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  1. I really didn’t care for elaines voice in part one but something about seeing it come from the character model in part 3 made it click. It may also have been the heightened emotion granted by the context but whatever it was, i liked it in the end. Lechucks voice was such a huuuuge step up from return. I didn’t hate him in that but i did think he was far too cartoony. He felt so unthreatening. Here though, i can here jess harnells voice and it’s doing its own thing but it’s still giving me strong earl boen vibes. In otherwords, exactly what i’d want from a replacement. I think in that dominic armarto interview a few posts back, he says at one point that its the same voice director (although its very likely I’m misremembering that.) If that’s true then the improvement must just have came from hard work and understanding the character. So bravo to mr harnell. Unrelated but i’m pretty sure that lechucks ship here is the ship from the beginning of curse but with colour scheme of the ship from secret. No idea why they’d do that and i have even less of an idea how to feel about it.
  2. The first half definitely needed either the cannibals or a few ghost pirates dotted around. Just somebody to talk to and help you out aside from herman. The whole thing just became a boring slog. I wasn’t as enamoured with 3d monkey island as i was with 3d melee island so i was essentially just walking around bored and lost for a long time. I know I can’t really complain about the island being too much of a slog to explore and also complain about everything being too close together but i’m going to anyway. In secret, monkey island was gigantic. After coming from melee, the vastness of monkey really gave the adventure a feeling of grandure as we approached its climax. Here though the monkey head, ravine and hermans camp are all a few steps from the beach. You run the length of the island in no time at all. I feel like it really picks up once we get to lechucks ship but unfortunately that’s also when it starts feeling less like a monkey island game 😕 it’s much more fun at this point but it’s not why i came. The wedding scene though is possibly the most threatening lechuck has ever been. Using his magic sword to not only force elaine to marry him but also force guybrush to officiate made him feel truly evil. Not cartoony evil as he’s so often portrayed. This scene was probably the highlight of all 3 parts for me. Not only are guybrush and elaine rendered helpless by lechuck but so are you the player as well as the pirate lord who we know to be incredibly powerful. Lechuck really is a major threat to the sea of thieves here. Chefs kiss. One great 2 minute scene doesnt really make up for the rest of it though. This was by a looooooong way the weakest of the three parts for me. Loved 1 & 2. 3 just bored me.
  3. Spotted bob in there too. It really feels like every character from the original is going to appear. Can’t wait to see what they do with the cannibals in part 3.
  4. I very much doubt video games will be affected. I’m not going to pretend to understand how all of this works but the writers/actors strike doesn’t even affect all scripted tv stuff (animation and wrestling, for example are continuing business as usual) so I can’t imagine there’s much to worry about here.
  5. So i just watched kinda funny’s playthrough with one of the rare devs. If it wasn’t obvious already it really did feel like the guy cares about monkey island. He confirmed what everyone had already assumed. Part 2 will be the entirety of melee island, including the village we’ve already played through. Part 3 will be monkey island. What I wasn’t expecting however was that parts 2 & 3 will apparently be substantially bigger than part 1. To hear him speak, this is basically the intro. The next part is where the game starts in earnest. I think when this is all said and done it’s going to be longer than most entries in the series.
  6. Looks like somebody’s broke out of the village and explored the entire fully rendered island. Spoilers for part 2 obviously.
  7. So after burying lechuck in ice, guybrush rescued wally who then made his intentions to open a map shop on melee known to guybrush. Guybrush then sails to blood island and gets married there for some reason while wally sails to melee. That way despite the fact that the world in SoT is made of guybrush’s memories, it still makes sense that wally has a shop there. And also still makes sense that guybrush sees it for the first time in return. On a side note the shop already existed in escape, he just hadn’t put up a sign yet. it all makes perfect sense.
  8. This was exactly what i wanted it to be. A more immersive Melee island that feels like a real place rather than a collection of screens. Don’t get me wrong that works perfectly in a p&c game but it is nice to actually be able to climb around to see all the nooks and crannies and to view the places i’ve loved visiting in the past from all different angles. Minor gripe but locke smith’s locksmith should definitely have been present at this point in time and wallys map shop definitely shouldn’t have. Off the top of my head i can’t think of anybody that felt mischaracterised (apart from guybrush but that’s kind of the point.) Everybody felt like they’d just stepped out of the amiga and into the xbox. Here’s hoping that stan, carla, meathook and smirk all get similar treatment next month. The puzzles felt closer to a p&c game then i assumed they would. The limitations of the game being built on an engine not designed for this sort of thing were obvious but i think this is as good as we could have hoped for and while very VERY easy, (in some cases i’d figured out what a puzzle was going to be and solved it before it even presented itself) it was still fun. The story isn’t much yet but it has potential and there’s enough there that i really want to know where it’s going. Guybrush living in his own idealised version of reality but somehow becoming a reclusive nutcase because of it works for me as a set up and needing to snap him out of it so he can take us to monkey island is a fun cliffhanger for part 2. Everything just came together to make a fun, charming, relaxed experience. I obviously wouldn’t advocate for future games to use this formula but i’m very glad we have this as a side experience. Roll on part 2
  9. I don’t think so. Not sure why but that didn’t seem to be the case with the pirates of the caribbean expansion (i just checked it out on yt) and in every video they’ve shown so far melee island seems appropriately sparse.
  10. Accompanying interview https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2023/07/18/legend-of-monkey-island-exclusive-interview/ puzzles confirmed including insult swordfighting. The plot gets elaborated on and an interesting narrated memory feature added as an in game collectible. This really feels like it’s something more than just silly side content. also potentially the sea cucumber and the dainty lady seen in the vid. Not totally sure though.
  11. Or maybe it’s johnny depp tellin walt disney a story about the time rare told a story about guybrush’s kid to johnny depp 😮
  12. Or maybe it’s just a story he’s telling his kid 😮
  13. It does make you wonder what the franchise would look like today if that spielberg monkey island movie happened in the 90s. I imagine it would be unrecognisable. The curse style would definitely have stuck around if nothing else.
  14. Thats absolutely a fair enough viewpoint but it’s a hard disagree from me. I love the puzzles, gameplay etc. but its not all i love about the series. I love the world, humor and characters just as much if not more. To use the stan example, i light up whenever he turns up in a game because i know i’m about to laugh. I hit every dialogue option to make sure i never miss a line of his dialogue. For those few minutes everything else melts away and i am, in effect, just watching a comedy skit starring stan. If 5 minutes a game can elicit that reaction from me, i can’t imagine what 10 20minute episodes of his shenanigans would do. The motivation behind the content doesn’t worry me. I just love being in this world. Preferably as part of a mi game but i’ll gladly take whatever i can get.
  15. Just out of curiosity what would you have liked them to do? If you were unhappy when you thought the jacket didn’t have the effect and were equally unhappy when you discovered it did, do you have a third option in mind? And if so what is it? Genuine question here btw, hoping i’m not coming off shitty lol
  16. Point taken but i just wanna point out that stans jacket was accurate. I’ll admit i had to squint to double check. Not sure if it was because it was too dark or there was just so much going on that it got lost but it is definitely doing the thing.
  17. Sounds like point and click style puzzles and dialogue trees will be included to some degree but the gameplay as a whole will skew more towards sea of thieves style than monkey island style. Nice to have something a little different without completely losing what makes monkey island what it is.
  18. I’m assuming this doesn’t fit in at all. This is the sea of thieves continuity and seemingly isn’t set in the traditional world of monkey island. The melee island circus is still in business, stan is still working at stans previously owned vessels, the pirate leaders are still in charge and lechuck is still a zombie. These all seem to suggest it takes place early in the series but also guybrush is govenor and murrays lost his body already. None of it adds up but i don’t think it needs to.
  19. Based on what little we got it looks like he’s become govenor but lost elaine. He’s held in high regard as a pirate but seems to have lost everything in the process. I don’t mind the design choices if this is supposed to be a disheveled loner guybrush who’s fallen on hard times. Not in keeping with the character but i assume this isn’t canon so it’s a nice “what if” scenario to delve into.
  20. -I couldn’t quite tell, is that jess harnell back as lechuck? -can you buy this seperate or do you need the full game? -this will be incredible for no other reason than having the ability to walk around a fully 3d melee and monkey island in first person. I know escape had these places in 3d but they were so different from secret it’s difficult to count them. -looks like we carry murray around with us -not a huge fan of the art style but i’ll be damned if i’m going to reopen that can of worms. I’ll just respectfully stfu and wait for it to grow on me like last time.
  21. Gutting news. Jess Harnell did an admirable job in return but boen was absolutely unbeatable. I’ve never seen anything else he’s ever done (not even terminator 😮) but just based on this one role alone, he’ll be sorely missed by me.
  22. I wasn’t talking about you. Sorry if it came off that way. I hadn’t actually seen your comment. I was talking more generally but i was pretty much picturing all of the nonsense going on at the subreddit atm.
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