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  1. the fact that you're getting to level 19 before the crash makes me think it's unlikely to be an issue with your computer. it sounds like the crash is happening when the cutscene is trying to load, this could be caused by a faulty disc or installation (i can't remember if JK puts the cutscenes on the computer or loads them off the disc) check the disc to see if there are any scratches. try running scandisk and defrag; it's impossible the file it's looking for is in a bad cluster. if all else fails, then try reinstalling the game (remember to back up your saved game first)
  2. i heard a rumour that Rhett regularly goes hiking in Idaho, and fakes dehydration, in hope that one day he'll get rescued by Harrison in his helicopter.

  3. well i'm an optimist, i can't see how LA will not release it after this much outrage from them cancelling it. but then are they telling the truth about why it was cancelled? the fact is they take a bath on very star wars game they release. surely they could survive one game that doesn't sell as much? if the game was 80% done then why not complete it and at least recoup some money? i mean some is better than nothing right? personally I don’t completely buy their reasoning and think maybe there is more to it.
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