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  1. The pc will be human. The basis of the name Ninthheart is still undecided.
  2. Well then I will add a copy of this thread to outlander's also. I see what you mean. I understand the whole revenue stream thing for as we continue to the next game and such, thankfully I thought ahead and saved up a good deal of money to help supply this project. Hopefully we don't run out of steam before we finish. I see you have already picked your side in this war.
  3. 1. Please no swearing on the forum xxRevanxx 2. Please do not name members of the team. 3. Who ever said I'm sane? 4. And without you there might still be a Ninth Heart it just would'nt be as good. Just had to say those things.
  4. GRAYHAT HACKERS, and we didnt save the government, we saved minecraft XD

  5. Sorry forgot to state the story was being planned. Well we did that planning and here is the basic story(Which it is on the website), There are numerous groups on the world in the game, which we named Yerois,(Until we come up with something better, any suggestions?) these groups are fighting over a magical energy called Seris. This energy is used to cast magic and power machinery. You are the leader of one of these groups. The story is going to be comprised of many missions that are acessed from a sort of Home base for your group. The missions will be majorly varied, basiclly a mini story of their own, some of your actions in them will effect what happens in other missions, and which missions you will obtain thus these stories can continue through many missions and effect many others. Now you will be able to name your group, decide who the members are, and possibly customize your base of operations.(We plan to create a fairly large number of possible charcters that can join. Possibly around 30.) Which charcters you choose to join will affect how the world see's your group, Example: You allow a murderer to join they will see you as more evil, you allow a monk to join you they will see you as more good. Now as for the game engine we will be using the unity 3d game engine.(Google it if you're curious.) May we use that idea as a mission ingame? We plan to include a few comedy missions and that could actually be pretty good for a mission.(We already have one planned about people warring over cactuses or cacti. Literally which is the plural form of the word cactus. This is because 2 people on the team had an arguement over this and we thought Hey why not?) 4 now. Like 1 more person makes much difference.
  6. Ok first I'm not exactly sure where this should go but since 1. It has no relations to Kotor/Tsl(So not Holowan Labs) 2. It is not a current videogame but a video game in the making (So not outlander's club). Thus I think I belongs here, If I'm wrong would the admins please move it to the right area. Now some of you may remember a while ago when xxRevanxx posted about making Tsl into a mmo in the Holowan labs forum. That thread was closed shortly afterwards do to some complications with the admins on legal issues.(That project was discontinued so that is not what this thread is about.) To be specific we are NOT using any file, models, skins, or the game engine from Kotor/Tsl. Now what we are doing: Making a video game, specificly a Rpg based in mideveal times. We plan for it to be commercial (Meaning we plan to sell it and make money). Why I'm posting this here is to 1. Create a little hype and get your attention, 2. Ask people to join us in making the game. (You will be recoknized for what you do, and will be payed.) We are mainly looking for people with skinning abilities, modeling, and some people that know any of these 3 scripting languages: Javascript, Boo, or C#. For more info please go to our website, which the url is on the bottom of my signature. Thank you for reading this giant amount of text.
  7. Cool, glad you like it.

  8. Lol, I understand what you mean. Please no "scenes".
  9. O.O The voice is perfect.

  10. I know what you mean. An example of this is Lordvader's total conversion, The jedi civil war 2. Execpt in that the leader dropped out and the team did too shortly after. And proof that I know how hard it is to start with a total conversion mod is I myself tried to make one when I first started modding, and now that mod is added to the list of failed total conversions. (to be more specific, It failed in the first module.)
  11. Actually to my knowledge none have been caught, though one had admitted to many of these hackings. Lolzsecurity admitted to hacking(on their twitter account, I'm not joking), minecraft, the us senate, legions of legends, sony, bethesda, and many others.(Those are just the ones I know off the top of my head.)
  12. ... I think that person is a racist bigot. Belgium people are cool.
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