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    One of the greatest mando'a ever, except for his fellow vode in CM of course.
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    Lusby, MD
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    Republic Commando, talking to my vode, chillaxing, reading all 5 RC books.
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    What job?! I can't even drive yet!
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    internet explorer
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    star wars republic commando
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  1. Glad to have you back on LF Christians! This time it's here to stay.

  2. Hey man sorry for late reply :) I've been good, pretty busy with school though.

    What about you?

  3. I think if he was trolling he would at least attempt to utilize proper grammar. I hope.
  4. Mine is the door breach. Why NOT blow things up?
  5. Hey bud, how have you been?

  6. I assume we aren't referring to the Imperial Commando book as canon then?
  7. well, Balkoth is in charge of writing the script, so my guess he would know...

  8. Do you have a rough plot outline I could use to write a story about Alpha Squad? I love writing detailed stories, but I have a hard time thinking of a good plot :p

  9. I have a much easier way. Go into unrealed, then.. Go to the "Sounds" tab, select the sound you would like to export, then go up to "File>Export". You can save it as a '.WAV' file anywhere on your computer! Hope that helps!
  10. Need any voice lines ner vod? :)

  11. I think they're actually German haha. Looking forward to the full release
  12. Stupid character limit...


    Anyways, another thing stumping me details the villain and this link between the protaganists and the Composer. Naturally, one would think that because the heroes are connected to God, then the villain would be somehow linked to Satan. In fact, the villain is Satan. And because each of the characters quite literally has Christ living inside them, the antagonist naturally fears them. He desires to remove Demos, Thais, Galen and Ebony, thus removing Christ, and by extension, destroying the Composer. The catch is that he can't destroy them by conventional means. What I need help with here is a way that one could potentially, albeit fictitiously, destroy Christ. Think of this as Lucifer's attempt to usurp Heaven, round two, and he's got a secret weapon.


    So to sum up what I need help with: 1) What the four pieces of Christ represent & 2) How Satan might unconventionally destroy Christ.

  13. While I'vealready conquered this issue with the help of some friends at another forum, I'm still open to suggestions.


    The four protaganists, Demos, Thais, Galen and Ebony, are all directly linked to the Composer, who is God. Like in the Holy Trinity in Christianity, the Composer is split up into three distinct parts of a greater whole. The part of the Trinity that links them to the Composer is analogous to God the Son, or Christ. Unlike the real Christ, this part of the Composer is split into four parts, and each character has one of the fragments inside them. What I need help with here is what these shards represent.

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