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  1. Couldn't find it, I'm remaking it now in HD.

  2. It's in our converstation, a couple pages back

  3. Uhh, which one? do you have a pic?

  4. hey, remember that nimbus skin? can i have it?


  5. Six said he could get them in a while back.

  6. Hey you never told me if we can get new character models in yet!

  7. Ill flatten the front and middle top, but you can see in the pic, the back slopes down a bit.

  8. Yea, thats cool, how about raising the rest so the top is even?

  9. Ok thanks I just thought that it looked a lot like ours. Anyways I forgot to awnser your question about my pic. It's not ingame, I just positioned the static mesh on the actor.

  10. Cyro didn't use your skin, he used mine. He asked me before using it. And I asked Hockey if I could use it. ;) Anyways, i will credit you guys but not sure that Cyro will do it :/

  11. I'm not on my comp right now but I will as soon as I am.

  12. I'm not on my comp right now but I will as soon as I am.

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