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  1. For it was definitely the LeShip Tracks. It was always a joy to go back there and hear all those different arrangements. But I have to say that I also love the music from the Prelude.
  2. I've uploaded a few more pieces from the soundtrack: Mêlee Island Suite, In the Forrest, The Scumm Bar Suite, International House of Mojo Suite, LeShip at the Docks and the Fish Shop. Since there's a music ripper in the works, I think I'll maybe just do the Scurvy Island Suite and then wait for that. Here you can also listen to all tracks of Laserschwert and me in this playlist: Have fun!
  3. I (as everybody I guess) love Boen’s LeChuck, but I also love Harness’ interpretation! And I think it’s much more fitting for LeChuck’s role and character design in ReMI as Boen could have been. I thought I’d miss the old voice, but no: For this game the new one is perfect to me. I enjoyed every dialogue with him und often went to LeChuck’s office, just to hear him shouting with rage.
  4. Sure, we all do! But in the meantime, why not compile the best tracks for outside the game? I know I can't wait... Yes, as said before, most of the themes are reused. But the arrangements are so well done, that I can't complain. I'm pretty happy with the soundtrack! Therefore ... here some more:
  5. Many hours later... Here is the first suite I made for LeChuck's ship (Chapters to the different cues are in the description): Happy listening!
  6. Without joining the deeper discussions here, I just wanted to say that it’s SO nice to read all those many different thoughts - the plausible ones as well as the totally crazy ones. I love them all! The days before the release I was a bit worried, that after everyone played ReMI it’ll be some kind of “Well, okay. That’s its. Back to normal things I guess…” But I’d never thought that there would be so much deep stuff to talk and read about. I’m really glad that this whole great thing here continues even after we all finished this thing. Thanks everyone!
  7. The game really has some nice "Look at" moments to click more than once or twice. For example on Monkey Island when standing at the top of the cliff and enjoying the view, you can let Guybrush say many variations of "amazing", before he just suddenly "bored". A bit of a same moment when arriving at the dig up of "The Seckrit".
  8. As for the overall soundtrack, I'm quite surprised myself at how few new tunes there are (or at least as far as I've noticed so far) - and how little that bothers me. The implementation is just so good! I can't even count the times I've loaded a save game from LeChuck's ship just to enjoy the various orchestrations.
  9. As I’ve never played MM very much and was never that keen to do so, I’d be very interested in a remake with new puzzles and everything (and Rex Crowle please ). But if I’d could to decide, it’d definitely take something new, too.
  10. Okay, that’s already pretty cool! Doing the complete soundtrack by recording it, will be a loooot of work I guess. My first thought of doing it was: Playing through some different cues by recording it and changing the rooms by feel. This won’t of course be 100% accurate but could be the easiest way of enjoying the different music with the transitions. For example, I would have recorded the music, while going through the different areas of LeChuck’s ship while staying at each room at about 1 or 2 minutes (or how long it is till the loop starts again?) and then cutting this whole segment in small tracks. That way you can listen to the entire “medley” without interruptions and skipping to a specific track. (At least for my “Woodtick” medley it worked perfectly fine.) You’re right, it would be wise to wait for an extraction tool. But could we estimate how long that would take? I know I can’t do something like that and I wouldn’t want to wait for weeks or months before playing at least some of my favorite tracks outside of the game. I’d be totally up to make it a team work. I’ve got some time at the moment and would be glad to help each other out that way. If we’d decide to do that we should have course talk a bit about how and with what tools to do it (so that we’re on the same page). But I understand that it’s a bit of a time thing and working on it together won’t change that entirely. Maybe pm me and tell me what you think in the end?
  11. I played it on both Switch and Mac and I have to say… I’m torn to say that playing it with a controller is even better. Walking Guybrush through the areas is so smooth and for me works faster than by double clicking (again and again). It’s by far not bad or anything with mouse, but… Also using the inventory is sometimes smoother. You open it and you’re immediately at an item, when on Mac you still have to move your mouse there after hitting “I”. Also you get faster to the hotspots than by mouse. On the other side, using the mouse feels much more natural or classic, exploring the locations directly as you like. Both has its ups and downs but in the end, both are really really great. Never would have thought!
  12. Hi everyone, the wish for a soundtrack has already been expressed several times and since I myself can hardly wait to hear the great tracks from our MI trio all around the clock, I would like to do the work in the next few days (weeks?) and record the most important cues (= almost all) so that you can hear them as a nicely edited soundtrack. A few pieces are already on YouTube - but that was only five pieces so far and nothing really followed or has anyone seen/heard anything else there? Also an official soundtrack (if at all) could take some time to get released (too much time). Before I start, I wanted to ask if someone else is already working on it. There is no need to do the work twice... I also wanted to know if anyone knows what the legal situation is. I think recording and listening to the music for my own purposes should not be a problem. But how would it be, if I want to share them here with the forum or upload them to YouTube, so that others could listen to them as well? Could I get in trouble with that?
  13. Great! I'll just start my switch and rename my save games. (Oh darn!)
  14. That is also really interesting! It is really funny, that normally I think I wouldn't like stories to be that unclear or vague. But either ReMI does it so well that I can embrace it or ReMI just taught me to like those solution (both would be great). And the more different interpretations I have or read, the more I love it – and don't even want to commit myself to only one. And that again is so much in style of the game: It doesn't matter and it's good this way.
  15. Talking of details, I really appreciated whole presentation of the game. Not only the voice acting, the animation and the art style, but also the “technical” side. From the main menu (background and music), the inventory, the fonts (I loved those, very fitting), the intro and really everything was almost perfect to me! Something I kind of missed in EMI or TMI. There were always things that bugged me (especially in EMI). You can really feel how much time, love and work was put in ReMI.
  16. Well, Ron was pretty clear that there weren't any other ideas at the time other than Guybrush going to hell and Stan being there. I think that's certainly not entirely true, because as a creative person you always have some ideas. But that doesn't mean that he would have or could have implemented those ideas in the final game... And I think a real MI3a (exactly as he would have done it back then, if that would be possible) would have disappointed most people even more nowadays. It would have been a sequel for the old time (1992 or 93) and would certainly have been appropriate and good for then, but from today's perspective certainly a bit bland. I find what we got instead much more exciting, appropriate to the current times, and satisfying! But of course: In the end, no one can be satisfied - although I think Ron did quite a lot to do that: He revealed the real secret, he picked up a lot of cool elements from MI1 and 2, he didn't ignore the other sequels, he gave the whole series and especially the sequels even more meaning. I don't know, what more could a fan ask for?
  17. Yeah. And I also never really was a fan of Guybrush and Elaine as a couple (in MI1 and 2 I found the relationship functional/okay and in the games after that rather tiring/annoying). But now, especially in light of Ron always being against the couple, I was really impressed (as probably others too) with how good and natural their relationship was in ReMI. Elaine seemed incredibly warm and it seemed like they both had a healthy, honest relationship - so that I would probably even be disappointed now if they were torn apart in the future. (Ah, the game's so great... )
  18. Ehm… obviously? I beat #Mojole #184 and all I got was this stupid t-shirt. 4/6 https://funzone.mixnmojo.com/Mojole/
  19. Sure, the curator isn’t very likeable. That was just referring to this one statement of his.
  20. Yes, absolutely! And I'm starting to think that pretty much every detail of the ending is hinted at somewhere in the game. Like if you tell Cobb that you're looking for the secret, he says: Well ...
  21. At the museum, Guybrush complains that he is not mentioned anywhere, even though all the exhibits have to do with his adventures. To this the curator replies: This gives us already a small taste of the ending, which basically says the same thing. There really are nice foreshadowing details in this game!
  22. Do you have some examples for that? Because I was worried that there would be too many puzzles in ReMI like in the other games. Sure, we had 5 keys to find here instead of 4 pieces of cards. But I somehow minded that much less than in CMI/EMI where you had to do sword fights again and had to collect crew members again... It never felt like a rehash in ReMI to me.
  23. Ah, I see. It sounded different in your post or I misinterpreted it. Then we're on the same page. The idea that the t-shirt is the prize of the secret may very well have been a thought when making MI1, yes. It was much, yes. But I pretty much enjoyed all of it. And I think it's totally okay for a game/movie/whatever to play this much with nostalgia – especially for this game with this story. It's always the question of how it's done.
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