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  1. Just curious, do you have this stuff in a dropbox folder?

  2. the same thing except with @gmail.com at the end replacing @yahoo.com

  3. Alrighty, it's done

  4. Is there anyway to sign up without putting in a phone number? I don't have a cell phone, so I would have to use my house phone, and I don't know if i'm supposed to be using that for anything.

  5. Oooh I'd love to help out!

  6. I never stopped school, still waiting for my break around November :cool: I've been involved with role-playing, which has been very enjoyable. I'd like to get back into modding with you sometime though :)

  7. I've actually been pretty good, :) How about yourself?

  8. It's fine with me if you start, we can just have an rp with some unknown backstories if need be.
  9. NAME: Skor'rask Kaldarum AFFILIATION: Himself GENDER: Male SPECIES: Kaleesh APPEARANCE: Skor'rask is a little over 7 ft. His skin is a dark orange and his eyes are yellow. His right arm is replaced with a much larger modified cybernetic mech arm from the shoulder down. WEAPONS: Heavy Mandalorian Battle Rifle. One Shot Rocket Pistol. His cybernetic arm has retractable twin vibro blades that are parallel to each other. EQUIPMENT: A bone plate war mask covers most of his face, leaving his eyes and mouth visible. He wears black mandalorian battle armor coated with the same type of bones that his mask is made off. OCCUPATION: Mandalorian Clan Lord CLAN: Kaldarum HISTORY: Skor‘ask fought in the Mandalorian Wars as a soldier and was there when Revan defeated Mandalore. Skor’rask despised what the mandalorians became after the war ended and he despised the Jedi even more for making them what they were. After the war Skor’rask went into hiding with the rest of his clan. Skor’rask quickly got fed up with the Clan Lord’s cowardice and challenged him. Skor’rask ended up tearing his head off in one on one combat. Skor’rask as the new Clan Lord took his clan and flew deep into the outer rim and managed to land on a very hazardous world that would be considered a death trap. Ever since Skor’rask slowly gathered more forces and trained them to be Jedi killers. He planned to build a new mandalorian empire and as soon as his army was ready his first target would be to destroy the Jedi order. (I may make a second character.)
  10. Sure, it looks really cool. I'm just not sure what kind of character I should make for this one. I do have a few ideas that i'm playing around with though.

  11. Yeah sorry about taking so long, I hope we can keep this rp alive, especially since we're getting pretty close to the end. Guess we need Chev to post now.

  12. (OOC: Sorry for the long wait, I've had a really busy month. Let's do our best to keep this RP alive ) "I wouldn't mind hearing more, but I think we are about to arrive, and there is much to do once we land. Perhaps we can have a longer conversation when we are en route to Voss?" Corsail nodded and stood up as the ships ramp descended, slightly flinching at the screeching noises it made. "Another thing to fix..." "You mean that wasn't intended?" He asked, letting some of the humor come back into his voice. Corsail looked out of ship's ramp and sighed. "Vlalkor will probably be gathering everyone up in a minute, I guess we're about to find out who's staying and leaving."
  13. "Vlalkor, Varik, and Avriela seem committed, but who can say for sure? Our most crucially injured are Kif and Traver, though I'm thinking Traver is on withdrawal. So those two might leave, along with that new Sith guy. What are you going to do?" "I have no intention of leaving, I've never left a job uncomplete, and I plan to see this one through till the end." Corsail's eyes drifted away from Light and he hesitated before continuing. "One way or another." Letting out a brief sigh he looked back towards Light, "As for the others, I can't say, I can't really see any of them leaving besides Kif, because of his injuries, and Traver, but he hasn't exactly been all there anyway. And if I had my way i'd get rid of that Sith before he can recover back to his full strength, because honestly, he's just one more thing we have to be watching our backs for." Corsail paused a moment and his eyes darkened. "But I guess I'm not a very good judge of character, i've spent most of my life around scum. Take what happened on Tatooine for example, I tried to kill you, Avriela, and Traver because I believed all of you were traitors, even after you aided us." "I apologize about that, I was acting like a complete idiot and I was wrong. There are reasons why I don't trust anyone though, but I don't think you're interested in hearing about any of that."
  14. Corsail walked down the corridor until he reached his room. He opened the door and noticed the lights in his room were still destroyed. He blinked once and then stepped back out. Nothing I really need out of there anyway. The door sealed behind him and he walked back into the Shan's main room. As he passed by the ship's ramp he noticed Light sitting to the side. Corsail stood for a moment then sat down across from him. "Hey... so what happened down there with Voleran? And do you know where we're heading? Earlier I thought it would end with Voleran, but I guess he was just another blasted pawn of whoever, or whatever's been pulling all the strings." Corsail sighed, "And if we're fighting something that can... take over our minds, what chance do we have?"
  15. Thank you, hope you enjoyed yours.

  16. Happy 4th of july, and may the fourth be with you! :)

  17. You're talking about Yukub, and I don't know, he kept leaving for a long time and poping back up again just to make one post. Not really sure what we could do in the rp about him, maybe Chevron could take control of him?

  18. Thanks. :) Looks like we're getting close to the finale and I didn't want Kif to be forgotten.

  19. Yeah, also sometimes people just get into that "I'll wait for someone else to post before me" mentality. I'm just glad it's going again.

  20. "We are not going to have this discussion again. I could tell that everyone is getting uneasy with another Sith being here. People, stop being naïve. This thing that controlled Voleran is a threat to both Jedi and Sith alike. It's just common sense to try to work together. Can't you just set aside your mutual animosity for at least a couple hours?" Corsail spat. "Common sense? If we start placing our trust into every sith we meet we'll be destroyed from the inside! And this one was just a wonderful choice wasn't he? He's obviously a sith of high rank, maybe even a dark council member, do you realize how many innocent lives he's probably taken? He's a murderer, and if you side forces with him whatever morals you jedi you pretend to have truly are worthless." Corsail clutched his fists and glared at Varik in anger. "I just don't see it. You know what he is. How can you place your trust in him when you don't know what kind atrocities he's commited." "We've all done things we regret Corsail. Some of us more then others." Corsail looked down for a moment, then looked up at Avriela, "He doesn't regret anything. I saw the look he had in his eyes when he was fighting you, he would have killed and he would have relished in it, the thrill of victory and the look of defeat in your eyes." Corsail shook his his head. "I'd stand down if I were you. We can talk about it more, if that's what you really want, once we get to the HQ. For now, he's someone who helped us and we will give him medical treatment, alright?" He looked over to Light and slowly nodded, forcing his hands away from his blasters. He gave Light an apologetic look before he turned away. As he passed by Varik he mumbled, "You might want to check up on your twilek friend, haven't seen him in awhile."
  21. Corsail watched as each of the of members of their group walked up the ramp of the Shan, he was about to congratulate them when he saw the sith's face appear. His muscels instantly tensed, and his hands moved close to his blasters. He was standing next to Vlalkor when Light walked over. "We should probably take her to Republic HQ, if there's anything left of it. Those holes on the hull have started to expand slightly which could indicate a bigger problem." Corsail didn't take his eyes off the sith lord, "The problem is, that he's onboard." He said in a low voice.
  22. Thank you for posting in the Darkness Within. :) I was feeling exactly the same way and was planning on doing the same thing.

  23. Glad you're doing alright. :) I don't know about modding atm, i'll still be doing school during the summer and I want to work whenever I can, so I probably won't have as much free time as you. But if you have any modding ideas maybe I can hop onto one of our chat boxes some time and we can talk about it.

  24. "Corsail! Look sharp. Small group of Rakghouls coming in from the left!" Corsail saw them and started shooting their way as he continued running towards the ship. "We're close to the Shan now. If we can get past this last group we should be able to reach the ship!" "Then let's take them down!" Corsail rolled into cover and took aim. As Vlalkor ran ahead, the rakghouls charged towards him. One by one, he dropped the rakghouls before they could reach the trooper. Maybe these one's weren't under Voleran's influence? They don't appear to be as smart as the ones we fought earlier. He thought to himself. "All clear! At least for the moment anyway." He said, as he got up from the small crate he was crouched behind. When he reached the ship, Vlalkor was bringing down the boarding ramp. Corsail took a moment to finally catch his breath. When the ramp was open, Vlalkor and Corsail entered the Shan. "Let's hope others managed to take down Voleran."
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