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  1. awesome!! cant wait to see what you come up with
  2. David was nice enough to provide me with an updated dropbox link here you guys go! https://www.dropbox.com/s/xgd0lh8m3zj9hzc/Grim-Travel-Posters.rar?dl=0
  3. Laserschwert exactly! I'm excited all the Grim Fans get to enjoy the poster. There was no way I could hold out too much longer without having everyone else enjoy it as well. Thanks again for you commitment to get all these great rare posters up for us. Its a thankless job but you are making many people happy! Cheers
  4. Great job. Loving all the support on residual project forums
  5. Shame I provide Grim fandango poster scan here for everyone and now people selling cheap prints on ebay passing them off as real lol. anyways cant wait for that grim mural. Such a fine piece of art
  6. woah j_hunter_hkr that is so awesome! please keep us updated!
  7. laser has the scan i cant even find the original scan on my computer. Give him time and he will fix it up. Scan wasnt very good to begin with =(
  8. sent it to Laserschwerts a few months ago its out of my hands now!
  9. just fyi poster was scanned and sent to Laserschwert hopefully he will have it up for everyone soon!
  10. theres some rumors floating around about GF in the pipeline but who knows
  11. I went to a few print shops this past weekend and none of them were able to scan a poster this big if anyone knows any print shops in southern california please let me know. For now I will keep searching
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