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  1. Hey thanks for taking a look.

  2. Sorry for posting so much, I had a big problem that diserved a big text and I couldn't write it all into a single post.


    Please, read my last three posts in bottom-up order.


    sorry again for the trouble I am giving you


    Thank you


  3. The problem is that after many attempts I couldn't neither build nor find the mod that would allow me doing what I wanted. After some research I have understood that what I should need is a "code mod" but I am not good at it (at least not in JA). Could you help me? Maybe you already know de existence of such mod and you could give me a download link or maybe, if it's not that big of a deal for you, could you help me building it?


    Thank you in advance for listening to me and try helping me as you can.




  4. but you see, in this way I fight a saber having 3 possible styles with a saber that can use just one style (I usually put the fast/blue style on my staff as single_bladed_style)... The problem is that the blue/fast style I have left when I switch off one off my blades is missing all of the special moves such as katas and cartwheels.


    I don't know why but the team of jedi academy decided to take special moves away from single bladed style of the saber staff and dual sabers because of game balance but, for people like me, who like the fairplay and don't need restrictions to play corectly actually this choice is very unbalancing.


    I tried to find a mod (or make one of my own) able to allow all the special moves that are missing from the fast/blue style of my saber staff while single bladed: I think that if at least I could have that one style I choose with all of its corresponding moves it would be a totally fair duel even if it's one style against three.

  5. Hi Katanamaru,


    I posted a prolem I had with modding on this forum and everybody here was very kind to me but they couldn't help me. After a little while a guy suggested that I could ask to you for some explanation and maybe help. I know I am being rude coming out from nowhere and trying to contact you but I have really no idea about how to solve my problem and any help would be very important to me.




    You see, I have played a lot of time to jedi academy and to me it's a wonderful game! I like a lot meeting my friends and playing with them. Each of us uses his personal saber style, I personally like to use the saber staff because with staff users and dual sabers users I can fight on even ground (two blades against two blades) but at the same time, as I like to play fair, when I find a single saber oponent I always swich off one of my blades to give to the fight more balance...

  6. Sorry I don't. You should try contacting Raz0r. He has it I think.

  7. Hey - do you have any links to the OJP source code? I could really use a download link as both SVN links provided are down.

  8. katanamaru


    I can't dig up my old mods right now, but if you want to change out mara you could replace her file with say Kyle or Luke. If I remember correctly she is mara.3do and Kyle is kk.3do or ky.3do. It has been so long that this may be incorrect. I edited SBX for both JK and MotS to have a key that could rotate models so I could have a robed character--> unrobed--> Maul--> Obi Wan Since SBX used their lightsabers.
  9. You can go into options and set the controls to your liking. The only keys I remember that are default are: up-forward down-back left-turn left right-turn right ctrl-main fire alt-strafe button z-second fire c-crouch x-jump tab-map 1-0-- weapons
  10. That depends on how you apply them and your mind set or motivations for the use. Luke gripped a gamorean in Return and that was not dark yet Vader does it, and kills, that is very dark. Same power different motivations and different outcomes. I seriously doubt a Jedi Knight could explain to the counsel that his using Force Destruction and Deadly Sight were strictly for the good of the force. I think a few star wars references even say that Lightning is a manifestation of ones hatred directed toward a foe with intent to kill.
  11. Sorry man but the JK series is all about being a JEDI and not a darky or sith. Ther only time you could choose was in DFII:JK and, hind sight being 20/20, was only a token choice for players to try the dark side. OK maybe token choice is a little strong but it was pretty evident that the series would not progress that way.
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