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  1. Problem is though, there are so, so, many of them now, that it is easy to get them all confused. Only the best stand out. And those are few and far between. With the Disney cartoons, we had to wait for them. Maybe once a year if that.
  2. Now last year Cinemassacre.com did a very good compilation, but I personally feel they left some things out. 10. Always a hero, or just plain cool if you walk away from an explosion. Seriously. From the time you first discovered fire, to the time you discovered fireworks. Did you not turn to see what happened? In Hollywood, you walk away from and explosion you are instantly elevated to "cool" status. Doesn't matter if you are the hero or villain. Observe! (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) 9. "From the creators of The 300 and Sin City..." Seems to be the common tag line of just about every stupid movie right now... Folks. The 300 movie came out in 2006. It is now 2011. Have we not got over this movie in five years? Really? Sin City... A frank Miller comic. Ok, I get it. Let's make a fanciful movie based on comic culture. Because what worked in 2006, will very obviously work in 2011 right? Please. If the Star Wars prequals did not teach you a lesson, stop hurping the derp over this one eh? 8. Horror movie cliche... "scariest thing since The Ring, or The Excorcist." Dude. I remember tag lines on The Blair Witch Project as being the "scariest thing since the Exorcist". First of all, The Blair Witch Project is the stupidest movie of all time, and I am glad to tell you why. First of all, the movie is so low budget, that it used the actual names of the actors as actors in the film. The reason this movie sucks so bad, is because all of the actors in this film are beyond stupid. Seriously, you go into the black forrest to film a witch, you loose the map...ok....might believe that, but after crossing the same stream twice....why did you not just follow the current of the stream? The crew is shown earlier in the film as smoking weed. Then they go into the black forrest. I have always had a problem with movies when I cannot connect with the protagonist. In the Blair Witch Project all of the main protagonists are complete morons, so by the end of the movie, I give less of a crap of what happens to them. Also, never liked the Excorcist either, but that is another thread. 7. Every time some mope in any film puts on a leather jacket, we have to hear George Thorogood and the Destroyers play "Bad to the Bone". b-b-b-b-bad bad to the bone...kill me.... 6. The Heavy: "How You Like Me Now?" In 2010, this song was in every commercial ever. 5. Snoop Dogg, and Ice Cube: Please stop making movies? They went from Rappers who talked about racism, drugs, and street violence to making modern day versions of old blaxploitation films. Glad to see progress...(/facepalm) 4. Sports Underdog films. Here is the plot. The team sucks, so they get a super tough coach, but he is actually a nice guy and he is really proud of his team. Then they win the big game, and everyone is happy. Even if they don't win the game, everyone is super happy because they went so far. The end. This is the plot for Rudy, Remember The Titans, Rocky, We Are Marshall, Rookie, Hoosiers,...etc. Stay home, watch a real game on TV, and clip your toe nails instead. 3. Using a classic Rock Song in a movie that does not even have that song in the damn soundtrack. Usually a sign that the movie really sucks, is over use of music, and over use of commercials. Honestly, I feel that if you went to go see some middle aged action flick because they played Three Dog Night's "Mama Told(Me Not To Come)", and find out that the song is not even in the film, they owe you $.99 at the box office window for the mp3 download. That is, if you were stupid enough to go piss away $10 on a movie for that reason. 2. Showing all the best jokes from a comedy film in the trailer. Explains the last five Adam Sandler films, and anything with Dane Cook, and/or Vince Vaughn. 1. Having a Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks computer animated kids movie featuring some talking thing, weather it be dogs, cats, wolves, cars, bees, ants, coffee cups, dinosaurs, hermit crabs, grizzly bears, antelopes, nursery rhymes or wilder beasts...basically a new one every 90 days. Tired of it. Formula started with Shrek, (or maybe it was Toy Story...) and it was cute. Then it was Bee Movie, Cars, Chicken Little, The Incredibles, Ice Age, Open Season, Flushed Away, Rattatoulie, I might be missing a few, and I don't care. I suppose these films would mean more to me, if I had kids. I don't...so I don't care. I hate to say it, but I miss the old cartoons, and I am kind of tired of the CGI and the silly one liners and the dramatic pauses to make something seem funnier than it already is. Anyone remember Aladdin? I guess I am stuck in the past, but what ever.
  3. Part 1. The Killzone Universe for dummies! Killzone started off on PS2 and boasted to become PSN's answer to the Halo phenomenon. What do Killzone and Halo have in common? Nothing, other than the spooky looking space dude on the cover of Killzone is actually the bad guy. The premise: Nothing spectacular. A society of oppressed colonists infected by disease and hardship, ban together and form a socialist society known as The Helghast. Blah blah blah... They become "space Nazis' who kill and conquer anything that might "oppress" them. So basically, this is 1997's Starship Troopers, only replace the "bugs" with "space Nazis" and there you have Killzone. So what you get is a basic duck and cover first person shooter, and even though everything takes place in space, there are no ray guns or plasma grenades. In fact all of the weapons both emulate and feel like current automatic weapons. This is true for both the Helghast, and the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (I.S.A.). You play as a space marine in the I.S.A. Read Wikipedia if you REALLY want to get into the "story". By Killzone 2 you are joined by a character known as "Rico". Go figure... Anyways, Killzone 3 picks up where Killzone 2 left off, and you are playing as the ISA again. Once again, the story is boring and dreadful, and the characters are as 2D as the previous installments. However...this game does have it where it counts! The graphics are super stunning! The gameplay is very well balanced. Many shoot outs with complex AI. The costumes and over all look of the game is legendary. It is actually too bad considering that even though the "space Nazi's" look cool, they have about the same intelligence as Boris and Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle. The single player is fun. The Multi-player is even better! Killzone 2 had a solid multi-player game, but it was buggy as all get out. This game has a much more polished multi-player interface, and has many more game modes to choose from, and a well balanced selection of class based load outs. Infiltrator class gives you the ability to disguise yourself as an actual member of the opposing team, complete with the actual gamertags. (though this has been met with some opposition). Marksman class is your basic sniper set, and kind of overpowered. Yet this is my favorite load out, because I have the ability to cloak myself the same way they do in Predator, but only for a limited time. There is also medic, and Engineer, which has the ability to set up spawn points, and set up gun turrets and/or bots which can help defend certain spots on the map. In addition to your "guerrilla" and "warzone" death matches, there is "operations" which is a healthy addition, where team mates must work together to either defend certain areas or trigger important events to win a match. The first two Killzone games, and the PSP Killzone: Liberation all of the settings took place in over blown war torn cities which left you the view of a lot of concrete and re-bar. In Killzone 3, you have several maps some of which are in a vast alien Jungle, and a few that take place in a frozen tundra that makes Hoth look like Anchorage, Alaska. Complete with snow, wind, and ice, that depending how good you are, you can use to your advantage! The other new addition to the Killzone franchise is the inclusion of the Playstation Move support. I have been on the fence about Playstation move, since it very costly, and the controls look suspiciously similar to that of the Nintendo Wii. Killzone 3 controls are surprisingly well balanced. If you are fortunate to have the Playstation Sharp Shooter Controller, you are in for a treat! Basically, it's a replica of the mp5 assault rifle. The move controller goes in the top, and the navigation controller goes underneath the move controller but in front of the trigger. So basically, once you got that set up, you move your character with the thumb stick on the navigation controller and use your upper torso to aim and look. Takes some practice to get used too, but is super fun in co-op mode. Even though you CAN use this in multi-player, don't. You will get your **** wrecked in a hurry! Lastly, what makes Killzone 3 so great is the music. The music makes this sloppy sci-fi Nazis in space story honestly feel more epic than it really is. The opening main menu theme, tends to get stuck in my head for days at a time. Even the opening of the game has a strong cinematic feel to it. You are almost waiting for either the "Dreamworks", "New Line Cinemas", or "Revolution Studio" logos to appear. I would almost see a movie of this franchise as long as Ewe Bowl doesn't have anything to do with it. Over score: 89% "Great gameplay, silly story, but has everything that makes video games fun right where it counts!" I bought the super expensive collector's edition that comes with a replica of a Hellghast mask, a marksman action figure, the complete soundtrack, a concept art book, and a super voucher that gives you limited access to all weapons and double xp for 24 hours. check this out: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  4. It IS possible. They gave Serious Sam a really nice face lift last year, only that style of FPS game is ancient history. The days of the goofy FPS games have come and gone, (with the exception of my beloved Borderlands which is really an action RPG at heart). For this reason I feel the ever so belayed Duke Nukem Forever is doomed to fail. Too many people want realism in the shooters, CoD4 changed the standards in which FPS games are now made. I think everyone here in the um, Jedi Knight Series forum would love to see another game as wonderful as Outcast, or even an upgraded re-make of what is still my favorite Star Wars game of all time. Even better, a brand new installment of Battlefront on something that other than a hand held would be stellar.
  5. There is a false premise that everyone keeps falling for. Let me clarify. 1. The white box WILL play kinect games. You simply have to buy the kinect that comes with a power adapter. If you buy the stand alone Kinect bundle: , you will have everything you need. 2. The new "slim" 360's have a dedicated port in the back which will power the kinect without a separate power adapter. After the upgrade, all this meant for me, was chucking the power adapter into the closet. Also want to throw this out there. Kinect is a great time at parties, but on the downside, unless you want to spend your days and nights dancing and exercising until you drop... there is a rather poor selection of software for this thing. Right now I only found two games out of the dozen that launched that I like. The one it comes with Kinect Adventures, and Kinect Sports, which is basically Microsoft's version of Wii Sports. (but the bowling game is better...trust me!) I would probably not purchase a Kinect right now. The only reason I have one, is because Microsoft gave GameStop managers one as a holiday gift this past Christmas. I am hanging on to it, and hoping they come up with something that isn't another spin off of Dance Freaking Central, or another gimmicky exercise game.
  6. So I realize I am the last one to get on the boat with this damn system upgrade. Two things holding me back. 1. Other than the noisy fan, my whitebox was working fine. 2. Could not get **** for credit if I traded my whitebox in. My buddy who runs the store down the street from me, won a contest and all the employees in the store won 4GB Kinect Bundles. However, since they all already had systems, they traded them in for store credit. My store used the opportunity to upgrade our systems... GameStop was finally offering $100 credit on a wireless 360 system as long as you were a power up platinum member. Traded in LBP2, Halo Reach, Bulletstorm, and of course all my accessories for my old whitebox. After all was said and done I paid $34.43 out of my pocket for a 250GB hard drive. I been trying to keep my upgrade down below $100. I figured this was my last chance. So basically I bought a never been used system, at a used price. I like the way it looks at sounds, but transferring the junk off my old hard drive, to the new hard drive, was a bigger pain in the ass than I bargained for.
  7. [shameless plug] Yeah, so GameStop has a spiffy promotion where they give you an extra 50% on your trade ins. This ends on 3/6/11. That means even your old PS2 crap is worth something! [/shameless plug] So that being said, this promotion came as a blessing in disguise as I was dumb enough to order Killzone 3, The Helghast Edition I am a HUGE fan of this series, so it was necessary. I also got this: And with the money I had left over...yes I had money left over! So I also got this! Good times, good times!
  8. Well actually, at the end of last year, two Bond games were released, despite a major movie backing it. Blood Stone for PS3 and 360, and Goldeneye for Wii. Blood Stone was pretty lackluster in my opinion. Lots of driving and some shooting. Pretty thin on substance. Goldeneye was trying to capitalize on the same crowd that views N64's game of the same name, as some sacred cow. However they butchered this cow in a horrible way. They replaced Pierce Brosnan with Daniel Craig and tweaked the story to make it take place in present day. Lame. I played the multi-player game at conference. It would be fun if....oh I dunno, you were at your grandma's house, and she only had a wii, and you had about 7 hours to kill before you were able to leave. Other than that....not much there either man. Even though Daniel Craig is my least favorite Bond, I kinda feel sorry for the poor fella. He is caught in the middle of a feud between the creator's of Bond, and the studios. In the mean time, he is forced to voice ****ty video games to make ends meet. Brosnan had a way better deal than that. SO glad somebody else has finally stated what has been on my mind for the past two years. Call of Duty paved the way and made some major leaps in action gaming, but I feel the franchise has worn out it's welcome. As a video game store manager, I am so, so sick of the mindless drones who poor into my store day in, and day out only in search of Black Ops, or any other CoD game that has freaking Nazi Zombies in it. Too bad I never got to ask my Grandpa about the Nazi Zombies in WWII. I was very dissapointed with MW2, I got bored with it after a week, as it was just a rehash of CoD4. Black Ops is not a bad game per say, but you would be shocked at how many people own a system, and this is the only ****ing game they EVER play. How shallow can you be? I enjoyed CoD4 online as much as the next guy, and I actually loved the campaign even though I beat it in two days. However CoD suffers from the same problem that ruined the Halo franchise for me. Smack talking bitches, dirty hacks, *******s obsessed with Kill to Death ratios and over all morons that have no respect for an online gaming community. They make the old Counter Strike community look like Rhode's Scholars by comparison. If I had to pick one game that made my XBOX 360 and my live membership seem worth the purchase price, it was freaking Rainbow Six Vegas. I had become the comic relief of a small team (mostly comprised of dudes I met at work) and we would play Terrorist hunts on Realistic every night for hours and hours, and hours. We became obsessed with the looks of our MP characters, and unlocking certain weapons. In that game it was VERY hard to move up the ranks. They actually RUINED that in Rainbow Six Vegas 2. RB6V was the closest thing I ever came to an MMO, and I have not one regret, other than it was never attempted again. Ever. The closest I ever got to that feeling again was a game called MAG for PS3. The biggest leap of tech for that game, was it's vast squad based ranking system, and huge battles! The best part of that game, was that it ranked you and placed you on teams with those of your skill level. No game ever pulled that off better than MAG I played with complete strangers but we always got along, because they were no better than me. So the odds were stacked fairly! Problem with that game was that your customization of your character was limited. You were forced to pick from only 3 factions. And since it was on such a large scale, the damn thing lagged like crazy at times. Plus, as we have learned.... online only games, don't last very long. My second favorite would probably be Gears of War. Anyways, enough of my rant. I am ready for something different. Modern shooters are starting to play out like WWII games did back in 2007. I am ready for something with full customization, good skill based ranking, and a decent single player with a solid co-op experience. I honestly don't give a damn what universe or time frame, as long as it is fun.
  9. Well actually, at the end of last year, two Bond games were released, despite a major movie backing it. Blood Stone for PS3 and 360, and Goldeneye for Wii. Blood Stone was pretty lackluster in my opinion. Lots of driving and some shooting. Pretty thin on substance. Goldeneye was trying to capitalize on the same crowd that views N64's game of the same name, as some sacred cow. However they butchered this cow in a horrible way. They replaced Pierce Brosnan with Daniel Craig and tweaked the story to make it take place in present day. Lame. I played the multi-player game at conference. It would be fun if....oh I dunno, you were at your grandma's house, and she only had a wii, and you had about 7 hours to kill before you were able to leave. Other than that....not much there either man.
  10. Between 2005 and 2011 there have been 6 full games, and 7 spin offs. That my friends is classic Activision over kill.
  11. I remember a somewhat crazy boss of mine once told me this: He told me that "Science fiction movies show you a sign of things to come". Being the science fiction nerd that I was, I took some interest in it. I have studied this over the years at my leisure and found some truth to his remark. I will give you a visual history. In 1869, Author Jules Verne published Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. In this novel Captain Nemo travels the world underwater in the only "nuclear powered submarine", the Nautilus On January 17th of 1955, The USS Nautilus SSN-571 went underway for the first time on Nuclear power. Today most Navy subs are powered by nuclear energy. Star Trek is part of science fiction history, but is cited by series creator Gene Roddenberry as being influenced by the film Forbidden Planet (a film which I frequently reference because I believe it is so timeless!) Forbidden Planet released in 1956, ten full years before Star Trek was unleashed upon the public in 1966. In Forbidden Planet, United Planets Cruiser C-57D has been dispatched to locate the fate of a colony dispatched 20 years earlier to a planet called Altair IV. What they find is the only surviving member Dr. Morbius and his daughter Altaira have warned them to turn away. After further investigation the crew finds that the previous colony discovered a large computer left behind by an ancient society that allows for people to simply wish what they want to exist. However, the ancient society was more advanced than the colonists, yet died in one night. The reason they died was that the sub-conscience mind was prone to nightmares. And when hooked into the the computer, the nightmares would come to life and kill any life it came into contact with. This concept is borrowed from the Shakespeare's "The Tempest". This film is beautiful, but dated. The set art is amazing, and the story is very deep for a science fiction film of this time. This story has been borrowed even since. Also, most of what happens in this movie is the basis for early Star Trek, including the Navel ranks, the weapons, the use of transporters, and even the fact that they fly around in a flying saucer. In Star Trek, The USS. Enterprise NCC-1701, was basically a flying saucer with two large engines attached to it. As a former Navy man, I must admit that I found much of the lore of Star Trek quite similar to that of the Navy. While underway certain officers would where colored turtle neck shirts. The color designation was based on what department they were working out of, and what function they served. Yellow, Red, and Blue...is exactly the same as the naval designations. Communicators? Say what you want. It is a CELL PHONE! Even The most juvenile and early cell phone resembles it's looks. Check it out: My dad had one of these early babies. And even later...Nextell had the same technology. Blue Tooth? I always thought it was funny when Uhura had that stupid spring in her ear. These days I wonder if Nichelle Nichols uses a blue tooth headset. I do. In 1987 a film called Predator depicted a remote special forces team who is dispatched to find a cabinet minister and his aid, only to find out they are being hunted by an alien warrior. The "alien warrior" aka "predator" has been the basis for many, many video games. More importantly, the Predator has the ability to cloak itself so well it renders itself nearly invisible to it's prey. Many generals and military types wanted this type of cloaking technique for our current military. It is still being worked on, and near completion. We have seen this technology used several times in video games.
  12. I think we are being pricks. None of us actually answered your question. The first Terminator movie takes place in Los Angeles 1984. In the future, machines take over, and mankind is hunted down to near oblivion. Skynet is the defense computer created by man to strategically calculate war scenarios and react accordingly. According to the movie timeline, on 28/8/97 Skynet becomes "self aware" and declares mankind as the actual threat, thus triggering the apocalypse. Skynet sends a terminator, a cyborg, flesh and blood on the outside, and full armored robot on the inside (played by Arnold, the movie that made his career) back to 1984, to kill Sarah Connor, who happens to be the mother of the leader of the human resistance John Connor. The resistance sends back a single soldier, Kyle Reese, to protect Sarah Connor from the terminator. The rest is film history. Hope that helps.
  13. Also, my PSN name is "Groovinator" as some idiot stole Darth Groovy before I even had a chance. I also totally supported the very short run of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" before it turned into rubbish by season 2. And while it has some very noticeable flaws, I rather enjoyed Terminator: Salvation Unless they make a good animated series, or at very least a video game that doesn't suck, I would say this franchise has worn out it's welcome.
  14. This almost wants me to get the podcast back together just to discuss... http://blog.games.yahoo.com/blog/374-activision-axes-guitar-hero-franchise/ Good news for us old Video game store managers. At least this Christmas I won't have to litter my store front window with a bunch of crappy fake music band kits that nobody cares about anymore. Happy days are here again! P.S. I loved, and still love the HELL out of Rock Band, but after the third installment, there is little left to add to even that franchise. That game exists now through download content. I am o.k. with that.
  15. You know Billeh I totally agree with you. I DO like the Black Eyed Peas but I have noticed that a group with canned music like that does not translate well into a live show. Having Slash on there was embarrassing, as well as dumb ass Usher. I think my buddy Josh said it best when he said "wow Fergie sounds very angry". Which was probably due to the bad sound editing during the whole damn thing. One thing I have learned about rap/hip hop over the years is that it only translates well in small clubs with a good sound system. Large arena style venues such as the freaking Super bowl. Not so much. I love Fergie as much as any other single white guy, and I am glad she put the blonde back in her hair, but yeah, the Black Eyed Peas sucked. I also liked Christina's voice over the years too, but I have no patience for an artist that flubs up the lyrics on the National Anthem for an event like that. She was probably paid an enormous amount of money to do that. You mean to tell me you could not take some time out and practice that song? I mean....really?
  16. Christina forgot the words to the damn National Anthem. Boo hiss. Anybody else feel this: Will I Am and Mike Tomlin were the same guy?
  17. Oh deer God you poor, poor bastard. Your parents never introduced you to the Terminator films? Even my dad who reads the Bible every morning as a daily ritual LOVES the Terminator films. When my mom takes trips, my dad puts on The Terminator DVDs and cranks the surround sound loud enough to shake the house. It pisses my mom off, but I think it's cute! It shows my dad has some interest in something. As a side note, my Zune is called "Skynet".
  18. No. In fact around you it will be now known as "The Device".
  19. I have to pose my results with a disclaimer. When most of the really fun stuff was happening in 2010, I had lost most of my staff at work, and had to work extraordinary long hours, and I feel I missed out on most of the fun. I am still playing catch up. Also, in regards to games, there was SO much flavor out of last year that spilled over into this year, that I found myself still playing last year's games and having a pretty good time doing so. I will however make due with what I know. Movie: Tie between Inception and The Expendables VS I want to say Inception. I really do. Why? Christopher Nolan knows how to make amazing movies...he really does. He made the best comic book movie of all time....The Dark Knight. Also...Leonardo Dicaprio has become one of my most hated actors, to one of my most beloved. He is really good at what he does, and knows how to sell a character. He has broken away from that pretty boy Titanic stereo type, and I have enjoyed just about everything he has done since he redeemed himself as playboy tycoon Howard Hughes in The Aviator. Inception is good, but my biggest problem with it, is that it is not by any stretch of the means a summer popcorn flick. The movie ultimately tells you a good story, but you spend the first 30-40 minutes of the movie not really knowing what the hell is going on, and flash backs be damned. Even though I got it, I feel this is too much of a mind rape for the average consumer in this day and age. The Expendables, is not going to win anyone any awards. The plot is not deep. There is no Cannes festival art house feeling at all about a bunch of muscle head biker dudes who moonlight as mercenaries. But you know what this movie does well? Entertain! In a summer full of bad sequels and re-makes I finally left this one with a smile, because it was a film that did what it promised to do. Also, I forget sometimes that Sly, despite all his flaws, is actually a pretty decent writer and director. So what did he do? Simple. Lets get the biggest list of muscle head action heroes from the past two decades and put them on the big screen as biker mercenaries. Seriously, this is the biggest cast of muscle heads in one movie since the original Predator! So what this movie delivers is a fun action movie full of one liners, gratuitous violence, some very upbeat comic relief from that of Jet Li, and a surprisingly good chemistry of "buddy/cop" from Jason Statham and Sly. The likes I have not seen since the original Lethal Weapon. Also, the price of the movie ticket alone resulted in a meeting in a church between Bruce Willis, Sly, and Arnold. Best line ever in a movie.... is Anybody who has been following Sly and Arnold's movies over the years will get THIS joke! Game: I would have to give this to the obvious VGA Game of the year: I am actually glad this game got Game of the Year, because it was one of the few that I MADE time to sit down and play. Usually open world games like this bore me very easily because it is always the same fair. Jack cars, kill people, take the hooker to the clinic...yada yada yada. I realized I was done with Grand Theft Auto IV when I spent a good half hour or so watching TV in my apartment. I felt like a tool. I actually spent money on a game to do what I do in my miserable real life? Red Dead is a departure from that boredom. Red Dead takes anything and everything you ever loved about westerns, movies, or anything about being a cowboy, and injected it into this open world venture. I am surprised this game did as well as it did, considering there has been quite some time since there has been a good western game or movie in the works! What makes this game work, is that none of the trivial tasks you perform in the game seem tedious at all. Skinning animals, hunting, finding bounties, etc. All a really good time. Difficult to put this game down at all! Rock Star made a good homage to the old west with this one! My one runner up....had to say it.... 2010 saw the end of Lucascast, the only official podcast of Lucasforms.com. It was a fun trip, but due to the lack of support from fans and members, it became increasingly difficult to maintain, and we nailed the lid on that coffin with bittersweet feelings. It was kind of the same feeling when they ended the Firefly series. It was a beautiful thing, but the world was just not ready. Anyways, during earlier podcasts, we had talked at great lengths about Zombies in video games. One title that caught my attention was Plants VS Zombies. For one, the sheer lunacy of the title itself. Another, I had never played a "tower defense" game in my life. leXX had got me addicted to previous Pop Cap games such as Bejeweled and Peggle. Sometimes I would play them during the podcast as we were recording. Pop Cap knows how to make low budget games that are more addictive than crack cocaine. So I had to give Plants VS Zombies a try. After all...the disc retails for $20 and includes Peggle and Zumba as well! Even though this game debuted on PC and i-phone in 2009, this was the first year it was available on 360. I got hooked immediately. The premise is simple. Zombies are trying to attack your home through the front yard. Your defense is to plant sunflowers to catch sunlight. You catch the sunlight to plant even more plants, such as plants that shoot snow peas...at the zombies! Some plants eat the zombies...etc. Catch enough sun, and plant the plants in strategic places to keep the zombies from getting into your house and eating your brains. Couple of things, this game is way longer than you think! Some levels are at night! And eventually, the Zombies will get smarter, and try to attack you from the back yard as well! Just try it! This is the ONLY Zombie game that will be rated E for everyone. The violence is only implied. There is no guts and gore in this game. Just crazy Zombies that sometimes show up with pole vaults and traffic cones on they're heads! Now that I finally got an i-phone, I got that version as well. The game is good on both systems, but the touch screen does give you and advantage! TV Show Lots of good new shows hit this year. Only want to mention two of them! Blue Bloods is a new cop drama that follows The Reagans, a family of cops and lawyers who have been in the "family business" for many years. Tom Selleck really shines as The Commissioner of New York who has to put his duties as a father and his duties as Commissioner in the same line on a daily basis. Former New Kid on the Block Donnie Wahlberg steels the show every time as a former marine, served time in Fallujah, but refuses to talk to shrinks. Danny is an old school cop, who is not afraid to cross the lines between justice and human rights when lives are at risk. The likes of witch often get him in trouble. The show deals with similar no win situations you would see in a typical CSI or Law & Order, but it deals with one family's perspective. Most of the episodes deal with a traditional "Sunday Night Dinner" where most of the issues are either discussed as a family, or dismissed by Tom Selleck who is head of the table! I used to watch the old Hawaii Five-O as a kid, so I made a point to catch the new series just out of curiosity. Other than the original theme, and character names, it is a completely different show than the original, and one of the best reboots in the history of television! The premise: Navy Seal LT. Steve McGarrett comes home to Hawaii to bury his father and investigate his murder. The Governor Pat Jameson offers Steve a Job as head of an elite task force that can investigate high profile crimes with no strings attached and no red tape. McGarrett finally accepts and begins to assemble his rag tag team of cops as he sees fit. This show's charm is the cinematography which is similar to CSI Miami, and it's whit! There is a definite love/hate relationship between the two main cast characters McGarrett, and Detective Danny Williams formerly from New York, who HATES Hawaii and is there only to be close to his daughter from a previous divorce. In most shows Danny "Danno" Williams steels the show with some rant or quip thrown in McGarrett's face. The best scenes are when they are in a car together on a mission and just start arguing about something. It is very similar to the arguments between Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction. Hawaii Five-O is very fresh and entertaining. One of the best first season premier of shows I have seen since the first CSI. Best Album: Again, I listened to a lot of last year's stuff. However I stumbled upon one gem I want to mention. You know... at my age....I got really sick of Rap Music. I think I fell out around the time that Biggie Smalls, and Tupac were attacking each other. And then They both died. And what seemed to me as a wrestling show, was no longer funny. When I was in high school. We had a lot of fun watching NWA and Ice Cube take turns crapping on each other. By the time I graduated, and joined the Navy, they were back doing songs together. It was a warm feeling. In early 2000 When "The Marshall Mathers" album came out. I was entertained. I was shocked and amazed that Dr. Dre had found a white guy that could rap, and made a star out of him. I was even more impressed with the way Eminem crafted his rap styles. I got bored with rap because it was always about who had the fanciest cars, the most money, biggest houses...etc. Here was Eminem. A White guy who talked like a black guy, and made fun of famous people. He didn't take himself seriously, but man he could twist words around like it was nobody's business. We had not had a successful white rapper since House of Pain, or the Beastie Boys. Eminem was not gangster either. He was just who he was. White Trash who got lucky. We all loved him. We hated him. And we laughed when he was at his worst. His **** is legendary because as a white rapper he could put thousands of sylables into a rap song and make it sound cool. He was ripping on Insane Clown Posse, and even Moby. It was just damn funny. Problem is, Marshall Mathers is kind of an *******, and admits it. However, he made a successful movie detailing the some of the exploits of his life as an up and coming Detroit rapper. The result of which is 8 Mile. Which in my opinion is the movie "Rocky" if you replace boxing with Rap music. So Eminem first had the "Slim Shady EP" which only hardcore fans bought. Most people bought "The Marshall Mathers" album which made him a star. Then they bought the huge follow up album "The Eminem Show" which had even more huge hits. Then there was the "Encore" ep followed by a hiatus between 2005 and 2008. Eminem periodically joked about being addicted to pills. Apparently he sobered up. Being an ******* or not, it is refreshing to here a rapper either white or black admit to being addicted, and admit to making mistakes. It gives me faith, that rap is not just some fly by night outfit. On "Recovery" he raps about being sober, he actually apologizes to his fans for his last two albums. His tongue twister ways don't stray from formula and his jam with pop girl turned rock star Pink is to die for. The rest of the album is just pure fun! Recovery shows Eminem growing up, taking responsibility and not being afraid to admit it. I don't remember the last time I heard this in a rap album. But I will say this. It makes me willing to give Slim Shady another shine at the spot light!
  20. Judging by the size of the most of the apps, I figured 8GB was more than enough space. My last phone only had a 2GB external micro SD. So far I LOVE the touch screen. Getting used to the keyboard too.
  21. I see leXX is having a VERY electronic motion controlled Holiday this year! Move AND Kinect leXX? Really? At least your kids will be working off all the sugar from the cookies this year!
  22. Ok knuckleheads, I finally got my I-phone from Santa. I went with the 8GB 3GS. So far I am very happy with it. Though the touch screen takes some getting used too with all the text messaging I do throughout the day. That being said, I now need to know which is the best GPS app I can download. I need something that has the 3d view with the turn by turn based instructions. Yes, I get lost very easy. I originally asked Santa for a GPS, but I decided I wanted a damn I-phone more. Help a brother out here y'all?
  23. So I went with the 3GS, because the Apps that I want are not so big that I needed too much memory. 8GB seemed more than I ever had on a phone before. And....the 3GS was only $99.00! The Data plan did not break me either. I got a free upgrade, and actually my monthly bill is now $5 cheaper than before! Woot! So Santa gave me my phone early, because once I transfered all the information from my old phone to the new, the old phone was rendered useless. That being said, I traded a few games in to pick up an i-tunes app card. (thank god gamestop sells those now...) I am actually glad I can connect to my my wireless network with just the phone, and download the apps directly to the phone without installing I-Tunes on my computer! Syncing phones on the PC has been a pain in the ass. Thankfully, no need to do so at this point int time! It is very shiny and fun to play with! Merry Christmas, and thank you Santa!
  24. So thats your reason why I should buy an Android? Wow, you are a hell of a sales man! Maybe we should all get off of our computers before Bill Gates get's all the money.....oh snap! Too late...
  25. Thanks for the responses kids. Let you in on a little secret, which is not really a secret if you ever listened to any of our podcasts...lol I had every intention of going I-phone last summer. I switched from Helio to AT&T once my contract expired for several reasons. 1. AT&T was the sole provider of the I-phone at that time. 2. We get a bit of a discount for working at GameStop by using AT&T. 3. AT&T has been the provider of my internet, phone, and TV for quite some time. When there is a problem, I can call an actual person and get it resolved immediately. 4. I used to have Verizon before I had Helio. I had no signal out where I worked, which is where I spend a good chunk of my life. With AT&T I get a full signal always. Not to sound like a commercial, but that stuff is important to me. So yeah, I have an offer to upgrade my phone. I can get a refurbished 32GB 3GS for about $149. The only reason I chickened out before, was that the phones were still $200-$300 and the data plans were lofty. Now the prices have come down, and the monthly plan will actually be about $5 less than my current phone. So why the Hell not? Also, happy to say... Santa will be getting me an I-phone this year! The only difference I see in the 3GS and 4Gs is resolution, which seems kind of silly on a device that small. Just saying...
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