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  1. Btw, I wish to say that I think that at least up until recently, Guybrush and LeChuck being 'brothers' had to be a real thing. Why? Thimbleweed Park (which I am aware is meant to be a fictional world, but still) had this excerpt
  2. 6) Escape from Monkey Island - EfMI is not a terrible point and click, but at times it really feels painful, mischaracterizing the characters even further than what Curse did and the puzzling lore about insults and way more... even gameplay wise, the tank control are painful (at least for PC), the maps hold up until the Monkey Island finale with lots of boring puzzles. All in all, my least favorite and the only one I refuse to replay given how difficult it was to run on my PC 5) Tales Tales is a difficult beast to describe, as it's a 5 episode series, and the tones and mood of the stories are inconsistent at best. It suffers of very low production values, with lots of repeated models. While I find Winston hilarious, I consider Morgan LeFlay and Marquis LeSinge not fully realized despite their huge impact to the story. I love what they do to the main trio, and I wouldn't have minded to follow the hints of the Voodoo Lady being evil. Episode 3 and 5 are the best, but all in all... it felt very forgettable, but not bad. I will never forgive them for trying to make "You fight like a cow" sound badass. It was stupid. 4) Curse Curse is a good game, maybe even great... but it has a flaw: it is a sequel to the original Monkey Island duo-logy. On its own, it is a very good game, almost outstanding, with plenty of good moments. Blood Island and Plunder Island were great places, and the Barber Pirate Trio and KIng Andre, very funny and good characters. LeChuck, while he is at his funniest here, balances it out with heinous acts (killing the Big Whoop crew, ruining the Goodsoup Family). However, Guybrush's character was brought back to his 1 incarnation, Elaine was turned into a Damsel in Distress until the final act (admittedly, it was Guybrush's fault...) and the two final chapters... they were bad, took me out of the experience and the finale was underwhelming, all while trying to DESPERATELY fix the ending of 2 (just say it's a reboot) Oh, also, Murray is here. Hilarious at the beginning but... I must admit though, he was getting annoying by the end. Also, I am sad the italian version didn't have the 'A Pirate I was meant to be' song. I guess too hard to fix into the iMUSE 3) Secret of Monkey Island The original, and what a banger it was. What can I say of this iconic masterpiece that people haven't praised? The Special Edition voicework is top notch, the art direction... uh.... yeah.... I am not sure what they were thinking when it comes to that. I am not a fan of Guybrush and Elaine, but here it was so obviously a joke. LeChuck... was okay, he needed more presence. The dialogue and the humor on spot and I have laughed a lot of times. Monkey Island is a little tedious to travel through, but that is the worst I can think 2) Return to Monkey Island ... I won't lie, I love this game. I wish it had better puzzles and the jokes were a little sharper, but the story and the world was top notch. As someone who didn't enjoy the art direction, it fits perfectly given the context, and I am glad to have seen the continuation of the series by Ron GIlbert. I might have enjoyed watching maybe Monkey Island 3, but alas, that has been lost ever since Gilbert left to create Humongous Entertainment. LeChuck was a bit weird, and I think it goes beyond the unfortunate recast due to Boen's old age and retirement. Maybe, eventually, this game will become the best, but it just misses the one grain of brilliance to beat my favorite 1) Le Chuck's Revenge Basically everything I loved of Secret of Monkey Island, but better: a more open, vivid world, bigger puzzles, a more driven and scarier villain, and ... what I like, the plot behind the plot, with Guybrush's struggling nature. I just love how there is more than just a silly adventure, treated earnestly, although still with plenty of irony. Right now LCR is my favorite with Return coming close. If I had the hard puzzles of LCR (except the Monkey Wrench, screw that) with the plot of Return, I'd have the perfect game
  3. Somehow Zoltar replied: "You look more like a flooring Inspector" And somehow that became reality
  4. Hello there, I have beaten twice this game (still loving it), and I am trying to slowly get all of the achievemtents (still missing a lot, but hey) However, one REALLY scares me: the speedrunner achievements to finish the game in less than two hours. Can any of you give me tips on what to do and reduce as much time as possible across the game? I am not even sure I can reach Monkey Island in less than two hours!
  5. Like most of the ideas in stories, not everything worked. I don't need to explain why people disliked the whole "Herman Toothrot = Horatio Torquemada". I don't think however he saw Toothrot as a rrelative, given he was relatively cool about his father leaving him in a dark cave. And mind you, Boybrush is genuinely shocked when his father said he'd have given his firstborn to Locke Smith
  6. I also like to think that Boybrush is also partially a player stand in and that, when told that Herman Toothrot was Grandpa Marely he was like "This is a very dumb idea, it makes no sense [explains how much the continuity got messed up by such reveal" (like most of us) and thus Guybrush decided to quietly drop that story
  7. This is possible, although Kidbrush seems to dislike romance, even now (justifiably so, given it concerns his parents!), I don't see him wanting to play it And I find weird to imagine Guybrush giving his romance-averting son a more blatant joke than, say, the 'Bone Master'. While the 'pick up' joke make more sense, as most end with Guybrush being put down HARD. Given it's pretty obvious they wereton't meant to always be stories, I am trying to see how the original interpretation was FYI, I suppose that, by the end, the 1992!MI3 was going to have as a theme 'to end everything with a bang'. I don't think at that point Ron would have wanted to continue working on MI, so he'd have tried to at least provide more closure some of the questions such as ending the rivalry with Chuckie and Guybrush, and explain who was Elaine. More or less the ideas of 'Guybrush chases Demon LeChuck in Hell and Stan is here' seems it was roughly fit as 'Guybrush chases LeChuck down Monkey Island (that kind of looks like Hell) and somehow Stan there". I love that this likely means that: 1. Stan was meant to have died because of our sealing him in a coffin 2. Stan was always meant to be the guy running the theme park (also fitting because he is the least pirate guy in both games) While Return answered a few things, it's meant to have a few 'backdoors' to coninue the story if he or someone else feels like it... which is not an issue to me, as I like Monkey Island! Absolutely, as Guybrush says, in what is my favorite quote of the game, "[The Secret]'s like a story. It changes with time and the person telling it. Everyone you ask will have a different idea" This story had, in either the Pirate Reality or the Theme Park reality, a true 'line of thoughts': Guybrush coming to terms with the truth of the Secret, and having successfully not been consumed by it, either by denying it (although I doubt it will ever be a canon ending, you never know) or by going home with Elaine and seeing it for what it was.
  8. In my personal opinion, Elaine was supposed one of the few people who were real, likely either an employee tha found Kid Guybrush AKA Kidbrush adorable ([sic] "You can't be a pirate, you are too sweet" ), or a kid that while wasn't as interested in pirates, still found him cute. (TBH, I feel like the 'older ELaine' was the original Gilbert canon while the 'kid Elaine' is the newest one) The only issue is that there is a HUGE implication that, in case you save Elaine, she implies she is going to "do things" with Guybrush The only others guys we know for sure were employees are the local fortune teller Corina (who also seems to be the ticket seller) and the man running the show, Stan. While Kidbrush likely was fond of the fortune teller, likely due to the over the top spectacles she put up, he disliked Stan's behavior, to the point of making him a con man who always gets the short end of the stick After he succeeds with the three Trials (only for LeChuck kidnapping her). So I think that 'Kidbrush' had to be in his early teens. LeChuck was just a mix of the 'animatroic Pirate' present in the ride, along with his bully older (likely adoptive) brother Chuckie, who pestered him in both 'Pirate Reality' and 'Theme Park Reality' the first game. I can see Chuckie having been defeated when Kidbrush doused him with root beer. Kidbrush had so much fun that, due to his issues of being adopted, ran away, and snuck on the 'behind the scenes' of the theme attraction but Chuckie found him and they made up regarding the constant picking on. Curse, Escape and Tales were likely fun returns to the theme park without major complications, maybe Escape also had a restructure of the park after it was bought out by Rupert Murdock Ozzie Mandrill and Guybrush didn't like the changes. At this point, Guybrush either got with the 'Elaine' or found an Elaine accepting his fantasy, grew up, got a job as a flooring inspector (irony not lost on him) and bcame a father andhe began sharing those adventures with his son. So far, Kidbrush doesn't seem to have ever joined his adventures, fake or otherwise.
  9. Either that or everyone in Secret of Monkey Island was upside down, and now only Bob is!! ... btw, a silly question. A looong while ago you had posted a tweet where you said jokingly "I know a secret and you don't", with Ron saying he had given a false secret to you. Had you read the T-shirt line at the time or were you really given a false script?
  10. ... Oh right, Proof I have to replay the game more. It was still so ... funny the way they resolved that cliffhanger XD. I was like "30 years and they were trolling! Bravo Gilbert" Only of course not really! ---------- Changing topic, I noticed a few weird details. I don't care about continuity itself but... Am I wrong or Bob in the original game was never called 'Apple Bob'?
  11. Alright, I have played all of the game, and I have opinions: I will start wiith this: the Artstyle. It was a controversial change... and it's not my cup of tea. This said? I pictured the reason why Ron and Dave had picked this style and... it worked. From the beginning to the end. I busted in laughter when the reveal of the cliffhanger of Monkey Island 2 was treated with such a simple yet fitting hilarious joke, I was a bit miffled by how much the Amusement Park had been changed, It looked more like... in-line with the world ... now, here is a thing. I have never been in Guybrush X Elaine. In Secret, it was an hilarious joke and it fizzled out before Revenge. I never bought the relationship in Curse, it was awful in Escape, got incredibly cringe in Tales ... and yet, I really liked it in Return. Elaine might be at her best period, doing her own thing, yet being supportive and around Guybrush when needed. The whole 'irresistible charm' bit actually took me by surprise ... However, I am sad to say, I didn't like LeChuck. In the games, he was either kind of a buffoon or, in a few rare case, a complete threat. Somehow, this version doesn't quite commit to either. I also dislike the fact HE is fictional, when the presence of Chuckie implied he was 'realer' than most.I did like the way his love for Elaine was framed as completely false, though, and he had some moments he hit just right (like how he dealt with Iron Rose and kept punching anyone dumb enough to challenge him to a sword fight). Of all things, LeChuck felt the one who got shafted the most Missed Opportunity: Gullet should have been a zombie version of Largo LaGrande, as both fill the similar role of being small guys with huge egos who prop themselves up by hiding their softer sides and bullying those who can't fight back. I love the new version of Insult Swordfighting as the Chum story-telling arc. Pretty sweet and ties up to the ending I liked a lot the new character, they had a lot of personality and quirks, enough for me to wish for them back in other stories! The final Puzzle made me giggle: the very first puzzle in all the franchise, before even booting up the game fully. OF COURSE this had to be 'final boss' of the franchise. We had crossed reality! I never had an issue with the ending, but I love how 'compromising' this is, allowing the fans to choose what is the Secret. Personally, I see the Secret being a story, ever changing with time, audience and narrator: so this is why the Secret in 1 was 'Hell inside the Monkey Head', in 3 was 'gates of hell', in 4 was 'GIANT MONKEY GUNDAM' and so on and so forth. When the hypothetical 'Monkey Island 7: Wally Has Had Enough', there will be a new Secret of Monkey Island to find and explore. And it's sad how some people missed it and are just 'so it's just Monkey Island 2' Right now, despite some off things, I feel like Return is my favorite Monkey Island, and I look forward to playing it a few time. I may not have agreed to how the story was all the time, but it was the story Ron and Dave wanted to tell and to see their success all I can say is .... BRAVO!
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