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  1. This is Jason's magnum opus and peak Mojo, everything is downhill after this.
  2. The changes also barely effect anything, the claims that the edits have 'ruined the edgy comedy' is absurd, none of the cut lines were that spectacular and there's plenty of raunchy, edgy uncouth humour left in the game. Also I did not remember that line about a young teen girl online exploring herself, but I will say it kinda gave me the heebiejeebies. I think in this day and age cutting it was a good call. It's a depressing state of affairs the way that certain causes that I'm sure these people don't REALLY care about (remember the review bombing on Ion Fury last year? It was the same crud) become this viral hatemob thing that is just this really toxic parasitical thing. Heck, people were so upset by The Last Jedi they were saying absurd things like Rian Johnson is a hack and terrible film maker, despite him having directed lots of other pretty well regarded films. It's all just buzzwords and this disgusting vile group think and I'm so sick of seeing it. Social media has shown for good and for bad people being loud and aggressive can result in people getting what they 'want'. I also think it must feel 'good' in a way for these people to feel like they're a 'part' of something and having an 'enemy' to rally against. It's all so tiring. But enough mulling on the toxicity, the remaster is wonderful and everyone has done a great job giving these games some well deserved love and care and I hope you guys can keep doing what you're doing! Much love ❤️ And much love to this community and this thread, it's nice to see some sunshine in between all the poo flinging!
  3. Looks very nice, now! Much improved, great work on the box design Laserschwert. Very happy to see that Elaine has some visual presence in the collection now.
  4. I think it might also be the controversy the original voice of Bosco has found himself with on his youtube channel, sounds like he's kinda made himself into PR poison.
  5. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! This looks great! Glad to see all the recent love Sam & Max are getting, can't keep a good dog (and rabbity thing) down!
  6. I dunno, looking at the releases of Star Wars games and the nice posters and art cards they recieved I don't think its TOO unreasonable to expect a $160 package to have at least a better poster than that slapdash Ultimate Insult one. I don't even hate that it's an Escape From monkey Island reference it just looks so RUSHED and careless.
  7. That ultimate insult poster is so ridiculously bad, what did that take a non-artist like 5 seconds to doodle it out (and also somehow think the word 'badass' was in a monkey island game?) It made me spend 5 minutes seeing how much better I could do
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