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  1. They still have maps on filefront? WAIT....are people still playing Jedi Academy?!
  2. Top Ten Dissapointments for Gamers! (From the perspective of a video game store manager in the field) 10. Nintendo 3DS: Worst Handheld Nintendo Launch ever! Nintendo practically invented the hand held. GAMEBOY was one of the first. Followed by gameboy advance, and it's sexy cousin Gameboy Advance SP. DS was slow to the start but titles such as Nintendogs and Mario Kart made them a hot household item. The DS Lite has held the Guiness world record as the fastest selling system of all time. A few years ago I could not keel them in stock. Boys were willing to buy pink ones just so they could play pokemon. It was insane! The DSI was the Nintendo answer to the ipod touch ad it featured two cameras and wi-fi Internet access. The DSI XL was a larger version of the DSI offering nothing more than a bigger screen. The 3DS seemed to be the next big money making juggernaught. Very slick. Offering the ability to watch Netflix as the ability to play games in 3D without the use of 3D glasses. VERY Impressive technology! However where they failed was an overall lack of launch titles. Sure there was a Nintendogs, but no Mario anything. Most of the games kind of sucked, and the 3D was spreading rumors of headaches. The system launched at $249.99, but was quickly reduced to $169.99, prior to Christmas. During the holidays the 3DS was not my fastest selling system. People still wanted DS Lites, DS XLs, and DSI. I still have a surplus of 3DS. I could blame the economy, but I blame Nintendo for confusing the **** out of my customers by changing the handheld every six months, and for a very lackluster amount of 3DS games. 9. Nintendo Wii no longer plays gamecube games, and is no longer packed with wii sports! Nintendo? What the hell? In 2007 Nintendo aimed its resources to the casual gamer market, intending to establish a family console where all ages could play together. The affordable price tag at the time launched it into superstars status. For about 3 years this system was impossible to keep in stock. Nintendo's direction was also it's undoing. See, casual gamers do not have the profound need to buy new games every week. We would sell a wii. They are happy with wii sports, and we never see them again. Ever. So for a limited time, Nintendo sells Wii Sports for $20. By limited I mean by a month. Fast forward to 2011. You can get one of two wii systems packed with either Mario Kart, or New Super Mario Bros. Neither system will no longer play gamecube game. Again What the HELL Nintendo? Also. The latest Zelda game uses Motion Plus. If you missed on this tech last year, guess what? You have to spend another $40 on the remote you need to play Zelda. LAME! 8. Duke Nukem Forever. Most people have lived an entire life during the developement of this game. Duke Nukem was a popular shooter franchise in the 90's that stole many lines from popular movies. In 2010 3D REALMS closed shop and Duke Nukem 4 got scrapped for good. When most of 3DRealms staff moved to Gearbox, the company vowed to finish it and put it out. What you get is a fish out of water. A game that shows signs of age, and lack of imagination. BY Christmastime we were practically giving this game away. SERIOUSLY. At one point you could have picked this game up used for $8.99! Horrible! 7. L.A. Noire Roxstar makes such classics like Max Payne, Grand Theft Auto 4, and Red Dead Redemption, they put so much into this title, but it's core gameplay is it's ultimate undoing. The game boasted some serious acting ab motion capture, but what we got on day one was a game that ran on tediousness. Picking up countless bottles in an ally might be fun if you are training to be a csi, but not so fun if you are a gamer. I lost interest about two hours in. I felt like I was trapped in a bad episode of Dragnet. There is no open world, just a lot of tedious puzzle solving. GREAT game for prospective cops, nothing for anyone else. 6. Playstation 3 network gets hacked. Right after Mortal Kombat came out, reports of network got hacked. During this time Sony held special training sessions for Gamestop Managers. While it was out for a long.time, Sony made good by offering free game downloaded and free month to Playstation Plus. 5. Brink Our company pushed the hell out of this shooter which boasted a "team fortress" like gameplay in a "waterworld" type setting. It sucked. MOST online. Only games just fail. 4. Bulletstorm Demo showed promise, but final results had you playing as a bad mock up of Wolverine in a script written by 12 year oles who just discovered profanity. The novelty of killing by electric fence wears off really soon. 3. Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Unless you really wanted to match Wolverine against choice members of Umbrella. This game sucked hard. 2. Homefront You would think a game idea from the writer of "Red Dawn" would deliver. No.rental at best. 1. Red Dead Armegeddon No open world. LAST GAME USED SANDBOX GAMES
  3. I should start an 80s action movie thread. I collected most of my favorites. Some have held up good over the years. Some did not and are just rediculous now. Commando is part of the latter. Loved it as a kid, but now I find it amazingly bad.
  4. Yes. Seagal, and Wesley Snipes have to get into the action as of yet. And although I am not a big fan of WWE, I would not mind seeing John Cena in there at some point.
  5. Well I first talked about this a year ago, but I didn't go anywhere with it. Of course you all know by now I was a HUGE fan of G.I. Joe comics and action figures during the 80's and early 90's. Of course I watched the animated TV show, but I was way WAY more into the Marvel Comics that fleshed out the characters and had mature adult story arcs making the characters more personable and believable at the same time. Last year a G.I. Joe movie came out, and I was very VERY skeptical about the whole thing. Too much CGI, bad one liners, Channing Tatum, Marlon Wayans, and my favorite played out cliche of all...the token black lycra costume which has been in gross overuse since 1999. These costumes suck, and they are stupid too! It looks like they were borrowed off of 2000's X-MEN. Hated those costumes too... This looks more like G.I. Joe to me... However.... I loved Stephen Sommers' approach of making it more of an homage to James Bond, and keeping the plot in line with the comics rather than the animated series. Also, Joseph Gordon-Levitt really sold me as the best Cobra Commander ever. Also the movie did not take itself too seriously...thank goodness. I first got the idea for a kick ass G.I. Joe movie when I first saw Predator back in 1987. Enter a team of muscle headed special forces type guys. Drop them into the woods with their bag of tricks. Watch them swat terrorists off like flies, only to watch them killed off like livestock by a mysterious alien being. I LOVED it! But lets face it... Arnold's team was the best film version of G.I. Joe at the time...had G.I. Joe been made for an adult audience. 2010 longtime favorite muscle head Stallone manages to put together almost all of the original egg heads from the 1980's together on one screen. I would not have cared if it sucked monkey, I was there just to see all of the egg heads on screen at the same time. What I got was the movie I had hoped for! Stallone leads a hard nosed group of tattooed Harley riding mercenaries comprised of mostly ex special forces types who are faced with challenge of saving a small country vs getting paid. Surprisingly, Jason Statham and Stallone have a good chemistry! What I expected was a lot of former egg heads trying to steal scenes from each other, but they actually complemented each other well. Jet Li wound up being the comic relief, and Eric Roberts played a great villain as a fallen FBI agent turned drug lord. Of course there is no shortage of big explosions, graphic violence, and all around ass kicking. Also it is set to a fantastic score of classic rock n' roll! I left the theater singing Thin Lizzy's "Boys are Back In Town" with new meaning. Also, sometimes I forget as we all band together to make fun of Stallone for his bone head speech and his steroid induced shortcomings, we forget that he CAN write. He wrote Rocky after all. So him writing and directing this movie was second nature to him. Now I am excited that there is sequels planned for both movies! G.I. Joe: Retaliation set for June of this year. Not excited about Dwayne The Rock Johnson as Roadblock, but as much as I hate to admit it, he DOES fit the part. Also, it is not being directed by Sommers, however, this one sports a darker plot direction, and also Bruce Willis (one of my favorite action heroes of all time) is in it! Basically the plot picks up where the first movie left off. Then in August, we have Expendables 2 Basic plot from IMBD has the boys getting back together for an easy paycheck, but when one of the boys gets snuffed, they seek revenge. Good times! After the success of the first one, Mr. Chuck Norris has been able to free himself of doing total gym commercials to show up for this movie. (he previously turned down the first one for which many scoffed at). And Jean-Claude Van Damn has taken time off from doing nothing....to showing up as well. Also during the trailer we see Arnold firing a weapon suggesting that he may have slightly more than a cameo. Oh and also...more Bruce Willis! Can't wait. So basically, it boils down to this. The Expendables is the G.I. Joe movie that I envisioned. G.I. Joe morphed into more of a futuristic James Bond type movie which is a different approach than I had envisioned but it works. Also, I didn't see no Black Lycra costumes other than Snake Eyes which is also a good thing. So morale of the story, it took a while, but those films now exist. If you want to see G.I. Joe, watch the original, and the sequel! If you want to see the G.I. Joe adult version, go see Expendables. At heart they are basically the same thing. Discuss!
  6. Kinda late to the party, but I been busy as you can probably imagine... I got a kindle fire from Santa! It's very sexy! I have started downloading many apps and comics for it! Couple of cool features if you didn't know 1. supports all amazon and android related apps 2. amazon prime members can stream about as many movies as netflix! 3. Supports netflix! 4. Anything you have downloaded to Amazon.com's cloud drive past August, will download to your Kindle fire with the touch of a button!
  7. The funny thing is, is that Robert Downey Jr. will steal every scene, he is just that good, and he knows it. Joss Whedon will not contest that at any point. And you know this is true.
  8. Oh bless you Sabertooth! I just been recently compiling my favorites from this year. It has been tough. Games have been a plenty...movies not so much...albums also in the plenty! I can add other entries though since you said we could. Favorite movie: is hands down: Thor With Chris Hemsworth as the starring role. He is wonderfully supported by such film greats as Anthony Hopkins as "Odin", Tom Hiddleston as "Loki", Natalie Portman as "Jane Foster", and Stellan Skarsgård as Erik Selvig. The movie really blew my mind, because I always thought Thor as one of the weakest and most annoying characters in the Marvel Universe. What director Kenneth Branagh brought to the table was Thor in every aspect of the comic he portrayed. In the beginning you hate Thor, the guy is a complete d-bag. Odin punishes him by sending him to Earth stripped of his powers. Thor, an arrogant prick, must learn to appreciate things such as caring, sharing, and love. Once Thor learns these attributes, he must answer the call to duty to protect those he loves the most, at any cost. I expected the average human being to swallow the concept of Asgard not to easily, but the movie makes complete sense out of it, and sets up the room easily for Thor's return as one of the Avengers due out next year to be directed by Joss Whedon. Can't wait! Favorite Game: Hate to jump on the bandwagon, but damn...Skyrim is so fun! I mean it is just amazing! I finally got into Oblivion. I finally learned how to go through RPGs after spending time on such games such as Mass Effect 2, Dues Ex, Human Revolution, and Lord of the Rings War in the North. Skyrim is the best RPG ever. The dragons are of movie quality such as what you saw in "Reign of Fire", and your ability to level up on the fly makes this game one of the most important games you will ever play in your entire life. Yes I love it..sue me. Favorite album should go to Skinny Puppy for Handover, however, it does not. I also have a soft spot for Lady Gaga. I found her album Born This Way to be quite infectious. Even though I grew up on industrial music, the genre is kind of stale at this point. Skinny Puppy's new album is good, but too god damn short. Most of the songs end when they are just getting really good. I don't know what to make of the Gaga, but I like her songs, and her videos and live performances are controversial, but I would KILL to see a live performance, as she is a world class performance artist. At her age, it is refreshing to see her echo in the shadows of Bowie, and Elton John. Everyone thinks she is crazy, but she is just reading from the glam power book, and laughing her way to the bank. In the maelstrom she has created, a lot of really great catchy songs have come along the way. She would make Madonna proud. The world needs an artist like this, and I am down with all of Lady Gaga's bull****. Seriously! I love all of it! Hell I answered all the core questions but I will put in all of the TV shows as well. Here are my favorite in order of importance 1. The Walking Dead 2. Blue Bloods 3. The Big Bang Theory 4. Leverage 5. CSI: New York 6. Psych 7. CSI: Miami 8. Hawaii Five O 9. The Closer 10. Falling Skies
  9. So it's 1992, I was not really into comic books at the time. In January of 1993, I joined the Navy. When I was in boot camp, I found that many of my shipmates were really into comics...especially Spawn. The could not get enough of him! When we were on liberty, they were buying up Spawn comics like a five year old at a pokemon factory! Some of my shipmates let me read up on some Spawn. His costume was cool as hell, as was his back story! An African American black ops agent by the name of Al Simmons is on his last mission before retirement so he can be with his new wife Wanda. He is betrayed by his superiors and left for dead. He is sent to hell where Malbolgia (aka the devil) makes a deal with Simmons, "lead hell's army into the gates of heaven, and you can see your wife again". He accepts, only to become a horribly burned version of himself, with certain powers that involves shape shifting, chains, and a cape. Sure he can see his wife, but only in the shadows cloaked in his cape. He discovers that his best friend is now close to his wife, and child, which he was not aware of. Simmons is first visited by an evil clown who is actually a servant of Malbolgia to get Simmons ready for his war on the heavens. He is later visited by Cogliostro, a similar warrior from many years ago, who reveals that he can fight against Malbolgia and free his mortal soul! What really hooked me, was the costume. It is like spider man vs batman on crack. he has this kick ass black and white costume with skulls, and this flowing red cape that has supernatural abilities as well as these chains that just come out of nowhere and tear stuff up! This comic was awesome, not only because of the kick ass art work, but because I found sympathy with this anti-hero. Ultimately it is like the divine comedy. This man has spent his life killing people for the government. And yet all he cares about is his wife and kid. He is tormented by the Clown as his bad conscience who constantly reminds him of the pact he made, yet also tormented by Cogliostro who constantly reminds him that he has one last chance to save his own soul from hell itself. After I gout out of the Navy, I pursued this comic in graphic novel form. I have all the core issues. And like any other geek, when the movie came out in 1997, I had to go see it. At the time, the movie was acceptable, but was disappointing for several reasons. The pacing of the movie was just too damn fast. If you didn't know anything about the comic, you had a great deal of catching up to do. The movie was not terrible, but it relied way too much on CGI which during 1997, was still pretty sloppy. Michael Jai White as Spawn, well he was a bad ass, but he did not portray any aspect of sympathy well. Also due to some license issue, Psycho ex agent Jess Chapel, got replaced by some generic girl named Jessica Priest who is one of the lamest villains ever. One of the high points was actor Nicol Williamson, who played Cogliostro, which is awesome because the Cogliostro character is basically Merlin, and Williamson played Merlin in the 1980's film Excalibur which is still my favorite telling of King Arthur and the Nights of the round table! Martin Sheen played Jason Wynn, they boss who sent him to death. I guess the real shinning star in all this mess was John Leguizamo who played the clown. Under a fat suit and heavy make up, he came off like The Joker's sloppy fat cousin. He had many funny lines, and kept things rolling quite well. Like I said though, the film is paced to fast, and relied way too much on early CGI. By the end of the film, you barely know what the hell is going on. That being said though, at the time, Super Hero movies were usually over the top such as Burton's Batman franchise. But let's face it. In the last ten years, comic book movies have evolved. Better directors. Better casting, better scripts. Better use of CGI. Better quality all around. Look at say Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Dark Knight, or Thor. So now McFarlane has confessed that he is working on a reboot. And this is all he has said about it. "I go into a meeting and say, these are the things that are non negotiable. I write, I direct, I produce. If we can't agree on these things, we shake hands and walk away." So here are my suggestions for the next Spawn movie which I feel is very over due. I really want to see this story make a good screen adaptation before I die. Mcfarlane already said he does not want to have any super villians, he plans to make this movie on a 10 million budget. I think all of this is possible. Here are my suggestions for a kick ass spawn movie. Al Simmons/Spawn is played by Don Cheadle. To sympathize with a character that is a government assassin turned "hell spawn", you need an actor who can be both bad ass, and emotional at the same time. Michael Jai White was a good action movie type person, but when he tried to be emotional, he came off as just plain comic book goofy. I have seen Cheadle in many movies. The movie Traitor while flawed in plot, was a great source of material for a great actor. He also pulled off the "hero" bit quite nicely along side screen veteran Robert Downey in Iron Man 2 The Clown: is played by comedian Patton Oswald. Yes. Patton Oswald. He loves comics, he was in Blade Trinity. I am one of about three people that loved that film. No, seriously, I loved it. Patton is a funny guy, you put him in heavy make up, give him some funny lines, he will nail it perfectly just like Leguizamo did. I think Patton would do better personally. Cogliostro: is played by Patrick Stewart Also a vet of Shakespere theater and also appeared in Excalibur. I would have also chosen Liam Neeson, but he is in everything, I think Patrick Stewart would be better suited for this part. Jason Wyn: is played by Josh Brolin After seeing him in True Grit, I am convinced that Josh Brolin would be the perfect Jason Wyn. Age...methodical, secretive...and just plain self serving. He even looks like his comic book counterpart! Terry Fitzgerald: is played by Shemar Moore. (you may know him from Criminal Minds if you look him up) Terry Fitzgerald according to the comics is Al Simmons' closest friend. When Al Simmons dies, Terry takes over the duties as Wanda's companion, and father to Simmon's child. Jess Chapel: is played by Coby Bell You may all know him as Jesse Porter from Burn Notice. In the movie he plays Jess Chapel who paints his face in a skulll form, because he is a psychopathic agent that gets off on death. He is a partner to Simmons on several missions, but ultimately joins Jason Wyn in his political endeavors and joins Jason Wyn in the plot to destroy Al Simmons. Wanda Simmons: is played by Zoe Saldana She can be hard, and shoes emotion. My only other pic, would have been Jada Pinkett Smith, but is both too old, and does not project that emotion that Zoe can. McFarlane has communicated that he does not want to project a super villain in this movie. So the movie then has to be based on the choice that Spawn makes. Does he accept Cogliostro's choice to free his soul from Hell, or does he listen to The Clown, and storm the gates of Heaven as he agreed. I think that enough is grounds for a good movie. Also, one thing that I liked about the comics that was only briefly addressed in the movie, was Simmons' relationship with the homeless. He protected them, and they made him one of they're own. I hope they build on that more. Really excess cgi is not necessary until Simmons shows his chains and cape. Also hope they bring the bumbling cops from the animated series into this as well. It really could be a great movie. It does not need a super budget this time....just follow the damn comic this time.
  10. The Thor movie really surprised me. It had an amazing cast! And while Thor was always my least favorite Marvel character, Chris Helmsworth made his character something special. Something I could understand. Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins really brought that film something special. Also the chemistry between Chris Helmsworth and Natalie Portman was refreshing for a comic book hero movie. The Avenger's is worth purchasing, but it is a bit duller compared to Thor. Don't get me wrong, Hugo Weaving is a fantastic Red Skull, but Hugo Weaving is just good at playing villains period. He is also great with accents. In Captain America, he is like almost scarier than Hitler himself! Both with and without the make up! His accent and uniform are to die for! Hale Hydra!
  11. I love the F.E.A.R. games. (I own all 3! for PS3) You and I always had a soft spot for those kick ass Monolith games though!
  12. BF3 is quite epic, I enjoy the hell out of it. I always know when I love a game, when I both lose track of time, and find the inability to quit. BF3 is not doing anything different story wise. It's along the same lines as that game Black. You start out as a marine guy named "Blackburn", you tell you story, and agree to "fill in the blanks", as the levels play out. What I love about the Battlefield games as opposed to Call of Duty, is the comical relationship with your team players. I have yet to play online. What I did not tell you you guys though, is that I dumped my 360 in favor of PS3. I had several issues with my account, with no support from micro suck what so ever. So I traded in my 360, all my games, picked up a second ps3 and several games. I now have two PS3s and I am strictly a PS3 owner now. I have no regrets other than I will dearly miss both Gears of War and Halo.
  13. 10. Gene Hackman: Lex Luthor from Superman: The Movie 1978 I think this unfortunately started Gene Hackman's career on a series of villain type roles. However, Superman in 1978, was the first big comic book movie to not only break box office records, but also make a comic book character look interesting and important on a big screen. Like it or not, this movie paved the way for all super hero and comic book movies to be realized in the future. Hackman as Lex, he was funny, snobbish, arrogant, intelligent, and almost charming. His goal was real estate, which made sense. His lair was several levels below park avenue where he could cook up anything he wanted. He read lots of books, and learned the weakness of Superman. Like any good villain he was returned to prison. He later escaped in less interesting Superman Sequels but he was an interesting villain never the less. You loved him, and loved to hate him. 9. Jack Nicholson: The Joker Batman/i] 1989 Say what you want about the Tim Burton gothic Batman movie of 1989, we all went to see it for Jack as The Joker. You don't mess with Jack. He stole every scene. He made it his own. He went way over the top in his role, and we all went with it! He made us laugh, but he was scary too. He was probably the best scripted villain of all time. Though Burton took liberties in explaining the origins of such a character, such was necessary to bring about a comic that was preceded by a campy television serial at the time. We will all remember Jack as the Joker. That movie was the first since Superman, to put comic book movies back on the map! 8. Alfred Molina: Doctor Otto "Doc Ock" Octavious: Spider-Man 2 2004 I always found it interesting in at least the first two Spider-Man movies that his arch nemesis was always people that Peter Parker was closest too. The Green Goblin played by Willem Dafoe was a bit too over the top. Doc Ock was a scientist that due to an unfortunate accident has become prisoner of his own robotic arms that were meant to handle highly dangerous matter for an experiment. When the experiment goes bad, he looses control of the robotic arms and becomes a slave to AI that propels them. Doc Ock was a character you felt sorry for. I still feel those are the best villains in any setting. 7. Stephen Dorff: Deacon Frost: Blade 1998 God, I loved the Blade movies. Especially the first. It was an unusual take on vampires. Wesley Snipes was a kick ass ninja form of Shaft, with Vampire abilities. He wore cool leather coats, sported a sexy samurai sword, and Chris Christophersen was his mentor. Bad Ass! Even more bad ass, was Deacon Frost! Deacon was a business man who made money off of having hidden vampire clubs. However, Deacon was once a mortal...meaning he was bitten and became a vampire later. That did not stop his plans of invading a the vampire library and trying to invoke a blood god that would make him ruler over the humans. In Blade, the vampire legacy is to remain hidden among humans, Frost wants to rule the humans all together and make them nothing more than food. He is portrayed as a young clubber, and business owner, with ambitions to become a vampire god over humans. I loved him in this role! 6. Jeff Bridges: Obadiah Stane AKA "War Monger" Iron Man2008 Jeff Bridges had not don anything essentially since The Big Labowski. In movies such as these....like in the Spider-Man movies, sometimes your best friends become your most biggest foes! Iron Man did a good job of this. Obadiah Stane was a partner to Howard Stark during his tenure as CEO of Stark Industries which specializes in the manufacture of weapons. After son Tony Stark is taken by terrorists, he realizes that his own weapons have caused more harm than good. Tony later reinvents a mechanical suit in order to take out the weapons he helped invent. Stane, who has held the company together for years, seeks out to stop Tony with his own weapon. Though it is much in CGI, Jeff Bridges does a fantastic job of revealing himself as a villain with his own agenda. Iron Man has been revealed as being one of the most successful super hero movies of all time. Due to a good sense of humor from director Jon Favreau, and Robert Downey Junior playing the role of Tony Stark. 5. Ladislav Beran. Karl Ruprecht Kroenen: Hellboy 2004 Sand was his blood, and he was addicted to surgery, such as removing his eyelids to keep him awake. He spoke no words in the Hellboy movie but he was often scene thrusting swords at guards, and then re-winding himself to stay alive. He seems to have a wind up clock that keeps him alive. He is freaking scary and interesting. Shame he never made it into the Hellboy sequals...but sometimes....the villain that does not talk, is the most scary.... 4. Heath Ledger: The Joker: The Dark Knight2008 T We were all relived that Heath Ledger did not try to portray the Joker as the Jack Nicholson remake, but we were frightened at what he portrayed. The Joker in this film, we know little to nothing about him, other than he is a sadist hell bent on the destruction of the Batman persona. We see him at many points trying to gain the trust of installed villains in the common interest of setting him up for the fall of corruption. The Joker in this film explains his origins to different characters but changing the story every time. So unlike previous efforts, we really don't know too much about the Joker, other than he is dangerous. Heath Ledger died on this film, and took away the Oscar after his death of over dose of drugs. The Dark Knight has been credited by man as the "Godfather" of all Comic book films. 3. Hugo Weaving: Johann Schmidt: The Red Skull Captain America 2011 Hugo Weaving is the Gary Oldman of the next generation. He started off playing one of the most evil super villains of our time....Agent Smith in the Matrix trilogy. Since then, he has played Megatron in the Transformers, and now The Red Skull in Captain America. In Captain America you first see Johann Schmidt as self proclaimed leader of Hydra under the orders of Adolf Hitler. Later you see him in Red Skull form. Hugo Weaving is good at playing Villains. He is good at accents, and good at portraying relentless characters with an agenda for power. He is one of the finer points of Captain America. 2.Tom Middleston: Loki: Thor/The Avengers Tom Middleston strikes you as one of those shakesperian actors that loves comic books, and tries to add theatrics to the afore mentioned attributes! If you watched the behind the scenes making of Thor, you will witness that he loved his costume. I am glad he is reprising the same role in The Avengers. He portrays the son who would be king...kind of reminds me of the ceaser role of Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator. He is after all the god of Mischief, and bends his needs to his very whim. I like his acting skills, and his wants to prove his superiority over his father, make him a force to be rec coned with. I love his presence! 1. Ian McKellen: Eric Lensherr: Magneto X-Men Few films in life have done justice to capture the terror that binds the villain. in the X-Men film, Eric Lensherr is portrayed as a former victim of a nazi concentration camp. When he his separated from his parents, he suddenly gains the ability to bend and twist metal. We see him several years later as head of a brotherhood of mutants, who believe that mutants are the dominant species on earth, and devises a contraption to turn all humans into mutants during the time of of and eminent mutant registration clause in the government. Magneto is weak due to his old age, and decides to use Rouge to power the device which will render all humans as mutants. Wolverine ultimately sacrifices his ability to heal to save Rogue from the evil machine. X-Men had some pretty crappy costumes, but had a story that really caught my interest. Magneto was a villain that you could almost have sympathy for. I loved the movie. The second movie was even better. Ian McKellen who is famous for several movies, said that his inspiration for the part was that as a Gay man, he was fighting for gay rights. The X-men movie is about mutants living with normal humans. Charles Xavier, who leads the X-Men believes in coexistence, Magneto believes that Mutants are the dominant species of the future. Brilliant! Magneto devises a helmet to keep Xavier from reading his thoughts.
  14. Who else is getting excited? Most of you have known me over the years, know that I love movies about comic book characters! I used to read comics back in grade school, junior high, and high school. I stopped back in the 90's when the price of comics just became a little too demanding of my pocket book. I did not stop liking comics, I just stopped collecting them. The quality of comic book movies have really improved vastly with CG fx, use of great actors and actresses, and even getting top notch directors to bring them from the inked pages to reality. After just seeing Thor, and Captain America recently, I am pretty stoked now for the Avengers movie! At first I thought it might just be a cash cow to get as many heroes into a movie as possible, and my worst fear is that it morphs into another Batman And Robin, which I regard as one of the worst movies ever made of all time. I always thought Thor was a dope, but I never knew anything about his back story. The movie did a fantastic job of realizing the Asguard realm into a realistic movie. Spoiler alert! Plus, the movie had a fantastic villain [Loki] and a terrific supporting cast! Captain America was a fun movie too, but I have to admit it got boring in parts. Chris Evens does a fine job of playing the role of Steve Rodgers, and Hugo Weaving [The Red Skull] is always the perfect villain in any movie. My biggest problem with Captain America, is that he came off rather cartoonish and the tech of the Hydra was a bit far fetched. I realize this movie is supposed to take place in the MARVEL universe of the WWII era, but it all seemed a big cartoon with propellers on rockets, and personal submarines. We barely have that kind of tech now, and if you want to bring a super hero to reality, you have to stick to...reality. Also the romantic lead was a bit dull compared to say....oh I dunno...Natalie Freaking Portman.... Never the less, I am getting juiced for the Avengers movie, I plan to see it! I am even brushing up on many of the comics. Discuss! Note: I did not care for the Incredible Hulk as much as others did. I think it was a good start, and I LOVE Edward Norton, and Tim Roth, but I feel the film did not do either of the stars the credit they deserve. I have no problem with the way the Hulk looked in the movie, but I feel that ultimately the movie wound up being a monster movie. It may have well been Godzilla vs Mothra. I dunno. Also, Liv Tyler as a scientist? I had a problem with that too. But I will give the film props for giving lots of nods to the TV series I used to watch as a kid...which I loved a lot.
  15. You got it. I will photograph if possible, and bring back what ever data I can get my grubby hands on!
  16. This game kicks ass on many levels. I would describe it as "Blade Runner" meets MGS, and Mass Effect 2. With FPS combat, a true duck and cover system that mirrors "Gears of War", and a straight RPS story system, which allows you to choose your dialogue as well as how you plan your missions. The story takes place in 2027. You play as Adam Jensen, who was kicked off of Police SWAT, over a bogus call, and hand picked to be the chief security officer of a corporate executive who deals in experimental robotic augmentation. After a black ops espionage goes south, facing death you are augmented with cybernetic arms, and the ability to see a heads up display through cybernetic sunglasses. The game is pretty straight forward, and allows you to choose how you want to plot out any mission given to you. You can go in stealth, guns a blazing, or hack your way through computers. The AI is stellar, and the FPS gun play is similar to that of Mass Effect 2. Even the music echoes that of Vangelis' "Blade Runner" soundtrack. This game is just all about awesome! I originally ordered the PS3 version, but due to a last minute customer issue, I traded my PS3 for 360, which was really no different from that of the PS3. In the augmented version, there is a bonus art book, and extra disc which contains a "making of" video, several trailers, and a downloadable soundtrack. So far I give this game a solid 90%! Somebody actually traded this in.... According to GameStop it has no different value than that of the regular edition. So I snagged up this edition and returned my other copy. The codes were already used, but all of the swag is in tact. I am actually considering hunting down a legendary edition since I am on a hopeless Halo addiction at the moment!
  17. About a week ago, I shipped the bulk of my pre-owned PS2 inventory out to other stores, as the stuff was just collecting dust and not getting sold. So I finally pull the last of it off my sales floor, only to have people asking for it. Last Saturday afternoon, an older guy comes in with his kid. "Where is your PS2?" Me: "I am sorry, we shipped it all out, and no longer carry it in my store!" Customer: "When does PS3 come out?" Me: (awkward pause) "PS3 came out in 2007." Customer: "Well where is it?" Me: (another awkward pause) "Right behind you under the big sign that says "Playstation 3." Customer: "Do you have the systems in stock? Me: "Yes...several." WTF? Same day just prior to that conversation. Woman calls on the phone. "Do you have that one ring to rule them all?" My part timer took this call... She said; "you mean the Lord of the Rings games?" Customer: "no the actual ring!" Part timer: "no I am sorry, we don't have that." Me: "Did you tell her that Frodo threw into a volcano and it melted?" Her: "I wanted to tell her to contact Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, and Dr. Sheldon Cooper.(Big Bang Theory)"
  18. Well folks, A day from now, I depart for Las Vegas, NV for the annual GameStop Manager's conference at Mandalay Bay. Me and my posse are going a couple days early to cut loose and have some fun. The actually conference starts Sunday evening. As usual I pool the swamp to see what questions you might have, or what you would like me to get my hands on for you. There is a butt load of games coming out in November. Feel free to fire away, any questions you may have. Regards, Grooveh
  19. It's cool Jae Jae! I was prepared for this answer, and I thought this out before I came up with by diabolical plan! http://www.walmart.com/ip/Motorola-MH230R-23-Mile-Two-Way-Radio-with-22-Channels-121-Privacy-Codes-NOAA-Alert/10913179 Two way radios! Up to 23 miles! 22 Channels, 121 privacy codes, and NOAA weather alert! Best part? No data plan necessary! If your kid gets away further than 23 miles....well...that is your problem! Done! Grocery stores have a "20 Items or less" lane. Should not be a problem for banks to have a "I already got my **** together" lane. Anybody not prepared....drive through and get in the other lane, or risk being shot on site! Well if I could augment reality, there would be no need for me to be master of the universe. That would be fine by me actually. Cuts down on my workload. Until then, let's be realistic here!
  20. I may not become master of the universe, or even ruler of the free world. I may not become president any time soon, but I do feel I got a lot of good ideas...harsh though practical... 1. You must obtain a license to have children. I live in a predominately catholic town, and I am witnessing too many people having too many kids with not one single clue as to how to raise them or feed them. I have had enough. You may not have any children before the age of 18, and you may not have any children without completing a 4 year program of education followed by a license to bear children. AND, once you obtain a license, you may only have enough kids that your income can afford. Should you get promoted, or get a better job, you can re-apply and be approved to have more. The program consists of basic child care knowledge, to education, discipline, and ultimately how to help them succeed in life. Any kids had out of wedlock, or without license will be forced into the military. Where they are forced to stay until they are at least 21. All kids forced into military will be taught discipline, respect, and at the age of 17 will be placed into a vocational military position which can translate into a decent job should they decide to leave the military. At 21, they can stay if they choose. At any time, the parents can visit the child in the military, but cannot claim the child until they serve a minimal 4 year enlistment from age 17-21. Also any body who enlisted in the military for any reason has the right to vote. 2. Telephones Ever played the game Metal Gear Solid 4? Remember when Solid Snake cannot use any weapons until he get's DNA encoded? The same thing will become of all telephones, cell phones...etc. Kids have no damn business with any phone until they reach a certain age. This will eliminate stupid prank phone calls, and worthless phone bills! No kid before the age of 17 has real reason to have a phone. Any abuse of a phone after that age, the DNA code is revoked. 3. Homeless and Illegal Immigrants. Reality TV. Give them an option. Either get deported, or "Fight for your freedom" on prime time, or Pay per view! I am sure Bob Barker, and John Madden would come out of retirement to host THIS event! Let them fight the worlds worst criminals to the death for a citizenship! You could get mighty creative on this one! And to quote George Carlin...you use the funds to balance the stupid budget! 4. Drugs. Legalize weed, opium...and anything that grows naturally. Have it in designated areas. Amsterdam does it! Is it any worse than going to a bar and having too many drinks and driving home? Think of what this could do for the economy? And while you are at it...let people smoke for god's sake. It's ok to let people drink, and drink, and drink, but if they light up a smoke...oh god...that's cancer?! Any body else see the irony in this? It's cool, let the bars make that choice. 5. Gay marriage I don't normally speak of politics, but dammit, in this day and age why is this even an issue? I don't give a good damn what you do in your private life so long as it does not effect your duty in what ever you do. They finally repealed the "don't ask don't tell" part of the military. I was happy as hell to see this happen. I have known gay people all my life. At no point, did I EVER feel threatened by them ever. And I never understood why it was such a big deal to stay in the closet or not. Most of my gay friends accepted me for who I was as I accepted them for who they were. Let sleeping dogs lie, and leave it alone for goodness sake. And if two guys or two girls can provide a happy home for some homeless kids how can that be wrong? Seriously? 6. Pull our troops out of the middle east. We had no idea how to fix this mess before we got into it. We do not have the ability to fix it. I say, let the mafia go over there, open a few casinos and install what ever crappy government they see fit. Would it be any worse than it is now? Get our people out of there. Leave it alone!
  21. Can anyone build me a swanky Halo sig? Thanks in advance!
  22. Kinda poor right now. All I can say is if I make any profit from my stupid films, I will share generously with you.
  23. That's the right idea! What sort of logo did you have in mind? Let's see one colored in with a logo!
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