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  1. Hi Jooeph! Once you've found the board that you want to post the question in, there's a button above and to the left of the list of threads labeled, "start a new thread". Click on that and you'll be taken to a page where you give your thread a title and post your message in the body. Let me know if this answers your question or if you need more specific help.

  2. Hello, this is going to sound stupid but it's been along time since I've been on this site, so here goes... How do I post a new question regarding a problem with something?

  3. There's a rogue TSLRCM 1.8 fan spamming the forums. I put in a two separate reports on it. Just a heads up. ;)

  4. Happy birthday, Ed. Hope it's been a good one. :)

  5. Just 1:1, 120VAC in and out. For the setup I'm looking at the iso would be typically used as part of an AC test fixture with lightbulb ballast and my ~3A variac. I think one transformer I have is 8-9A, and the other is 10.5A (a little bigger than microwave oven transformers).


    I actually tried reworking a MOT as an iso by winding a secondary but it ran out of space for more turns and I only got 90VAC. So unwound it and it's now just sitting there looking for a use. Mini-Arc welder has crossed my mind but the only wire I have are 10awg and 8awg and I'm just not sure how I'd control it.

  6. Can't go wrong with a tektronix. 100mhz should cover anything you'll be wanting to look at. :)



    If you're not using the power transformer to try and isolate crazy high voltages, yes, it will do the job just fine. Really, the only difference between a normal power transformer and an isolation transformer is the insulation between the windings.


    (Also make sure the secondary in the transformer is taking the voltage to where you're wanting it, but you probably already know this. :D)

  7. Thanks bro. Oh and I think I finally found an o-scope I want. Tektronix 465. I was going to go for the one at carl's electronics but this looks like it'd be potentially a better deal. Also, do power transformers in stereos make for suitable iso transformers in the long run?

  8. ASUS Eee Box, I think! Something like the EB1007. :)

  9. What was that mini computer, home theater you recommended? I just discovered NCIX not too long ago to add to newegg, tiger, and them.

  10. *psst* There's a lurker on here named AdolfSatan666. I hate to be a tattle-tale, but perhaps you'd like to flag him for an inappropriate username(?)

  11. I do hate it but I have to deal with it so much that I've learned to tolerate the pain when needed. :xp:

  12. Hey, I thought the maths gave you the :migraine: You some kind of masochist. :xp: Need any more playdo? :p

  13. you still smokin that rhett? :3

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