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  1. Watcha been doing with your free time? I just became swamped between juggling school and my job, and spent the little free time I had on my social life. So I was able to get on here less and less.

  2. Lots of stuff. Life has been crazy. How have you been?

  3. "This is an illusion, and you know it. We need to find a way to break free of it. What hold does this mirage have upon you?" Corsail had always had a very complicated and troubled mind, and the mental battle inside his head was almost too much for him to bear. He shook his head, "it holds nothing but my own fears and doubts." Corsail looked at Light for a moment, and suddenly grew very calm. "I.. I trust you. Despite swearing I'd never trust anyone again." The illusion sneered at them with hate "You're a fool!" Corsail looked back, "And you're not real. Guess that makes me one up on you, huh? I'm through being haunted by you, so get out of my head." Remember that in dreams, everything makes sense, even if it makes no sense in conscious life. This is but a nightmare, and naught more. Awaken! He heard Per'dra's voice echo through his mind, and he closed his eyes, as the nightmare around him slowly slipped away, back into reality. They were all back on the battlefield. Corsail got back on his feet. "Light.. Thanks for pulling me out of that." Scanning the area He saw the Entity floating above the ground, and nature seeming to crumble around him. He resisted the urge to immediately fire an barrage of blaster fire towards its face. "So, whats our plan to finish this thing?"
  4. The shots he fired struck his father, and left clear holes, but he didn't seem to be fazed in the slightest. "You would kill me, your own father? You prove every day that you're the scum everyone thinks you are." Corsail heard Light's voice but couldn't break his gaze from his father. "Light, what is happening?!?" Corsail's father interrupted, "Whats happening, is exactly what I told you would happen. One of your so called 'friends' is here to KILL you!" Conflicted with doubt and anger, Corsail turned toward Light, "Is what he says true?"
  5. (Sorry it took me so long to post, life has kept me extremely busy) Corsail had been exchanging cover for cover, constanly staying on the move fighting beside the rest of the strike team. None of his shots towards the Entity seemed to do any damage, the ones he didn't deflect, seemed to absorbed into nothing. "Blast! How do we kill this thing?" he exclaimed furiously. Dark streams of energy came rushing towards him and his world grew smaller, and everything went deathly quiet and completely dark. Whats happening?? Where am I? Corsail tried to move, but only managed to stumble on to his knees. When he looked up, it wasn't just darkness anymore, there was something, someone else. His father. Corsail stared at him in disbelief, "How... how are you here?" His father shook his head "My son, you are asking the wrong question.. The question is, why are YOU here?" "What are you talking about?" Corsail asked confused at what was going on. His father's eyes flickered into black voids then turned back. "Why are you here, with these people? Fighting along side the Republic, and the Jedi! What do you owe them? What have they EVER done for you?" Corsail looked down, "Nothing." He replied coldly. "But.." "But what?" His father interrupted, "You want to wait to be betrayed again? You know its only a matter of time before they're done with you. Think about it, my son, everyone you've ever placed your trust in has either failed you, or tried to kill you.. and it will happen again." Corsail was burning with anger, but also filled with doubt. Who is this? This can't be my father saying these things. "No.. " "No?" His father laughed at him "Don't tell you me you're starting think of these comrades of yours as friends. You think they care about you? They hate you, despise you, and wish you had never been a part of this doomed mission of theirs. You are nothing to them, you are nothing to anyone!" "Stop it!! Just stop!" Corsail shouted, as he tried to desperately stand up. He felt as if he was being pushed into the ground by an unknown force. His fathers eyes again turned into black voids, but this time, stayed that way. "Corsail, the republic is weak, and is doomed to fall. You know this. Was the republic strong enough to defend against the empire when it attacked our home world and killed our family? You have no one to live for but yourself, my son, stop deceiving yourself into thinking that these fools you are fighting beside, risking your life for, are any different from the rest. This time, don't give them a chance to betray you, kill them, before THEY kill you." Corsail was on his feet now, he had his blasters out and his hands were shaking. "Get out of my head!" he managed to pull the trigger and a furry of blaster bolts shot out.
  6. Corsail listened intently to everything that was being said, growing more and more tense every moment. I knew it'd be bad, but this is madness. he thought to himself. "I think we should make a run for the planet. What do you all think?" Corsail blinked, then gestured to the battle going in space before them, "If you think we can make it without being shot down, absolutely. If I had my ship here I could fly us in no problem... sadly, she's gathering dust in a republic hanger right now." "And even if we manage to land safely..." He shook his head, "We won't have many friends down there, anyone, and most likely everyone, will be an enemy."
  7. "Come Corsail. We could go over some force techniques if you want. To either help you block out your enemies, or to channel it into offensive or defensive tools. And I think you might need a weapon for the coming battle..." Corsail followed Light over to the workbench interested. Force techniques.. Training, yes, that is what he wanted. it had been on his mind for awhile, but he hadn't the time nor did he really know how to bring it up before. He felt like it was an extremely awkward subject for him, all things considered. Corsail halted, "Uh, hey Light.. I've been meaning to ask you something.."
  8. I'm definitely interested in finishing this one. I am however, extremely swamped with work and school and just life in general right now, but I'll do my best to try and fit in some time
  9. Per'dra blinked, and set her jaws tight. "That's why I'm counting on you to help me keep a clear head. Because you do not feel the Force, you may not be as susceptible to its attacks. If I can't kill it, even if I do my best to plumb its depths, then perhaps you can." "May the Order forgive me, but I want it dead." "But I can feel the Force, Per'dra. Although my connection is slightly weaker then yours, I have the ability to use the force just like any other jedi, I've just never been trained..." Corsail stood up and let out a brief sigh of frustration. "Unfortunately that makes me just as vulnerable to this thing's control as the rest of you...But whether it gets in my mind or not, one thing I can promise you is that I'll do everything within my power to make sure it ends up dead." Seeing Light approaching them he stopped and greeted him. "That may well be the only option. Were that it could be turned to the light, with the amount of power it has... It could inspire the next golden age for the Republic, the Sith, or both. But alas, the threat must be ended as quickly as it can be, else we will be to blame for any more lives lost, and be more likely to succumb to its power." Corsail nodded. "You won't get any argument from me, there honestly is no alternative option in my opinion. But what about Zarev? He is technically the leader of this mission, what do you think he'll do when the time comes?"
  10. Corsail opened his eyes and looked up as he heard someone coming towards him. "Excuse me a moment," she said cautiously, "but may I ask you a question? You're not a Jedi, but that means you don't follow the teachings - or the rules - that we do. I know that you and I haven't always seen eye-to-eye, but I'd like to know: How would you go about killing something that keeps hiding?" He raised an eyebrow, surprised that Per'dra was asking him for advice. "Honestly, I really don't know... It'd be different if I knew what we were facing, but the only thing we know about him is that he has incredible power." Corsail looked away, wishing he had a better answer he could give. "I apologize for not being much help.." "I also have a question, about something I've heard said several times recently...the last time I heard it was today, while I was speaking to Zarev. He told me that 'everyone' deserves a chance at redemption. So I want to know, even after everything that thing has done, murdering and twisting the minds of anyone it pleases...Would you still offer it a second chance?"
  11. Corsail sat alone in the main room of the Shan, thinking about everything that had transpired. He looked up several times when Light, then Varik, passed through to get to their rooms. I wonder how everyone else is really holding up. Corsail shook his head when he realized that he was genuinely worried for their safety. "Blast, I promised myself I wouldn't let this happen again." Sighing to himself, he closed his eyes and let his head rest on the wall behind him, listening to the hum of the ship while he waited for their destination to be reached.
  12. Just thought I'd give somebody a heads up... I'm not going to have access to the internet until next Sunday, so I won't be able to make any posts in the RPs. In case someone wonders why I'm not responding.

  13. Kael wanted to go with them as he watched the masters walk off. I should have been promoted to knight ages ago. If my master would actually spend a little time finishing my training. Kael's thoughts were interrupted when he heard what the others in the room were talking about. "How?" blurted V'nessa. "We can't just steal a starship and head there." Yeira's eyes gleamed. "We won't steal it. We'll borrow it to save our minds." Kael's eyes narrowed. "Are you planning on disobeying the masters?"
  14. "This thing will be stopped. I don't care if we have to ram the Shan into whatever this thing is to stop it. It will be stopped." "I agree, but I wouldn't mind if this thing destroyed the sith empire before we take him out." Corsail shook his head, "It's too bad we're never that lucky. Anyway, If everyone's ready I think we should take off. I'm already getting anxoius just waiting around, and they can continue their conversation on the way there if they wish."
  15. "Come. Let's go see her all together. This mystery is growing more strange by the second, and worse as well." Kael followed behind the rest of the group, extreamely uncomfortable being around so many people. They felt it aswell, obviously. If a weak force user like me felt it of course the masters would have... As they entered the medbay, Kael saw the technician the old man was talking about earlier. Kael was curious about what was going on but he stayed in the back and remained silent, and he made sure his pet did the same.
  16. No problem there. :) It's an easy mistake.

  17. Wait what? Corsail and Vlakor are in the main hold. Isn't Varik in the cockpit talking Light and Per'dra?


    Edit: Yeah, I read the last few posts again, I think you just got confused and thought Corsail was in the cockpit with the others. Corsail was talking to Vlalkor and I was waiting for you to respond.

  18. Kael walked through the academy as quickly as he could without breaking into a straight out run. He dodged past several other students and did his best to avoid eye contact. Where are all the masters? He wondered to himself. The Fynock perched on his shoulder was growing uncomfortable at the pace Kael was moving at and started making annoyed chirps. Kael was walking through one of the corridors when he heard the voices of several different people, gathered together in the same room. He stopped and held up his hand to silent his pet. Then he moved in closer. "Of course. We newly-designated Jedi Councillors are going to need to gather ourselves, and see whom we can spare in order to undertake an investigative mission. We need to find out what, if anything, remains of Malachor V, and we might take...no. They're not ready. They're only Padawans, and unprepared." Kael didn't want to interrupt but this was the first master he could find, and he felt that they should know about the pulse. He stepped around the corner of the door and dipped his head in respect, "Um, excuse me, master Visas, and..." He struggled for a few seconds to recall the others name, "..Master Brianna, I have something to report." Kael swallowed. I think. What if it was nothing? Just shut up and tell them already! "Um, I was training outside the academy and, something hit me. It was like I was swallowed by my greatest fear and eveloped in darkness, but then it went away as swiftly as it had come." Kael felt his cheeks burning, realizing how silly he must have sounded. "I'm sorry but It's hard to explain, I just thought you should know...."
  19. Yeah, sorry. I didn't really have alot of time this weekend. I'm making a post right now. As for The Darkness Within, I was waiting for Chev to make a post. But if that takes too long i'll try to come up with something. Thanks for the reminder.

  20. Kael sat alone in the fields of Dantooine, far way from the academy. He closed his eyes and smiled as he felt the cool breeze brush across his face. Using the force to reach out to his surroundings, he felt for any near by life forms. Finding the one he was looking for, he called out to it. Almost immediately afterwards an avian creature that resembled an exotic bird with a snake's tail came soaring towards him. Kael held out his arm and the Fynock landed on it. He placed his hand over the Fynock's head and stroked it. "Sorry girl, break times over, there's a few things I need to do at the academy before I get back to training." The creature starred at Kael and chirped unhappily. "You can stay out here if you want, but if you're interested in eating I suggest you come with me." Kael quickly gathered his things and started heading to the academy, but was stopped when he felt a pulse hit him. Kael looked around unsure of what just happened "Did you just feel that?" The Fynock ignored him, apparently unaffected by whatever he just felt. "Maybe one of the masters know whats going on."
  21. Corsail remained silent as Zarev left the room. If we survive this, what will I do when this is over? Corsail sighed to himself and turned to Vlalkor, "The ship may be ready, but do you think it's crew is? I can't help but feel that we're going to be facing something we won't have the power to stop."
  22. NAME: Kael SPECIES: Human GENDER: Male APPEARANCE: He has short brown hair, one of his eyes is green and the other is blue. He's tall and has a medium build. ALIGNMENT: Neutral BACKSTORY: Kael was taken up as an apprentice by the Exile, and would have already completed his training accept for the fact that his master was always so “busy”. Unlike the other apprentices, Kael was usually trained away from the academy privately, so he never really got to know any of his fellow students very well. Eager to please his master, Kael spends all his time training. He wields two light sabers and is a very skilled fighter.
  23. I'll try to come up with something. :)

  24. I can't get on this weekend. Maybe monday or tuesday evening?

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