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  4. "What...what is that thing?" an alarmed voice asked. "This is the err thing is going with us on our mission," another said. Chiron stared at the group of humans on the Cerberus dropship. His red eye looked towards the the one that first spoke up. What was once curiosity was now gone, the geth did not like the one that had spoken. Perhaps he should kill this human, but those were not his orders. Chiron followed orders now, and his orders were to exterminate this Turian. The geth held an assault rifle in his hands and he knew it made the humans around him quite uncomfortable, but this did not stop him from holding the weapon. His programming would not allow him to harm any of these soldiers. A shame, organic life like them should not be given such privileges Darkness was all Chiron could see for a moment before the geth's visuals kicked in. He must have taken quite a hit from the crash...had he been knocked out? Odd, he only thought that was an organic quality, but things were changing within him. When he spoke with I he genuinely meant that now, and he was started to feel emotions. He felt a surge of what was considered excitement for a moment. Now his vision was failing him as he started to see darkness once more. The group of soldiers surrounded the Turian leader and forced him to surrender. The leader stepped forward and contacted HQ to let them know they had gotten him. The team was ready to celebrate when Chrion stepped forward, pistol raised. He fired three shots, shooting three turians in the head. "What are you doing!?!?" one of the soldiers shouted as the raised their rifles at Chiron. "Following orders," Chiron answered in a deep metallic tone. "There can be no survivors." Chiron got to his feet, but not before placing a hand to his head. This data...no, these memories now...why had they entered into his mind? He could think about that later, what matter now was locating the others. He stepped out of the ship, only to see a body on the ground. He recognized this human, she spoke with him a few times. He turned back to locate the red cap he had worn before the crash and gently picked it up. He went back to the human and crouched down before placing the hat on her head. Death was part of the job, but it did bring out a small amount of sadness to the geth. The geth's head almost seemed to swivel at the speed in which it turned. He detected some kind of noise...it sounded hostile. The geth started to move, but it did not need to go too far. He looked to find a dead creature, and one of his fellow crew members. The geth relaxed as he saw they had managed to set up camp. How long had he been out? He turned once more to see Tuhrop armed with a sniper and a pistol. He quickly concluded they were stranded given the issue with their ship. "Captain Tuhrop," the geth said. It was still odd to him that he had been saying their names incorrectly. Who knew people didn't classify one another as he did? "I can assist you with setting up the beacon."
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  6. ...Skywalker! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! NAME: Phillip Tucker AGE: 25 RACE: Human PRE-SERVICE HISTORY: Spacer PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Eager, Energetic, Brilliant, Kind SPECIALIZATION: Engineer FACIAL IDENTIFICATION: Tucker's face Tucker in armor WEAPONS TRAINING: Advanced Omni-Bow training, Heavy Pistols, and SMGs though he mainly prefers to use his bow with basic arrows CLASS POWERS: Inferno Arrows, Phasic Arrows, Cyro Arrows, and Armor Piercing Arrows BIOGRAPHY: SOON!
  7. "Embrace yourselves." Captain Tuhrop opened the intercom. "This is the Captain speaking. We are about to make an emergency landing, people! Strap yourselves in, tighten your harnesses and await further instructions!" Chiron was confused, wondering why hanging on to this cap did not work. Well humans were...humans. Maybe he didn't have the right cap, or perhaps he hadn't heard the phrase correctly. He started to walk towards the medbay as it was the nearest area on the ship from his current location. There he spotted Yeru, the medical facilitator aboard the ship and gave a wave. The geth then strapped himself into another harness, red cap still resting on top of his head. "Greetings Asari:Yeru...Dr. Yeru," Chiron corrected. Before his advancement in intellect and self awareness, he used to classify people by race then name. As a result he would address other races like this out loud. Now he had to train himself not to speak like that knowing it to be odd to say. He kept the title of Dr. though as a sign of respect for the First Medic. "Are you strapped in tightly? The likelihood of a crash is incredibly probable. I would tell you to hold onto your hat, but this one seems to not be functioning properly. A shame," he said.
  8. Chiron was walking around the ship, as the geth usually did when he could not find anything to do. Outside of combat purposes he wasn't really too useful on a ship. His original programming had been as a diplomat of his people, and things had taken a drastic turn. Over several years his skills with weaponry increased, and he became quite the killer. Luckily he had been saved and now was back to normal, and feeling smarter than before. The geth became suddenly curious at the flashing blue light and simply stared out one of the nearby windows. Windows, a rather curious thing. Normally Chiron would say something along the lines of how useless such things are to geth, but he understood their importance to organics. Now he was quite fascinated by them, understanding the concept of looking through them to take in the view as the organics would say. So this sudden blue light was incredibly fascinating...until he could sense nearby panic. Chiron turned his head briefly to watch Captain Tuhrop head towards the cockpit, most likely to ask about this matter. He wouldn't follow, but he could only guess this was not good. Something was wrong with the ship, that was certain. The geth started to move around as if he was looking for something. The likelihood of a crash was growing rapidly and he needed to prepare. Luckily the organics, specifically the humans had a phrase for situations like this. So the geth continued to search for the required item. Now he himself did not own it, but was certain one of the crew members wouldn't mind. Finally he found what he was looking for and grabbed a red cap from an open locker. Chiron proceeded to then place the hat on his head and placed both hands on top of his head. He was now officially holding onto his hat, as the humans would say. He wasn't sure how this would help with the ship, but he was certain it had to work. Why else say something like that, right?
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