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  1. Do you really want to go to your grave not knowing?!
  2. The use of the exclamation mark in the tweet to me implies an element of hyperbole, like a feigned outrage sort of thing. I think as you say he was a little bummed out by it, but the seemingly hostile response was intended to be taken humorously. I might be wrong of course! The only sure way is to just ask Tim if he thinks you’re a bastard or not. But I lean towards jesting.
  3. Well, I suppose those would be the ones Tim cares about!
  4. Ah, yeah it’s clear from those posts it was less a casual observation and more something he was actually saddened by. Maybe to these guys it’s like photoshopping an actor’s face out of a movie poster or something because they’re deemed surplus to requirements. It wouldn’t be my stance but I can sort of see where he might be coming from. But yes haha, calling you a jerk doesn’t sound so good, although could still just be poking fun while discussing a more earnest underlying point. Context needed I suppose. I hate to come across like an apologist by the way, it’s just because it seems so out of character and these sorts of sentiments can stick — which is fine as long as people see both sides.
  5. That post comes across as a joke to me. He’s both pointing out the beautiful versions with names removed while also humorously lamenting that they had to convince people to put their names on there. There might be more to it beyond that post I’m unaware of, but if that’s all we’re talking about I really wouldn’t take it seriously.
  6. Someone did a side-by-side of the code wheels if anyone were curious.
  7. All that trouble to get Boen after the release and it never got patched in. The mind boggles. That version also becoming the standard option now is just a sadness, compounded further by this definitive collection including it. When we were trying to check this I skimmed through loads of ‘Let’s Play’ videos and found that almost all of them feature the non-Boen voice. I’d imagine that most PC players have played the digital non-Boen version. I did think while doing this (separated from the immediate disappointment of it not being Boen all those years ago) that the original voice actor did a pretty good job of mimicking many aspects of the performance. But when you hear the Boen version it’s like a brick to the head — in a good way, like.
  8. Indeed. Disgraceful behaviour from anyone who considers themselves a fan in my opinion. It’s one thing to provide balanced feedback and maybe knock a bit off, but rampant one-star bombing is nothing short of nasty. I mean heck, we all disliked Guybrush’s hair in the special edition so much we created custom patches for it, not to mention the numerous poor art execution — but I wouldn’t dream of trying to destroy its saleability and effectively end interest in developing the franchise.
  9. LRG’s product page says DVDs, and suggests some of the game are shipped in their entirety in different languages.
  10. Yeah I went for years believing I’d imagined the ‘LeChuck’s brother’ thing until I saw it on an old box.
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