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  1. Ah true, how could I forget one of my favorite puzzles/moments from Curse.
  2. I would love an interaction between LeChuck and Murray. It's actually wild, but I just realized Murray had only interacted with Guybrush and Decava's crew and Morgan if the player selected the option.
  3. I think the best way to handle the whole canon thing is to essentially just go with the flow. Not everything needs to be referenced and Ron and Dave have been pretty upfront about not letting their canon guidelines be so stringent that they have to go out of their way to make everything consistent.
  4. I mean outside of Melee Island, we've only seen one clip on another location and a couple of screens for Monkey Island. Nothing from the Terror island as far as I can tell and I hope it stays that way. This game does seem to be massive. As for Ron's thoughts on length, he also did say in the commentary for MI2 special edition that he found the game very long. I think for Return though, it's much different given how much is involved in the story at this point. So, the length of the game might be informed by that, especially given all the characters in it.
  5. Symbols are also everywhere in this game. Could just be vandalism, another byproduct of Melee Island going south, but they are also on ships.
  6. That small shot of the Melee Island clock and street... this game looks gorgeous.
  7. Yeah, that's all I meant: them not knowing Keighley would make an announcement before the show. I fully assume they know what will actually be featured at the show. @Jake Also, by no means was I trying to create "conspiracy theory-like drama." There's a lot to unpack in that statement. It was a simple observation I was just making, nothing more.
  8. Perhaps I'm overthinking this, but it's a little interesting that Ron nor Dave haven't retweeted or responded to the Gamescome tweet at all yet. I wonder if they weren't expecting it to be announced beforehand and wanted people to not know for sure if Return would be featured in any capacity at the show. Monkey Mondays are really the only marketing being done so far where people know when reveals are coming.
  9. Edit: probably would've helped if I wasn't an idiot and I realized/read the date of Gamescom lol Disregard this post. That being said, I now think a release day at the event is more likely. If I had to make a prediction, Monday will showcase another character or inventory. Tuesday will be a trailer with a release date (I'd say it's a 50/50 chance for the release date). I'm still predicting mid-late September for the actual release. PAX would be a great, final opportunity for them to really hype it up. If we get a release date next week, I'm hibernating from the reveals/news until after that date and I played and finished the game lol I'm usually fine with any reveals from the marketing team with other games, but this game is potentially the most invested I've ever been with a game and I want as many seconds as possible to be my first experience with the full context.
  10. Honestly, once we get the release date, I might just go dark until the actual release. I was sold the moment it was announced and I kinda wish I experienced some of the reveals in the game itself with full context.
  11. If I had to guess, the release date is probably what Devolver was hinting at last month and will be the ones to reveal it, since it was their tweet hyping up news this month. I don't think it will be something that a Monkey Monday will reveal. Those seem like something Ron and Dave are heading and is more tied to game mechanics itself. Devolver seems to heading more of the traditional marketing and I think they will be the ones to reveal date sometime this month.
  12. Yeah and even one that appears to be human, which would essentially cover the entire spectrum of his forms from Secret to Tales.
  13. I see a lot of comments saying LeChuck seems too goofy, but I always find that LeChuck is at his best when he has goofy moments that disarm us and then a sudden shift to scary and creepy. LeChuck's Revenge was probably the closest to seeing a purely serious and sadistic LeChuck, followed closely by Tales Episode 5, but I think it can work better when you don't expect it. The idea that we can laugh at this guy, but then remember in the next scene that he kills and tortures people, forms pacts with demon netherworlds, becomes a demon himself, and conducts satanic rituals, has always been one of my core experiences with the series. The trailer implies that LeChuck will very much still have plenty of dark moments and remain a legitimate threat, which I think is the more important piece. I don't mind him having goofy moments, so long as he's still a legitimate threat. I would also say that I don't view LeChuck himself as being really goofy here; it's just the context of the scene. The scenes that will showcase his malice will be when to really judge if this version is too goofy or not, but so far, I really like the voice and it fits the character well in my opinion.
  14. My guess is that Guybrush sneaks aboard LeChuck's ship after Melee Island. LeChuck's ship is docked there filling up with supplies and equipment while LeChuck is potentially meeting with someone. He's preparing for a long journey to perhaps a series of destinations. Guybrush rushes to see the Voodoo Lady who gives him the lowdown and he has to complete a series of tasks, culminating with him sneaking aboard the ship and ending Part I. Also, I like the voice. Hearing no one but Earl for so long will always make some adjustment necessary. I also think the bla bla blas are in Guybrush's mind. He's eavesdropping and eventually tunes out (sorta like at the end of Curse when talking to LeChuck) because he hears nothing of value except LeChuck talking about his usual torture methods.
  15. Dominic mentioned this game having some really deep currents. Maybe one of the themes of the game is that both Guybrush and LeChuck are trying to find their place in the world. If they are indeed brothers, something must've happened that forced them to go on similar paths, albeit with very different outcomes. LeChuck looks angry and a little broken in the trailer; at his wit's end that he still doesn't have what he wants after so many years. Guybrush is mentioned as being in a similar situation and drifting along. I wonder what LeChuck's conclusion in particular will be in this game. I think it's gone beyond him simply being defeated now.
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