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  1. it's between kotor and the Jedi knight games for me, with x-wing/ tie fighter games coming in third.
  2. Very sad news. I liked Astrotoy a lot. RIP
  3. happy birthday! had a mid-life crisis yet? *runs as fast as his little legs can carry him*
  4. the fact that you're getting to level 19 before the crash makes me think it's unlikely to be an issue with your computer. it sounds like the crash is happening when the cutscene is trying to load, this could be caused by a faulty disc or installation (i can't remember if JK puts the cutscenes on the computer or loads them off the disc) check the disc to see if there are any scratches. try running scandisk and defrag; it's impossible the file it's looking for is in a bad cluster. if all else fails, then try reinstalling the game (remember to back up your saved game first)
  5. Sivy


    how do ya' like them apples?
  6. finishing prince of persia - the original dos game; took me bloody ages
  7. yay party!! don't worry i've brought rohypnol for the shy
  8. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! i mean... congrats!
  9. looks quite good... but whats with the giant bird?
  10. afaik he was never actually confirmed to be a time lord, and he left Gallifrey way before the doctor did. as for David Tennant, i read somewhere that they are trying to get him to sign up for another 3 seasons.
  11. i'm excited about moffat taking over, i like all his episodes. one returning viliain i would like to see is the meddling monk, if they got someone good to play him, someone funny.
  12. i think with doctor who anything goes, as long as they can give some sort of explanation. if the show's still running when the doctor uses his last regeneration, then no doubt they'll find a way of giving him more.
  13. i was right about Donna being a timelord... if only temporary it may be flux as you keep saying, but there seems to be an underlining sense of fate and destiny, prophecies and fortune telling. in the Pompeii episode the doctor says that as well as the time thats in flux, there are fixed points of time that can't be changed. during the whole fotd episode there was talk of spoilers and the diary at the end the doctor asked donna if she wanted to take a peek at the end. then there's Dalek Caan, the face of boe, the unlobotomised ood and all the others that seem to know the future. we might not see River Song again, they might just put down as something that happens off-screen, in between series... especially seeing as we know how her story ends.
  14. my only problem with Daniel Craig is he doesn't look the part. but that didn't stop me enjoying casino royale. i thought it was very good and like stormy said, more grounded in the real world... no invisable cars of any other silly gadgets... that would probably have flemming spinning in his grave. the trailer for QoS looks good. it's an interesting title... the short story is just about a governor telling Bond about this man and woman and the breakdown of their marriage. However the phrase has relevance because quantum of solace is the breaking point, when humanity goes out the window. Which is what this film is all about by the looks of the trailer.
  15. well if the rumour i heard is true then all i can say is it's an extremely inappropriate use for a dashboard buddy. but whatever floats your boat.
  16. that's a real lickable laptop. how much was it? i like gateway, unlike HP and other big brands they don't stick loads of their own little programs that clutter the thing up.
  17. while thats true, i doubt steven moffat would have introduced her, only for it to be discarded a few episodes later. who says they are her biological mother & Grandpa?... i mean, neither of them of ginger for starters there's more to it than that i think. at the end of 'turn left' the fortune teller says that Donna is 'so strong' and the Shadow Proclamation tell her that she's 'something new' and River Song knew something very important about her. ok maybe not a timelord... i think whatever it is will play a big part in the finale.
  18. yes, he has the right personality to be bond, its just his appearance. fleming said in his novels a few times that he is suppose to look like Hoagy Carmichael... nothing like Craig.
  19. i think the close up of the doctor's hand in the jar was significant, i think he's going to regenerate but stay as David Tennant because somehow the hand will interfere with the process and he keeps his DNA or something. also when his daughter, Jenny, regerated, she kept her appearance... so it must be doable. really he has to stay as DT otherwise River Song wouldn't recognise him... same goes for Queen Elizabeth, who recognises him in Shakespeare's Code, eventhough he hasn't met her yet. i can't help thinking donna is a timelord or something... Romana maybe? they keep hinting that there's something special about her. there's also rumour that the master makes an appereance... the theory is the master's ring, picked up at the end of 'last of the timelords', contained his DNA or something similar to the chameleon arch he so can be resurrected. when the dalek Caan says "the dark lord is coming" he could have been referring to the master, not the doctor. also when the doctor says that someone has tried to move the earth before, he could be referring to episode 'The Mysterious Planet' where the master moves it and renames it. would be great is the master does come back and he and the doctor team up to defeat the daleks.
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