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  1. Hey,

    I will send you some stuff soon. Right now its to hot to run my computer do to the over 100 temp and my air conditioner is not doing it,,,,,hoping this weekend.


    Whats new with you?

  2. I haven't worked with Kotor audio files in a couple of years (so I might be wront), but I think that all audio files need to be converted using Miles sound programs. See the main tool tutorial for more ;)


  3. Hmm...I have only used used VO files, which can be Wave or mp3 format.


    Encode...I have been using sony vegas mostly.



    If you want to play with existing kotor2 files and tweak or merge their music files that can be done since your using in game files.

  4. Ah... your point is well seen.


    But do you know anyway or anyone who can tell me how I can encode the audio to the right file type?

  5. You can have it personally added to the game to use but for the release i can't since i want to use this to get into the game industry. Also I don't want to rock the boat with Lucas or Lucas arts who have sometimes tried to shut certain projects down..don't want to give any reason.

  6. I don't think that would be much of a problem, because I will be re-editing the tune, but either way, a lot of people on FileFront posted a lot of music changers (like for jk3 for example) which is featured in other Star Wars games and movies, so that won't be an issue.

  7. Hey,


    The music is very nice and would love to use it but i can't since its not from the kotor2 game or not created by someone like you or me.


    You are not allowed to use music from other games, or copyrighted.

  8. Also, I believe I found a suitable character generation theme for the mod. It's from TFU, but it has this strong Jedi-ish feel, not to mention that the tone is a bit deviant from the rest of the Star Wars movies, just like the KOTOR music is (probably because it was composed by Howard Shore, and not John Williams)


    Here it is


    Also, if you know how, could you tell me how to encode the streamwave properly so it actually plays in the game? Thanks.

  9. Whoops! It seems I accidentally deleted you as a friend. Please re-accept. (I was trying to delete a spam user)

  10. Hey,

    Everything is good. I will send you something today including info on the open cut scene.


    I finished building the Raptor/player ship, with working scripts and no bugs.



  11. Hey boss, any new assignments lately? How's life been?

  12. Hey, the dlg look great. I already placed them into the game.


    By Wed i will have some story boards of the intro movie and we can discuss more dialogues for the game.

  13. Hey man, I'm done with the dialog files (was done for about 2 weeks now, I just forgot to send them). I like the phantom ship a lot! It feels like history in the making. Check your mail for the dlg files.

  14. Hey, hope everything is ok

  15. Hey,

    How is the dlg going for those 2 scenes?

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