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    I am 13 going on 14 and stuff I like sports, games and girls.
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    Haddington, Scotland
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    freerunning, hockey, gaming etc.
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    RC, COD 6, war stuff
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    internet explorer 8
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    Star Wars: Republic Commando
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  1. Hey man sorry for late reply :) I've been good, pretty busy with school though.

    What about you?

  2. Hey bud, how have you been?

  3. you can, but i you go online at the same time with the same CD key you get kicked out of the server.
  4. If u make a dedicated server, I'm not sure about this, but I don't think u can play on it :/
  5. The sounds are stored in packages which are opened in unreal editor. You can't do anything with them as far as I'm aware sorry. But you can use them in the editor. Just not oustide it. I have BoPC version too
  6. Are the bots in your team? If yes, then you need to script them to run around and stuff. If they're not, then under their properties, you can set it so they either stand still, follow you or like perch and stuff.
  7. Lol they look like our skins. Good work! I like them!
  8. They need to improve, or people will probably stop buying their games. I already have. They should take polls, look around the internet, find out what's people actually like.
  9. Yeah sounds cool. Buuuuut, have no of you heard that they guy that created RC has come back to work for LucasArts?
  10. This is actually a really good mod! But I had the same problems as Menelhir.
  11. oh ok :) Well if you need any more let me know.

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