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  1. 0-49 bantha fodder

    50-99 pit droid

    100-149 sith probe droid

    150-199 battle droid

    200-249 ewok?

    250-299 ???

    300-349 ???

    350-399 ???

    400-449 ???

    450-499 ???

    500-549 ???

    550-599 ???


    you get it and after a 1000 posts you make your own rank

  2. Originally posted by Jrob

    Correct me if I'm wrong what modeling skills do you have to have to skin for MOHAA. Besides creating maps what else is there to do. I have not seen any models on alliedassault.com. SO what is that dumbass talking about. Also I think it is certain that he does not work in the gaming industry. With that attitude and lack of patience who would hire him. Keep up the good work Terc. and remember " A calm sea does not make a skillful sailor."


    What the Hell are you talking about?

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