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  1. That looks superb! Is there a reason why the door appears to be flipped in the 4th image?
  2. I meant does that mean we can have normal map support, because normal mapping instructions are part of direct x shaders. Looks nice by the way.
  3. Does that include normal mapping or it's just a sort of real time AO shader?
  4. This place has been empty for a while so don't expect much feedback Galak looks much better, way to go. The problem i see now is that you're losing definition on your black tinted garments, the old Luke is much better, just because his clothes are not pure black. Don't forget that dark colors will still reflect some light.
  5. I hope i didn't sound too harsh, that was not my intention, just an honest opinion . If you're going for a white suit, you should look at how mon mothma was painted, the shadows would make more sense being tinted in blue For the head, simply selecting the skin and playing with image>adjustments>variation feature in photoshop will give you more realistic look. Oh and don't make his hair blue . Hope that helps.
  6. Well the colors on the outfits make no sense...it just looks like an inverted texture. The blue on the head is too harsh, there's ways to change the hue of a texture without it being a "solid" color.
  7. Lol thanks for the offer but i'll pass
  8. Holy crap a ghost! Looks pretty damn good, my only crit would be about the outer part of the nasolabial fold, it looks extreme...it's all about where planes are connecting together. At this point you probably don't care so don't mind me
  9. This thread has been quiet (dead) since 2008...i don't think you'll be able to test it.
  10. Have you tried starting a new game and see if the character shows up? Here's a guide for Jedi Academy, which should be similar for JO: http://warpedproductions.echonetwork.net/jatut1.html
  11. Awesome, especially that coruscant district map.
  12. Check if your ports are forwarded properly (open) These should be the ones JKII uses: 28060,28061,28062,28070-28081 - UDP protocol Or why not use the manual command? Something like /join enter ip address here:enter server port here
  13. Welcome back, best of luck with DF mod :)

  14. Hehe yeah ive been here so long they had no choice :p. Glad to have you back, it's like the good ol' days again!

  15. I would have prefered a sequel with Kota, he was broken down after his fight with SK, maybe he could've asked Yoda's help to reconnect with the force and overcome his blindness (sense the world through the force instead of relying on his eyes).
  16. The bink or .bik movies are located in the FMV folder. I mentioned ffdshow because there's an option to force games or other app to use this pack for decoding and could potentialy conflict with binks (altho chances are low). If you can see other bink movies then it's not the problem. If you are a XP user and not afraid to poke around, there's a way to load a minimum of drivers to find / eliminate some problems with games: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310353
  17. The only problem i have is audio getting lost in the cutscenes (and sometimes desynch) Here's a silly thought, did you try playing the bink movies with the bink palyer?: http://www.radgametools.com/down/Bink/RADTools.exe If you cant play them, then there's an issue with something other than the game itself. Do you have a codec pack such as ffdshow installed? Can you see the logo movies when the game starts or it stays black until the menu appears?
  18. Ah yes, i guess thats the best solution, thanks.
  19. Not really a technical problem, but is there a way to take screenshots from the game? I dont want to have to hit print screen and switch back to photoshop every time =/.
  20. You can change the controls in the file config.xml file (use notepad to edit), should be under: \documents and settings\local settings\application data\aspyr\Star Wars The Force Unleashed Note that the game wont update the controls for some reason, but the new ones you entered will work.
  21. Put the original disk in the drive or you wont be able to play im afraid.
  22. Because you are using a "mounting" software, the game will see that and think you are trying to use a pirated / copied version of the game?.
  23. Well maybe things changed from when i tried to recover damaged files but i was never successful at it...i havent had a bad crc in like 5 years anyway. Thanks for the useful post, i'll keep that in mind if i ever get the dreaded crc.
  24. CRC check usually comes from a damaged file...so it looks like the data on the cd itself is damaged, nothing much you can do about it.
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