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  1. 1. Yes, really, and I still saw NO plot. 2. No, it's not all special effects for me, I do like games with good plot. Yes, he probably has played more games then me, (I'm 99% sure I'm younger then him.) but why does the amount of games played matter?
  2. 1. I have done members quests, and there was still no plot. 2. Really? That's sad, and he has no taste whatsoever. 3. We aren't talking about "racing to get enemies" we are talking about the actual combat.
  3. Actually, no, I never noticed a plot in RuneScape. Really? If he does that's pretty funny
  4. Dead on, Astor. Thanks for all the comments guys! Edit: Hey guys, I made some new ones today, here they are. Hope you like!
  5. Heya guys, I just made a wallpaper for myself, and I was wondering what people think about it. Feel free to use it if you want.
  6. Wouldn't that require all new models, animations, scripts, etc? If so, it probably won't be done
  7. I'm not positive, but I don't think Force Fashion and TSLRP are compatible.
  8. No, no. It's fine. Feel free to use them as wallpapers.
  9. lulwut. Anyway.. I made a few more things. Here they are:
  10. Well, I just thought I would show you guys some of the stuff I made in PS. Please comment and tell me what you think. (I'm not really that good, so if you do, don't criticize too much ) Well, here they are:
  11. Messed up soundsets/UTCs? You should check your override folder.
  12. You could set the quest to a later point with KSE. You may also have to edit a few globals to get it working 100% right. But it may be easier to just restart Telos. But it's your choice.
  13. Well, I didn't necessarily state which version of TSLRP I ment. But fine, if you want me to choose another, I guess I'd go with Coruscant and it's patch.
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