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  1. Nichts zu danken.

  2. Happy b-day! 18th according to your profile. As I am Dark Side: May you have many cookies!!!


    @Below: Really? I don't recall such a thing... Bah, if you remember a LordDeathRay, Ulmont, that would be him.

  3. LDR

    We've been acquainted via Kyr'am Galaar.

  4. Ulmont

    Ah... do I know you?

  5. sorry, i wont be on. got a hockey game.

  6. On the off chance that you are online today, Saturday, January 7th, 2012, there is a podcast. Over steam.

  7. hey, my pc blue-screened. ill work on getting a mic

  8. Sorry, I lost power today (Huge freak snow storm). Dont know when im gonna get it back

    (using my phone to write this)

  9. Hockey, you need to get on steam an hour or two from when this message was sent. We're doing the first ever CM podcast. ;)

  10. Bam! Won't be on the 360 until Thanksgiving Break. 'Catch me on Halo 2 sometime.

  11. Appreciate you bringing that to my attention Ulmont, it's my new avi now. Thank you.

  12. Somebody had it on the BioWare Social Network (he changed it to something else today). Have yet to see anybody here with it. ;)

  13. Awesome Ulmont...were did you get that and can I use it, if somebody else on LF is not using it?

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