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    Random Hell Wholes around the
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    Star Wars, Film-making, Music, comedy, cool ****
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    college student
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  1. My trooper at lv 15.

  2. hey, yea i remember you :) got my smuggler up to lvl15 :)

  3. hey, saw you in TOR, im sure you remember me, (Rexx)

  4. thanks you crazy texan :p

  5. I came to unfriend you, but discovered it is your Birthday. There is always tomorrow.

    Happy Birthday, acdcfanbill!;)

  6. not if i defriend you first!

  7. anytime there fart knocker :p

  8. I've befriended you just so I can defriend you later. :D

  9. thanks for the kind words, c**khole! :)

  10. hey you're at 10yrs f**k face :p



  11. aahh.. good catch, I never noticed that! I was just getting pissed because he resurrected 5 threads... all of which were 2 years and older :lol:

  12. Hey, I banned that deniel fellow cause he had spammed adverts for downloading movies in his sig. just an fyi.

  13. hahaha, Bill Bailey is cracked... but still very funny :)

  14. Howdy Bill, don't know if you saw this on Skype, but I have a feeling you might enjoy it. :)


  15. Hey bill, just noticed you were online... What you doing with that GTX480 lately? Sure could use that powerhouse again on the folding@LFN team! Get back in the fold man!!!


    A weak guilt trip... and not an important one, to be sure. If you are cutting back on the power bill, or trying to save your rig, I understand. I just know that when you were folding, that thing kicked ass!

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