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  1. I Agree, they need to explain what happens, and i hope they will make it better than The first 2, and a little longer than the second. heres to hope
  2. sorry i couldnt post this earlier, i didnt join till recently. But at the Light Side ending, which i think is canonical, *SPOILER*: U capture vader and they take him into a force cage so he cant get out. we all know if he dont get out then theres no Original Trilogy, so they gotta explain it somehow. hell if they make one ill buy it, although TFU2 was short it made me feel more in the game than TFU1. i hope they make one
  3. im having a more similar problem, i own ultimate sith edition but the TATOOINE onew ont load -.-
  4. LoL... it turns out i didnt do everything.. i didnt run into that sith guy Sion, and went straight to the hanger bay
  5. i had the same issue, i suggest getting a better graphics card
  6. of course nobody votes felucia, that makes me smile.. felucians are so annoying
  7. Yes i think you can. copy or move the save files to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\saves i run kotor from steam
  8. Kotor 1 works perfectly for me, heres my specs for kotor 2 just incase. Os: Windows Xp V5.1 Build 2600 Service Pack 3 Cpu: Intel[R] Pentium[R] D CPU 3.00 GHZ Ram: 2048 MB HD: C: [NTFS], UNICODE 3.46 GB Free Video (Warning): NVidia GeForce 7300 Le 256mb Audio: Hauppauge WinTV PVR PCI II [26 xxx] Open Gl: Nvidia Corporation- 2.1.2 DirectX 9.0c [] i click low graphics stuff ingame and no mods. but when i run the game it uses xfire interface. does that do anything? Note: i checked "Can you Run It" tool, and i passed recommended on everything... i might have skipped part of the mission by going to the hanger bay instead of doing something else too, can that make you crash?
  9. Ya ill ad you, and yes revan is epic

  10. haha my KOTOR 2 crashes whenever i try to escape paragus

  11. i have to load this auto save, NOTE: CANNOT SAVE A NEW FILE when in turbolaser. whenever that atton dude says WE GOT COMPANY, and i load to repel baorders my game crashes.. can someone help me plz
  12. Hey! mfinnie can you Add me as Friend. & Btw Welcome to the Forums!! :grnbounc:

  13. Do you like Revan, as well. And welcome to the forums. :thumbsup:

  14. id want it to be something like u start out as someone with the powers and build like starkiller, then maintain that character but make your way up the ranks like anakin would have if not injured in episode 3, like if he and padme ruled.
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