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  1. almost missed this ! Best day ever for grim fandango fans!
  2. Hey likewise man good to hear from you! Yes I wasn't aware of these they popped into my IG feed so thought i'd share but im not surpised this community is already well aware
  3. Found this seller creating awesome diaramas have he seems to have many Lucasarts ones. Picked up Grim Fandango for myself. check em out https://arts-md.myshopify.com/
  4. Hi!


    I am a collector and collect only sealed Lucasarts adventure games. I would pay you well for both of them.


    My goal is to someday own all of the PC USA releases sealed.


    So, let me know your price for them :)


    Oh, and if you have or know anyone who has more of sealed Lucasarts adventure games or compilations I would be very interested of those :)



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