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  1. Great work. I’ve never seen CMI art with enough fidelity to appreciate all those fine organic details.
  2. A shocking oversight! Time to press some fresh records.
  3. Hello. Saw your username at the bottom highlighted in pink with a birthday crown. I don't come in as often as I used to, and I don't know you. But happy birthday nonetheless. And if you don't want to celebrate because it's getting older...well celebrate because you're alive. Good day to you.

  4. Man, not put time aside to watch any of these yet. Is it the kind of thing I'll really benefit from watching before the game actually comes out, or might it be good to avoid spoilers and enjoy it after I've played the eventual game?
  5. I really don't see any issues with having soundtracks on YouTube. Practically every game ever has its soundtrack on there nowadays, and it actually probably does more good for games and their composers than anything else because it exposes people to soundtracks they might otherwise have never heard — people share YouTube videos all the time. I personally often preview albums on YouTube before buying them, and if I can't preview an album I won't buy it. It's not convenient nor does it produce a high-quality file if you try to rip music from YouTube, so that's hardly a concern.
  6. Tim's updates are marked as 'backers only' in the emails now. It's all meant to be private for everyone but those who backed it.
  7. Indeed, and posting content from the backers forum here isn't allowed. Sorry, guy.
  8. Are you expecting this game to be made in a few weeks or something? Try a year+.
  9. Well that's modern gaming blogs for you.
  10. I think it's actually Windows that upscales, but you are right in saying that some gains can be made from upscaling using specialised software. Photoshop's upscaling algorithm is generally considered excellent, and there're also additional parameters that can be used to produce a slightly sharper image (not much different to using an unsharp mask). With that said, the quality is still going to be a far cry from the kind of masterpieces Laser has been putting together as his sources tend to be high quality and he does a lot of hands-on work to get them looking great. It's that hands-on wor
  11. Wait, am I missing something? The one Lexxbomb posted isn't the official art is it? At least, that's not what appears in my Steam. I certainly prefer the more exaggerated version Laser just posted to the one I'm familiar with — which is also cartoony, but like the characters' souls were sapped out of them or something.
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