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  1. Laserschwert exactly! I'm excited all the Grim Fans get to enjoy the poster. There was no way I could hold out too much longer without having everyone else enjoy it as well. Thanks again for you commitment to get all these great rare posters up for us. Its a thankless job but you are making many people happy! Cheers
  2. Shame I provide Grim fandango poster scan here for everyone and now people selling cheap prints on ebay passing them off as real lol. anyways cant wait for that grim mural. Such a fine piece of art
  3. game concept, music, and graphics are great but gameplay gests old, wish they did something more with this
  4. Just got my hands on this from a cast member of grim fandango! Original One sheet poster. I bet you guys didn't think this existed =)
  5. Hi!


    I am a collector and collect only sealed Lucasarts adventure games. I would pay you well for both of them.


    My goal is to someday own all of the PC USA releases sealed.


    So, let me know your price for them :)


    Oh, and if you have or know anyone who has more of sealed Lucasarts adventure games or compilations I would be very interested of those :)



  6. thanks Lagomorph01 and ScottSpork did a nice job on the grim posters but I would love to see one from Laserschwert as well of course
  7. any chance you could do grim fandango one? I think GF fans will be forever in debt
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