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    I am 13 going on 14 and stuff I like sports, games and girls.
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    Haddington, Scotland
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    freerunning, hockey, gaming etc.
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    RC, COD 6, war stuff
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    internet explorer 8
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    Star Wars: Republic Commando
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  1. Hey man sorry for late reply :) I've been good, pretty busy with school though.

    What about you?

  2. Hey bud, how have you been?

  3. oh ok :) Well if you need any more let me know.

  4. Lol maybe you did. I was on my ipod at the time, so I could only see a couple of the skins.

  5. You mean the same skin, just without the swastika? If so, I'm pretty sure I emailed you it as the basic template :)

  6. haha no problem, glad i could help! it only took me like 20 mins to write the readme (i know what im talking about :p)

  7. Yo man just saying thanks for taking the time to write that readme. Especially the bit about my birthday lol.

  8. Ok its up on SVN! under the "other" folder

    Happy Birthday!

  9. Pathnodes. They're the apple shaped things that you place all over the map so people can run around. Can they do anthing else?

    And to make a new pawn class, you go into Actor Class, choose either another pawn class and click 'new' or just click 'new'?

  10. Do you know what pathnodes are, or would you like me to explain that?

    and do you know how to make a new pawn class as well?

  11. Wednesday is my birthday so that would be a cool present lol! Yeah, could you try and make it for wed?

  12. I cant today, got hockey

    cant tmmrw trip to NYC

    then hockey on tuesday.

    so ill try for wensday?

    srry :/

  13. Hey Hockey!

    Could you plz send me the spawnkit factory thing? My map is ready for it. Otherwise, if you know any good tutorials on spawn points, but not dispensers, that would be cool.

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