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  1. ttoootttaaly agree with the saber thing ^^^ :)

    And i do think it is the same as the first, but to an extent. I think they should have

    deffinetly re created the force powers or put in some better ones, like force fury.......

    yyeehhh NO!!! dumbest thing ever. HOWERVER, i do like the fact of the new jedi mind trick power they have brought in.

  2. yehhhh!!!! im soooo lookinf forward to it now CANT WAIT ***drools *** hahah

    i think the game is going to friken aaawwsoommee , every aspect of it so far is really really cool :). Only thing is... yes, i dont want it to be as short as the last one haha


    P.s i will be getting the collectors edition when it comes out, will anyone else be getting it ? / im getting it for the sword you get with it :D.

  3. lol its got me confused also, ill look for it and post where i found it :)


    this is what i read the other day, but i dont think its got anything to do with the story...

    I got it from the iron hand/iron heel thread. One that you have posted on Yoric :)



    Sometimes the greatest heroes become the most reprehensible rulers. Such is the case with His Majesty Aedan Cousland, now King of Ferelden for five long years. Alongside his wife, the beautiful Queen Anora, Aedan rules with an iron hand, crushing the populace beneath his iron heel. After saving the realm of Ferelden almost single-handedly from the archdemon and the darkspawn, Aedan believes that the common folk owe him more than simple gratitude. He demands their allegiance and unquestioning obedience, and some wonder if Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir would have been any different if HE were monarch...


    Intending to punish Orlais for occupying his native country, Cousland intends to wage a pre-emptive war against Ferelden's former conquerors. Will he fail in his vendetta, and mission to make Ferelden the new superpower of Thedas? Or will the prophetic words of Flemeth, the elusive and still-breathing Witch of the Wilds, again prove true: "Men's hearts hold secrets darker than any tainted creature?" Only time will tell...

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