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  1. They're pretty much the same to me since max 4 so it doesnt matter. When modding JO and JA i've used versions 4, 5, 7 & 8. I've used max 5 longer than all the others combined tho.

  2. Sorry, i've been out of the JA modding scene for a while now and i dont plan on coming back.

  3. Sure, if you're using max i guess i could help out.

  4. Shaders are used to change the properties of a surface, so you can simulate glass, water, reflections, transparency etc. Shaders can be used to animate, but only animating simple things like consoles (it's like playing a movie sequence on an object, the object itself is not deformed or animated).


    I havent seen the Vader you're referring to but if you look at Count Dooku's cape by Hapslash, you'll see the best that can be done for animating a cape in JA, shaders have nothing to do with it.

  5. The only way this could be done would be to create a new skeleton and new set of animations, about 27,000 frames for all the sequences.


    The problem is once you introduce new bones to the skeleton, the original animation sequences are no longer valid since they dont match the number of bones contained in the main animation file.

  6. Does this also happen in multiplayer?


    It could be a tag that has been moved by accident or something wasnt weighted properly.

  7. I know some guys over at polycount are running 7, apparently its pretty much the same as vista without the bugs and crappy performance.

  8. Hehe yeah ive been here so long they had no choice :p. Glad to have you back, it's like the good ol' days again!

  9. Yeah it figures, JA had a good run but it's getting old and modelers have better games to work with now.

  10. Welcome back, best of luck with DF mod :)

  11. Which model is it? did you make it yourself or its from someone else?

  12. Currently its Max 9...because it has 64bit support. I'm sure i'll have to upgrade to max 2009 or 2010 at some point =/.

  13. Long time no see! yup, still playing :)

  14. Hey dudes, no problem ;).

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