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  1. Haha I'll use that music next time. Thanks for the info. And okay I will post music here.
  2. Hey man, it wouldn't let me send you a private message I guess your message thing full or something

  3. Haha, you will be the first I'll tell.
  4. Haha, but it doesn't matter because I am supreme.
  5. Yeah thats why are want to start one on my own.
  6. Haha well, when you find out don't be afraid to share. It wll help us both
  7. Hahaha! I wish you would have told me that earlier my right cheek is still hurting from last time I did.
  8. I know it sucks I really want to create a mod with someone, but all the one I'm working on here no one wants to actually work on it. Or they are, but never tell anyone what they are doing.
  9. I was wondering about that website and did you happen to read about developers under the developer thing?

  10. Haha I bet so hope fully no one mess it up... cough me cough sorry I have a cold
  11. yeah maybe that their new years resolution, but i doubt it because the demo has still hasn't be release and it is just a part of the 1 act
  12. That sounds fun...

  13. Haha, Speedy Gonzales only wished he was as fast as me. lol ps. nice new look revan
  14. Yeah I know, but I figure it will be a long time before it comes out.
  15. Haha srry I wasn't on to say happy new year, but happy late new year.

  16. Haha, you can't hit what you can't touch. I'm so fast I can turn out the lights and be in bed before its dark. So just try to beat my face it will amuse me
  17. HAHA you send a droid to do a MANS WORK!!! HAHAHA you can send every droid in the world and they still couldn't kill me. But I understand your fear of me I get that a lot. Go hide behind your droids I will destroy them all then I'm coming for you.
  18. haha yeah I guess I have.

  19. Oh, okay I was just wondering because I posted ideas for sub-quest on the development team thread thing and I didn't get any replies or anything so thats why I asked. And I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year. :)

  20. Hey man are you guys still working on the Alderaan mod?

  21. Well, maybe if their leader would be a little nicer and respect border agreements and stop attacking ships and bombarding people on land the South Koreans wouldn't have to fight back. Well, thats a different story because you know for a fact the US will crush Mexico and so it would be smarter to go north, but not to Canada. In North Korea its a different story because one its obvious North Korea is going to lose if a war does break out. So would I rather run North while I have planes and tanks following close behind me. Or would I rather run to the people who are (as you said with China) required to help refugees and is a shorter distance. And you got to think that this refugees while the battle is going on around them they are just going to go to somewhere where they can be shield from the gunfire and bombs being dropped. They aren't going to run in either direction untill the bombing stops and the gunfire stops. Now, say if South Korean's troops pushed North Korean's troops North would i rather follow the armies fighting to China or would I rather go to South Korea. However, if the North Korean army pushed back South Korean army I would then go North, but not as far as China. It really depends on who won the intially fight that would decide where the refugees would run.
  22. First off I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and i just want CA$H
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