so you can alter the hadmaiden's head, or try to make a similar head with an other one.
  7. Isn't that possible to put the animation with the blasters when you equip a blaster running and he make them turn, but with lightsaber, maybe that can be done.
  8. yes i think that is posible, a doble bladed lightsaber in the tsl usm has a very long blade.
  9. Neither, Kotor 3 must have new planets, on the Unknown Regions, maybe planets completely unknown, never mentionned, maybe korriban at first planet like peragus, but not more, just maybe.
  10. à little like the force wave but throwing all the annemys back and up like and explosion and not only like the force push. (without any movement of the user)
  11. Yes, i have only move the vertexes ^^ Now the problem is to add the model to an unique armor, how can i do it ? ^^'
  12. i heve do the model, but i have a problem to add it into the game =/ So my problem is that when I extract the model, that seems to be a simple mdl file and not an ascii, and when i put it alone in my ovverride the game crash at moment to use the model x_x
  13. The mandalorian armor a little remodelled... and reskinned, would be the better choice at base for the armor. Edit: Yes, if I have some time i will make it, i need a little pause to the reskinning so i will just show you the model if i do it ^^
  14. There's the first time i found briana a little beauty xD
  15. Oh guys these video is the most spensif special effect on the story of the humanity
  16. You can find the mod here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=196932
  17. She said that at two times the first: when you askinf if that's true that she kill revan, she said that je was okon the revan ship to capture him and "The jedi so not kill their prisoners" the second: on the cutscene when you meet malak and he reveal your true identity
  18. Ah yes! thanks you very much ^^
  19. Well... now i have the models but, i don't fond the models of the party members and player characters without bastila and t3, so the models of the party members and characters have strange names or they have normal names like pmhc01 or p_joleeh but my kotor tool bug? x_x I really need heads models...
  20. I have the models! =D Thanks.
  21. So, I have a problem with me models, theres no one on k1! On kotor II i can normally fond the models, but in the k1 section that's like this:
  22. of course ^^ the helm is a separated helmet, you can put it with any armor, and put the armor without it
  23. Well, i think that it's finish =p, I also add a mandalorian helm: http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/1343/jainasolo5.jpg
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