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  1. I think more games may have been implied in return itself. When you fill the scrapbook and get the letter from ron and dave you’re then shown the back cover of the book with a note from guybrush saying “note to self, get more paper for the rest of my adventures” i know that was on the back page from you first booting up the game but it does feel very intentional to give you a summary of return, a message from r&d and then a tease for more to come.
  2. I guess this ones open to interpretation but imo you could definitely just play the 3 gilbert games and not realise there were other games in between.
  3. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but i just walked past the scumm bar for the millionth time and a bottle was thrown through the window from inside. Guybrush had to dodge and then said “hey watch it!” Now the window stays smashed whenever i go back. Love it.
  4. Just noticed that some time later you find yourself stood behind the voodoo ladies cauldron which is a very similar shape and size to this pond. She then throws a toy ship in which briefly floats before she speaks crypticly about how guybrush has experienced this all before… is that interesting? I genuinely don’t know
  5. Monkey island 3aa confirmed. What does everyone suppose ron has planned? Has there been any blog posts over the years? Is there any truth to the rumours that it’s a van winslow dating sim with fps elements?
  6. maybe I wasn’t totally clear. In my mind lechuck and guybrush are beneath dinky island, guybrush does get turned into a kid in a theme park but not the one we see in mi2. Then curse, escape and tales happen and then we get the mi2 epilogue /return prologue. It’s not very clean but it’s the only way this makes any sense at all to me. Fair enough. That’s just as good as anything i can come up with but it definitely feels like a bit of a stretch narrativly and a cheat creatively. If they’d written themselves into a corner i feel like, based on how creative the rest of the game is, they could come up with something better than “lets bung in some doppelgängers to awkwardly steer us away from this writing challange.” Granted I can’t come up with anything better but ron’s seemingly cleverer than i am and has been thinking about this for 30 years and actively working on it for 2.
  7. I think i could definitely get on board with that if not for the fact that the same “parents” are present both times. That couple are identical to the couple from mi2 and remain that way even after the kids stop playing their version of the big whoop story and move on. For what you said to hold true wouldn’t we have to accept that in both cases upon leaving the catacombs guy and boybrush not only stumble up a married couple but both married couples look exactly the same. Either that or its the same couple who stand in the same spot consistently for decades and never age. The more i think about it the more sure i am that the end of 2 and the start of return are supposed to be the same event but return retcons the specifics.
  8. Not sure if anyones mentioned this yet but in the prologue you fight chuckie on a ship and beat him in a race. Both of which you do in the main game. Is the prologue a summary of what’s about to happen? And if so what do the rest of the things you do represent? And what does this mean for the what is/isn’t imagined by guybrush discussion?
  9. I thought dee represented lila. One, because that’s the character she looks most like and two, because then you have one representative from each of the three factions in search of the secret. What’s going on and how it all fits together is beyond me however. We need a game theory episode to slowly explain everything to us.
  10. Oh of course. Thats why the carnival changes. Its boybrush leaving the imaginary world in which his father is trapped as a child in a carnival and reentering reality, in which he is a child in a carnival. The clearer it becomes the more confused i feel
  11. Just for clarity, you’re saying lechuck did turn guybrush into a kid in a carnival but not the same kid or the same carnival that the mi2 ending implies? I think that works. Very minor mental gymnastics necessary and suddenly the franchise is plot hole free
  12. I like that. It did initially irk me that the opening showed you the same events but they were now different from what we’d seen before just to make it fit the new story. I quickly got over it tbf and it soon proved to be worth it.
  13. Not that this matters at all but it’s interesting to think about… curse opens with guybrush having escaped the mi2 carnival and lechuck later goes on to explain that he did in fact turn guybrush into a child. But return suggests that guybrush was never turned into a child and never found himself in the carnival after finding big whoop. That scene happened to boybrush many years later so how do guybrush and lechuck reference it in curse when it hadnt even happened yet and why did they remember it so wrong? The answer is obviously that the toybox team took creative license in order to create the best game possible but is there any way to make the continuity fit here? Everything else can now be put down to “guybrush is an unreliable narrator” so I’m pretty sure this is now the singular series plot hole.
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