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  1. yes this model is asome thank's but is there a way to make him a selectable character so l won't get bugs ?? that is begus l always get bugs when l load to a checkpoint please l need some help!!!!!
  2. hi! does anybody knowns were can download darth vader skin l tried going frew JA filefront but nothing faund l tried tiping darth vader playable character but still nothing faund please l need help!!!!!!! p.s l always having problems finding good playable characters.
  3. yes you are right but l wonder is there l mod that makes him a litil bit strong????
  4. Excuse's does anybody knowns why darth malak is easy to defeat ??? l attack him abaut ten times and that's all weird??? does anybody knowns were l can find a mod that make's darth malak more dark lord? p.s l realy need l litil help?
  5. HI can someone give me some advice with the theme music's what theme music will be best for me to reaplease 'confronting darth bandon' or 'last confratation'(duel with malak) reapleasing with 'duel of fates'. l am planing to make "beter kotor theme music's" mod l already reapleased two theme music's but l thinking abaut confranting darth bandon theme music please l need some help p.s sorry again for the bad english
  6. but it's weird in kotf master tiin,kit fisto and eth kotf have only green lightsaber's only mace windu has a purple lightsaber??
  7. excuse's me does anybody known's how l can put star wars revenge of the sith theme song's in kotor 2 l need some help !!!!
  8. thank's l always wonder why does he have a green lightsaber.
  9. still it has great effect's but thank's
  10. when l spawn eth koth he had a green lighsaber but in the movies he had a blue lightsaber does anybody known's why does eth koth has a green lightsaber l need some help. p.s this is my second post and sorry for the bad english.
  11. l played kotf and l didn't get any trojans kotf is very good mod it has amazing effect's and movie style duels.
  12. Still l can't find the part 2 l am a big fan of star wars games and l told my friends of kotf and they sad they will download too please l need help with kotf.
  13. l known it will be crude for me to ask but does anybody known were l can download kotf full version l downloaded kotf part 1 but l can't play any missions can somebody help !!!!!! p.s this is my firs time l registered.
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