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  1. GRAYHAT HACKERS, and we didnt save the government, we saved minecraft XD

  2. Cool, glad you like it.

  3. O.O The voice is perfect.

  4. I feel accomplished. I just saved the us gov, from hackers.

  5. Do you want help with voice acting for Planet Zei? Because I can voice act some characters for you. Reply here: http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/go_large.php?id=93250730

  6. Skinning and when you send me the files send them to flamestreet@hotmail.com

  7. Hey uh, what would you like to do for The Jedi Civil War 2 Mod? Modules? Skinning? Voice Acting, Well your Already Voice acting.

  8. Eiether way all or one. Just send me the file I'll do the voices I need to. Sound good?



    Your the Voice actor of all the Republic soldiers? or do you want to be Voice of only one Republic Soldier?

  10. Republic solder.


    I want to be able to show my family when it's done, "Hey look here that's me in a video game." Lol that would be hilarious.


    harark1 (you should know me.)


    I have not voice acted.

  11. Ok srry been kinda busy, will start on the skinning tommorow. (kinda busy= Work OVERLOAD)

  12. You ought to have your Thread titles reflect what you're really asking about. I'd suggest changing "Time to show off your scripting prowess" to something more appropriate. If everyone just followed that rule, things would be much easier to find around here.

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